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After closing for a while, I am finally glad the McDonalds near my place reopened and also after extensive renovation. Now, I got a new McDonalds that also sport a funky new look quite unlike other stores that I have seen. It is not your typical plastic rows of chairs. The chairs and tables are arranged in a sort of unorganized layout. It feels different and new, but I am not sure if I like the difference. I am used to the McDonald standard layout and this one though was refreshing felt a little weird to sit in. However, because the place was renovated, it felt brand new and clean and so was great to dine in.


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The milk shake I got today was really water and didnt felt right. Unfortunately, I got it from the drive through and drove quite some distance on the highway before realizing it. Too bad but never milk shake from that McDonalds again. - Jaden Jae

This Mcd has a huge playground inside. So, I love bringing my kids here to play - not sure if I like to give them the food as much every time though. However, I always pick up from mcnuggets and then let my kid loose. The playground is also indoors and so I didnt really have to worry too much since I can sit indoors. Place is clean. My only pet peeve is that I dont get as many coupons in my mail for Mcdonalds versus other fast food like Burger King. Please send more coupons. I am glad though that the site gives a one for one deal for filling up the survey. - anonymous

Fries is great but a little salty. Please dont leave them lying around for too long because they get cold and cold fries is not tastie which is waht i got. They get soft. Also, I was feel like it is a better deal to get the medium fries than the large fries since they never really fill or are too lazy to fill up the large fries. I swear I once counted the number of fries in my large size and probably got only 5 more fries compared to the medium size. - Fred

Today, my meal felt cold. I really like a warm burger but my burger felt like it was left out there for quite some time. Strangely, my fried was crisp and hot and my Big Mac should really be like that too. Cold burgers taste yucky- will never visit that Mcdonalds location again. - Frank Mueller

I’ve always went to the McDonald’s in crown point indiana. But after my last visit never again. They gave me the wrong order. When I went in to tell them they got mad and said that’s what I had Ordered ! So I told them to keep the thing I’ll never go there again ! - Al G

I love mcdonalds french fries. they are the best. hot and salty. - Heather

I love your food your service is good. my favorite is mcchicken, bigmac, quarter pounder with cheese. I love McDonalds coffee, there are no McDonalds close to my home, so every meeting or service I attend I have to stop in to get my Mickey D’s coffee and you fries are the best, I love them. - Met

The web site asks everything Under the sun except what I thought about my visit. To McDonalds- Did not like at all - Teresa

To hard to get the code number. make it easier. Never did get the code on many trys. - James

How come its so difficult to get to the correct site to take the survey!!!!! I have my receipt and cant get to the page!!! I love McDonalds but this is ridiculous!!!! - Kim

We visited a Mc Donalds in Princeton Indiana on Sunday 9-7-14 around 6 PM …We had to wait entirely to long, There were people pulling out of line because they could not get ANY service.One man kept saying
Hello into the mic, but no one answered…When some one did come to the window they didn’t even say they were sorry for the long wait Just took our order..Very poor service for a McDonalds… - Charlotte

My last visit was made an enjoyable experience by the waitstaff/employees who are very pleasant and friendly; the store is very clean- - Deborah

My first time to McDonald’s in years. Ordered southwest salad with chicken. Delicious. Trying to keep my diet light and healthy. Pleasantly surprised how tasty and satisfying salad was. Restaurant clean and bright. Service was friendly and helpful. - Kathleen

My grandson love his happy meals n the play area n for me as a grandma, dollar Manu is excellent, thank u - Lynn Benett

I hate to be the one who say, but the people who makes the burgers need to stop being so lazy as to make ones burgers, I ask for extra pickles on my burger, the worker don’t care as to how they put the pickles on, I bit into my burger, and bit into a stack of pickles, rather than them spreading the pickles out on the burger, and this happens atmost MMcDonald s I go to, how sad the worker can’t take pride in their work. - David

quick service, friendly staff and great service, Also, I stop at McDonald in Gray Georgia, Every Day to get breakfast two for three and a O.J and in the evening i get a cool Mc Cafe Strawberry lande to cool me off. Its so good! thank you Mc D.
You are the Best .!!!! - Colista

I just completed a survey and was suppose to get a validation number to buy 1 get one free on a quarter pounder or egg Mc Muffin. I didn’t get any validation number. - Dixie Fine

We are pleased to have a McDonalds 5 mins. away from where we live in a senipr comminity. It it a great restaurant and we are happy with the service. Did my survey for - Lewis L Sabatine

