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What 1 customer says
I am a senior and have always like the seniors menu for Dennys. The 55+ menu is great and have a variety of options for different budget. They are cheap and good and I like the country fried eggs skillet best. The food is okay but the staff are just okay. The restaurant could get a little bit of facelift on the inside though as they feel kind of old. I have been there for years and nothing changed and everything look the same. At least, it is still clean.


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Of all the milkshakes in the world, I like Dennys best. The only one I think that can rival that of Dennys may be Baskin Robbins. I like it that it is in a metal container that has the condensed droplets on the outside of the metal and it feels very authentic to hold a milkshake like that. The milk shake itself taste very much like the beaten ice-cream and do not taste cheap unlike those of others which feels artificial and made by a machine. - Joan K

Here is my survey:

1) Good customer service
2) Friendly staff who are patient
3) Great selection in menu.
4) Great shakes, chicken strip.
5) Affordable and priced well.

1) Feels dark, should be more brightly lit.
2) Long wait time for food to come. - Kevin M

I visit and the survey was easy and fast to complete. It took about a few minutes.

The amount of food for the price I paid is decent - not too little and not too much. The temperature of the food I ordered was piping hot which was great. It has one of the the best variety of food available on any menu and I have no problems finding something I would like to eat. - Anonymous

I tried going to the Dennys Listens website today, but I cannot access it. Not sure what happen. But I always enjoy the breakfast item on Dennys. Its my other place to go to for breakfast or brunch if I dont want to wait in line with the crowd found on iHope during the weekends. There is less or almost no wait at Dennys and that is an advantage. - Meredith Lo


For years I have taken my grandchildren to Denny's and most meals were satisfactory, with that said I wish to issue a complaint. Last week I received a Denny's ad in my mailbox, 1st. language was spanish, with a few prices in english. Called Denny's customer service and was met with a poorly trained operator, cold and to the point. She said it has been corrected and would send me a new ad? No regret that it happened, or real explanation. While on line I opened a site re: a Denny's Franchise was going to add surcharge to the menu to cover his added cost of Obama Care for his employees. I asked the customer service operator about this, she was silent, I had to pull it out of her that Denny's Corporate has little control over their franchise owners. Finally she said she would make a note of our conversation, send to the franchise. I feel this complaint will go nowhere! - Mary

I ordered a chicken quesadilla to go and when I got to the restaurant, I waited 20 minutes after being told when it will be ready. The person on the phone didn't even ask for my name. I get there and when I got my order, it was 3 tacos and fortunately I looked in the bag before I left. I took it back in and the manager and girl who took the order stated they were sorry but they ran out the large tortillas whatever they make it with. I told them they should have told me and given me a choice instead of just giving me what they want me to have. - Abdul R

I eat breackfast at Denny's 5 times a week. The food is allways good and the service is excellent - David Geelhaar

Dennys food is very good. Menu reasonably priced. Like the seniors menu. Service is fair. Very slow getting the food out. But we keep going back because it is convenient to where we live. - Linda

I think Dennys is a fine restaurant with a good menu and excellent service, but the food is always cold and that rends it rather flavborlrss. - Fred Kasey

my wife an I stop for breakfast and had a great meal - tom kurth

We have been pleased every time we have been to Dennys .

Food is delicious - Well Prepared - Tasty - Well served - CLEAN - Mary Alice Duffard

I enjoy eating at Dennys because we can afford the prices. we like the people who work there they are very friendly . I really enjoy there hamburgers and my husband enjoys there breakfast. - tommie leyba

Server had a chip on her shoulder. My beef salad consisted of 4 burnt pieces of beef and several pieces of SCRAPS. We were at restaurant #2279. We have eaten at this restaurant many times in the past and had no complaints but now "thumbs down" and never again. Terrible meal......... - Sam Heller

We ate at Denny's on1-11-2015 the people were friendly, service was great, food was very well fixed, and enjoyed it very much. - Earnest Priddy

I have had a bad experience on Sunday, January 11, 2014 at your restaurant in St. Clairsville, Ohio. This is located near the Ohio Mall. I and a quest were sitting at the counter trying to enjoy our food but were constantly irritated by the Manager, (female) continuing to gossip to waitresses and customers about the new supervisor, also a female, that was at the sight. She, the manager, also continued to have employee, Ty, doing multiple jobs from seating, ringing out, cleaning tables and running around like crazy while she continued her showing disapproval of situations. Restaurant was very busy. Approx. 10:30am. I am in retail management and find her actions towards the company, employees and most of all customers to be very disrespectable. - Paula Fulford

my validation code on my receipt keeps stating invalid whem I try to enter it under - michele

Always love Denny's. Desserts are always amazing. - Monica

I had a great Cran apple chicken salad and it was jut wonderful. - Toni Gogliotti

Restaurant on Lewers St. always have a friendly staff greeting you with a smile and making you feel comfortable every time you come in. - Howard Taka

The Jackson Michigan Denny's. Large parking lot 'BUT' only one - yes one (1) - handicap parking space, NO senior or military discount - I know of no restaurant in Jackson that does not have a 10% discount and some have 15% PLUS all have more than one (1) handicap parking space.