The survey at was straightforward to fill in. Thanks for offering a deal for filling in the survey and appreciating your customer's time. - Gary

The McDonald's on the south end in Greenwood S C does have trouble with service and products on Sundays. Products are either sloppy or NOT enough to taste, not like the pictures show, and NOW you have to PAY for EXTRA condiments to be put on, where as if they were right to begin with, none would be needed. I KNOW you can do better! - Tom Johnson

The staff at this store are always friendly and the food is hot and delicious and the coffee was exactly as ordered. - George Mc Queen Jr

I get good service in the mornings at McDonalds. Belinda is courteous and cheery and get our order right every time without fail. Linda keeps place tidy and counters clean napkins available always.
- William Gentry

I love egg McMuffins and quarter pounder w/cheese. - sandra robinson

i live by the "magnificent McDonalds in Warren, Ohio. I travel frequently and am very disappointed that our McDonalds in this area does not have options to choose from like other states, esp. Since we have the "magnificent McDonalds" here. What I am referring to is that we do not have the cinnamon melts nor the mini bunts desserts available. Could you bring them to this area please? - Rebecca Woods

We ate at the Mc Donalds on State Highway 6 South, College Station, Texas (77815 I think). Both recent tickets are so faded and unreadable, am unable to submit my opinion since I cannot make out the needed info for the survey. The date was 6/16/15 @11:49 1.m. Our total was ($9.78) for lunch. The front area was very clean HOWEVER - the ladies' restroom REALLY needs fixed up. The toilet seat goes way off when sitting on it - pinching the skin on my thigh. It must be a cheap plastic one. There was NO toilet tissue in there. I mentioned it to the help & they said they would take care of it. We stopped there on our way home the same afternoon and the restroom was o.k. but that toilet seat - the same. SOMEONE MAY BE INJURED ON THE SEAT.
Seems like this MacD.'s is under management and this was the only visit to find fault. This is about the 3rd time in a week we stopped there in about a week and a half. Please check into this. AND THERE WAS NO TOILET TISSUE HOLDER - THEY JUST PUT A REGULAR ROLL OF TOILET PAPER IN THERE ON THE FLOOR, PREVIOUSLY THEY HAD PUT A LARGE ROLL IN THERE ON THE FLOOR, AS I ASSUME THE HOLDER FOR THE TISSUE IS OR WAS BROKEN. - Barbara Schroeder

my wife and i stopped in the cadiz,ohio mcdonalds on july 02 2015 was really pleased with the service we recieved the facility was very clean and the workers were very polite. thank you. - james moore - Wilma Evans

Service ok product good. fast drive-thru - Jewel L. Smith jr.

Went to get a latte thru drive thru also ordered a mcmuffin, I got my mcmuffin then I was told to pull up and they will bring my latte, Well I waited and waited, two other cars got their drinks and left . The lady outside was cleaning and sweeping when she went inside they handed her my Latte! !she had not wash her hands!!and they gave it her to bring to me!I waited over 10 minutes. And of course my mcmuffin was then San Antonio, Tx - Rachel

I agree with having bkfast longer. If not all day**which would be great **, at least till 1 or 2pm. Also, bring back $1.00 items, regular hamburg, ice tea, chicken mcnuggets, etc. Hash browns should be cheaper, as should regular size cheeseburgers. Large families would frequent more often. Maybe even try some $1.50 items, and/or $2.00 items. You could have trial dates, or time limits that run a month, to see how it works out. - Bonnie Reed

I wanted to order a salad and asked the girl what was in the Asian Salad. She was very polite and told me. I ordered the salad and was very pleased. - Mary Jo Kennedy

Our meal took a LONG time to get to us and so the fries were cold. The HAPPY meals used to have sweet toys, but now so often they seem to have a touch of devilishness (sculls, etc.). Is that really what McDonald's wants children to fill their little minds with? So far the toddler toys have been appropriate, but your counter people are clueless when I ask for a toddler toy! You wouldn't believe how often this happens. - Twyla Ensz

very poor , had long wait at drive thru then they had no idea what I ordered . after telling them again at pick-up window , they got it wrong . not happy . store # 7652 it was easy just two hamburgers . - mike

Visited mcdonalds 32181 Sunday 8/9/15 near perimeter mall dunwoody around 9:15 am service and good was great. Lenette was moving the crew and customers. She did great job. Food was very good and fast service. Next time in area will come back. - Neil king

Good job perimeter mcdonalds store 32181. Visited Sunday 6:30 am. Great service. Friendly and fast. Manager Lenette was handling business with a truck being unloaded. Will visit again. Nice store. Excellent crew. - Charles Jones

I went for breakfast this morning. I was so disappointed that my egg Mcmuffin and Hash browns were cold. I received a diet soda instead of a regular and no napkins. So sorry for the negative, perhaps they were just off course this morning. Their service is usually very good - Jan Chambers

Today I was at McDonald's Ashford Dunwoody at 8:45 am for breakfast, I was greeted and cared for by Lenette who asked me to visit mcdvoice. I can't find my receipt but her card I had. I am from Alabama and our service is never as great as service we recieved at store 32181 today. Keep up the good work. Whenever I'm in town I will visit. I love the coffee and its not a dollar here. Lenette made a great cup of coffee. Thanks for great hospitality - Rosie Rayford

At 4:15 am McDonald's 32181 Ashford Dunwoody got my order correct. It was ffresh and fast. Best service in a while. New manager I guess. Thanks Lenette. Great service - Hana

Lenette thanks for the great service this morning. You make sure my coffee is right. When you aren't there I have to get extra cream and sugar. You should be a coffee expert for McDonald's. Lenette great service - Sarah Johnson

I recently visited one of your stores and was very impressed with one of your managers, her name is Kiana Castro. She treated us with a lot of respect and a friendly smile. - Mary Weaver

Thr bigmac meal i purchsed the other day was delicious i love the customer service. - crystal young

The 2 strawberry and 1 carmel sundae were just what we needed for desert after we nade hamburgers on the grill. - Michelle Ashworth

The food I ordered from McDonalds#16280 was freshly cooked. My order was made just as I asked no complaints loved it. - Ronzell Wilkerson Elkori survey has asked about visit, wait, and employees in past surveys. This time it DID NOT and I would like to say this visit WAS AWFU! All I ordered was the 2.50 deal and 2 FROZEN strawberry lemonades, I was asked to pull forward for the frozen drinks. Ok, BUT WHY have to wait 15 min for 2 drinks!!??!!?? Ticket said 14:29 ,,got drinks at 14:43, AFTER I went inside to check!!! They had not been that busy and made them while I waited inside with car running outside!!!!!! Tasted awful and no apology from lady that told me to PULL FORWARD!!!!!!! Unreal service!!!! NOT many places have polite, good service anymore, and trust those that DO----- get the business!!!!!!!! Won't be this McDonalds!!! Laurel MS # 30632....... Won't go back anytime soon and if/when I do----- I will NOT pull forward again!!!! I will wait at the window for my ORDER!!!! Not 15 min.later for part of it!!!!!!! - P Tatum

I go to the McDonald's #415 at 119th & Western, Blue Island, IL. The hash browns are tasty and nice and hot, but they are too GREASY! I always complain on the surveys, but I guess no one reads them, unlike Panda Express Surveys. You can tell they read them because you can see the changes at the one I go to. - Sunflower

Travelling thru Atlanta I stopped at McDonald's today around 8:45 am. The facility perimeter store 32181 was very clean and nice. Good was great. Service was fast and Lenette the manager was very professional and energetic. She served my good before I moved from register. That's amazing. Keep up the good work. - Mamie Lewis

all was good but cheese burger could have been hotter. - Ada Gill

Brittany Walsh did an excellent job today!!! She made me smile and made me appreciate the stop I made at McDonald's!!! Because of her kindness, she has made me want to stop and eat at McDonald's more often!!!! Thank you and have a wonderful day!!! - Haley Greene

Everything was Awesome, Cashier was very nice, made sure i had everything. - mary luczak

At 15:37 my son and I entered the MCDONALD on E.Michigan Ave in Jackson, Michigan he ordered two cheeseburgers plain with bacon, he got two plain with bacon NO CHEESE! Given cold fries returned them received ore and the same. When I approached the counter the "Manger" asked me what I wanted done in said change your oil and drop more fresh fries. Needless to say the oil wasn't changed but hey hot fries I guess is subpar for MCD. - Julia Jett

I wanted a ice cream cone I eat them every day one of my Favorites.Desserts to eat After hot meal. - Mrs.Bell

Everything is clean and they had a really good service. The staff was all really nice. The food was well prepared and I really liked how they treated me. - Yesenia Novoa

I ordered 3 McDoubles and was shocked to see the price had risen by 50%. from$1.09 to $1.59. That's Too Much. - Ken McGovern

love McDonalds / glad to hear breakfasr is soon to be all day -

Love the free offer that you give customers who fill up survey on Shows you care about customers feedback. thanks! - garrett

I always get the melts for breakfast they are still always so good for some reason I always enjoy getting them from mc Donalds - Taylor

Mcdonalds is our goto place for fast food......we love the service and go at least 3 times a kids and i love it and will keep going. - deborah estes

Stopped by McDonalds on way to hair appointment this morning. Got two iced coffees. Great service...really friendly order taker. Me and my hairstylist were pleased with our iced coffees. - mindy s

i would like to be able to include the store #, but the register receipt is missing all the info on the right side. The physical location of the McD's in question is 501 S. Market St., Loudonville, Ohio 44842. I called the store (419-994-4794) and asked for the #, was told 11995, but that # does not fit on the McDvoice survey, so here I am. This McDonald's is poor at best. My friends and I have been meeting for breakfast after church since this place opened, at least 15 yrs. We have watched a steady decline in service, quality and cleanliness. Today, there was no ketchup in the dispenser, no coffee in the lobby dispenser, no artificial sweetener in the lobby, I straw, 0 coffee creamers and NO customer service in the building. My friend who had 4 grandchildren with her along with herself and husband was given 6 drinks ( 2 o.j., 2 milk, lg coffee and lg soft drink) on the counter. She asked for a tray to carry the drinks and was told she could have a "carrier." The order was for "here" on the premises, and also included six breakfast meals. She responded by asking for a brown tray, which was begrudgingly handed over. She asked for coffee creamer. She was given 1. She asked for "Sweet and Low" and was told "we don't have 'Sweet and Low'." Okay. Maybe you don't have that exact brand, but could you produce something that resembles an artificial sweetener? We had to ask for ketchup. We had to ask for straws. We had to wait for all of these items as well as the food. And last but certainly not least, we had to ask for the plastic forks and knives to eat this delightful repast. Was it just us? No, everyone there was in need of something to complete the order they paid for. Was this store busy? No. The one chick in the red shirt who we assumed was the shift manager, proceeded to argue about the availability of said lobby items when we asked for them. She checked the dispensers, actually looked to make sure our assessments were accurate, produced single fixes, and still did not fill the dispensers, except for the straws. I'm really not a complainer about food service and restaurants. It's hard to work with the public and food. I have defended this industry and this particular store on many occasions. Today was ridiculous, however. The food is no longer "cheap" or affordable. It cost my friend the better part of 30 bucks for breakfast. It was $5.14 for myself. Perhaps corporate McDonald's should look into this store. I've seen several posts about it on FaceBook lately, one in particular that stands out. A patron found parts of the soda fountain dispenser nozzle in the bottom of her drive-thru beverage. Thanks in advance for your time in reading this. - Patricia Lemon

I had good service this morning at this McDonalds on 6595 N. Decatur.It is my place for breakfast in the morning.also love their coffee - davidjones

is there a POWER SHORTAGE at mcdonalds the buggers were COLD I think they were made last week then it took 20 min to put them together tey were REALLY BAD I GOT HOME AND MY NEIBORS DOG WOULD NOT EAT IT if I am going to spend 835 for 1 hamburger whats the problem I can buy a steak for that price ten I think it might not even be beff - roy strunk

My handicap son loves McDonald everything. ...especially the quarter pounder with cheese and the parfays
We always stop at McDonald's when we are on a road trip. Always friendly service and kept clean. - Sharon Dennehy

I love the Oatmeal.Great breakfast meal. - Lori

Got my usual for breakfast love the oatmeal and burrito. Both hot and not a long wait. - nora

friendly,fast and professional attitude, Felt very good when I LEFT. - james calhoun

I really like your new chicken sandwich and end up with a carmel sundaw no nuts please - Carol Gladden

2 time wrong order
big mac are good but a little cold when order large fries you get small sometime they are to cold - rodney nunes

The service was fast and my order was correct. The cashier Domanique was friendly. All in all my experience was great. - Dominique

The people at 1115 Sassafras Erie need to do there jobs a little better. I have told them about the to lit roll holder in the ladies room times and how to fix it and have not. I also have told them about the dairy light over the tables that need to be clean, back where the pop machines are all the way back on the floor where the both are . This should be done by 6 AM . That need to keep cell phones in lockers instead of being on them well at working hours , and the mainger not stating behind the counter.. I hope the headquarters reads this. Thanks and have a go day. - concurn

My son I stopped on our way home and ordered Pico guacamole with artisan and grilled then 2 dbl cheeseburger meals we got parked for at least 7,min. Then the Pico guacamole had a regular sasame seed bun and a number get patty. So went back and then he didn't get his lime. Needless to say won't be going back to the McDonald's at 3195,Bill foster memorial hwy. Cabot - Amber Hughes

I very much like the upgrades to McDonald's. The breakfast all day is GREAT as I often work a later shift and am too tired to cook. Plus the breakfast meal seems easier on my stomach at the later hour.
The store is clean, well lighted, friendly and SAFE. As a single woman I notice my surroundings. The prices are very reasonable, and the service is fast and friendly. Way to Go! Yea "Mick D's" - LF McNeal


Very pleased with this mcdonalds very nice employees
- unknown

I had oatmeal and fruit and was very disspointed It was very watery and the coffee was so bitter this is the second time i have been dispointed with mcdonalds no more !!! - frances kitcko

The sausage egg mcmuffin and the egg mcmuffin i bought was as good as ever. Glad i can buy them any time of day... - Bill Detzel

they have a real hard time giving customers their order. you have to wait for coffee they need a boss that knows have to keep the line moving. in the Mcdonalds that I been in that use numbers things run smooth - james hardy3

Like the breakfast anytime, some of us older people dont get up early enough to get to mcds before the old cutoff,u still have the best coffee anywhere also. - ron b

It was fast and easy. The only problem was the static at the drive in speaker. - Brenda Schotter

bogo free quarter pounder w/ cheese or egg mcmuffin
after the 30 minute survey I did not get my validation code for filling out the survey I am pissed that is 30 minutes I will never get back
- madge coleman

i love quarter punder cheese burgers they are the best - cynthia raymond

The McDonalds at Chicago and SR 52 in Hudson, FL. is one of the best stores I have been to. I go there every day. The people are wonderful, pleasant and my order is always correct. I'm glad to see the people that I have seen on a daily basis become management. I have seen situations in which the management has had to handle and it has always been done in a courteous way. The young men and women work very hard and don't always get treated in a respectful way by customers so they certainly deserve to be commended. - Nancy Neubauer

Flora on counter was very friendly and flora is always working all the. Time. Flora is a real hard worker and should get recognized for hard work. - Stormiest bradly

We ordered a filet of fish meal
and an order of hotcakes.

Both were delivered and met our expectations. - Doris Tuller

I really like MCD'S but when they hand your coffee or other drinks to you they hold the cups by the top rim...after handling money.I don't want to put my lips on these germs.Please Please Please train the employes.They are all so nice I hate to keep telling them.I was taking my own cup in and pouring my coffee into it. Thanks. - Barbara

I love mcDonalds. I can get breakfast and/or lunch virtually at the same time. The food is great tasting and healthy. Even the deserts are wonderful! - karen prata

I like the quarter pounders the best,now since I am disappointed in the have lacked putting the sauce on the BIG MACS. I don't like my burgers dry. And I feel now that they are skimping on the Big Macs sauce it totally ruined it. I also don't feel they should charge for extra sauce as well.
I love the St Pattys shakes too. I wish they had them all year round. - Jill Clark

Good food, great prices. Never been disappointed. Will definitely keep going back & back & back. - Jim Watts

Yummy delicious McDuble! - Elida Silva

I like the MCPick that allows me to choose any 2 burgers for $5. They have also added the triple cheeseburger which if you pick any 2 such as Filet O Fish or Quarter Pounder, you are almost getting a 30% discount off your MCD price. I hope it is here to stay as I find McDonalds prices going up over the years and getting a little too expensive to dine there. Filling up the survey at also helps getting a free item. - Jackson

They tend to make mistakes. Have to check before I leave the window. Always have to ask for my receipt. This one is so light that I barely can read it. - Robin

Good value for money. - Terry Monroe

Was very pleased with my food and the time it took to receive it - Shirley Klette

for this McDonalds, store #741, to charge $1.39 for a cup of hot water is very unfair for a customer who is retired and living on social security. - t.r.a.

I want my code number ! - Irene Caviness

Today my fish was AWSOME ,and hot - Ralph

The all day breakfast is an awesome treat for everyone, the service is always fast and efficient. The strawberry sundae served in layers is so good not just in looks.

A Saturday habbit for me and my wife. McDonald's Ewa Beach Hawaii. - Ramon Atayde

I come to morgantown store 2369 it is excellent in service - Christina

The food was delayed by 15 minutes. - Mattie russell

I love mc its just 2 blocks from my house - beverly

I love the big mac sauce its the best sandwich they have - Heather love

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