"Now" Except for the delicious food give me one reason to go to Denny's. But, there are other restaurants in Jackson with excellent food - so ----. - John Jay

I go to Denny's often, always find something good to eat. Love the 55+ menu. The waiting staff is always courteous. - Sarah Sterusky

My friend and I met at Denny's in Hamburg NY 14075 today for lunch. One new thing we noticed was the bathrooms were moved. Any time I've gone to Denny's I've always enjoyed it. Today was a disaster. My friend had fish and I had a chicken slammer with fries. We waited quite a while for our food, but it was 75% full with customers so that's understandable. When my sandwich came it was warm, but the fries were cold. My friend asked twice for her slice of bread that came with the dinner but she never got it. I asked the waitress for more coffee and had to wait. I did get new fries, and I heard the waitress say to the cook, "she (me) said the fries are cold and I took the plates over as soon as they were finished". Well who knows how long the plates sat by the cook before he put them on top for her to deliver. Waitress told my friend she'd be getting more broccoli and when she brought it to her they were cold. We asked for a booth. They really need new booths..I sat on my coat to raise my self up. Could also be brightened up inside. Thank You - Mary Ruppert

Being a senior, I like the Dennys in NY as they have remolded and the food is great. Its one of the best that we have gone to, when we travel. Some doesn't even have the same pancakes taste that others do. - Alma Whitty

Service was good. Waiter was friendly and helpful. Good soup. Good choices. Good hours. Waffles could use improvement. - Paul

Denny's needs a much needed update. Restrooms are horrible!

Food & service is good & menu's for seniors is fine. - Bill Houston

Why did you remove the grilled cheese sandwich from the children's menu? I think it is outrage to pay over $7 for a drink and a sandwich for a 4 year old child. - Peggy

3771 S. Las Vegas Blvd location was busy when we arrived. We were seated quickly but that is where their service ended. Our waiter too our order 10-15 minutes after we arrived. 10 minutes later we got our water ( no coffee). We asked the host for coffee again and had to ask the person busing the table for creamer! Part of food arrived 40 minutes after we ordered it. No pancakes for my husband and no syrup for me. We waited 10 more minutes for those and by then everything on the plate was dry and cold. The waiter did not apologize for the wait. He didn't even bring our receipt. We went to the cashier to pay and complain about the neglect. It so happened the Manager (Mohawk hair) was there too. We complained, he took our receipt and said he would take care of it. Still no apologies nor did he listen to why we were upset. How can you improve if you don't know what is lacking? We will never go to that location again. It used to be good, but the service and food are no longer worth it. - M. Borja

Love Dennys.. We've eaten at Dennys in North Carolina, Pennsylvanian, Arizona, New Hampshire, Ohio,Tennessee and all over New York State. Never have had a bad meal or unfriendly wait staff. - Joanne Sonricker

My meal at Dennys was very unsatisfactory! I ordered the grilled chicken breast on the Senior menu. The chicken breast was much smaller than the last time I had it. The first cut I took had gristle in it; the rest of the breast had about a sixteenth of an inch of gristle which could be easily seen. When our waiter came to the table, I showed it to him and he made know comment at all! The mashed potatoes had a dry layer on top which meant they'd been setting out. We were not offered any compensation for this inferior food! AThis is the second really poor meal I've had at Dennys! - Hazel M. Siebrecht

We ate at the Denny's in Cassleberry,FL.We were seated promptly and waited on very quickly. Our food was very good and hot. - LINDA P.

Store No.#6354.Today is my twin Autistic sons birthday, so I took them out to Dennys for dinner. I ordered the spaghetti and meatballs for my son and I.The waitress served us burnt meatballs. It looked horrible, I would of never served food looking so bad.I couldn't even cut the meatballs up they were so tough. My other sons chicken tenders were over cooked also.The waitress never asked me if I needed anything.I watched her clean tables and keep seating herself. Never checking on her customers. I finally got up and asked to speak to a manager. This is the worst experience I've ever had at Dennys! - Donna Wall

My husband and I went to Denny's in Madisonville Kentucky this morning to get breakfast. I ordered the senior omelet.When the waitress brought my food the toast was not toasted, the omelet had so much grease on it I took four napkins and tried to wipe the greese off but to no avall . The red skined potatoes were the same way floating in grease. I could not eat the meal. When we got up to pay for the meal the lady askes me if everything was alright, I said no and told her about the meal, she said the manger was not there so she took 5% off of my meal. I could not believe I had to pay for a meal I did not eat.We drove sixty miles for a breakfast at Denny's. We eat there offten. it may be awhile before we eat there again. - Judy

Just visited your location at Folsom California We waited over and hour for food, it came out over 45 minutes each time asking for what we had ordered The children's pizza came out raw. It was a horrible experience and I have went to many Demnys never this bad. - Virginia

Outstanding service. Food was hot, ready in no time at all. Love breakfast any time of the day. - Debbie

Went to Denny's 7/1/15 (9:30am) walked in and sat down, waitress came up to us and asked what we wanted to drink..She went to get the drinks, in the mean time a police officer comes in an sits down, waitress brings our drinks takes our order, then goes to the officer takes his order. Within 10 minutes she brings the officers order, and we waited 20 minutes for our. She then sits with the officer, joined him for breakfast forgot all about about us,but she kept looking around I am guessing to see if anymore customers were coming in. All the time she was with the officer,she came to us and ask if everything was o.k. and that was one time,and went back to the officer. We did not appreciate what she did and we didn't deserve that kind of treatment. This was in Albuquerque.NM and her name is Haylee M. - Rosalie

I want to make a complaint about the LaGrande,Oregon Denny's. My husband likes the chicken noodle soup but every time he gets it it is so watered down has very few noodles and alot of the time this is all he has and goes away hungry, We have visited other Denny's and their soup is never watered down like the Denny'd in LaGrande,Oregon. - martha phillips

I want to make a complaint about the LaGrande,Oregon Denny's. My husband likes the chicken noodle soup but every time he gets it it is so watered down has very few noodles and alot of the time this is all he has and goes away hungry, We have visited other Denny's and their soup is never watered down like the Denny'd in LaGrande,Oregon. - martha phillips

Very pleasant experience. Staff was great and I like the "build your own"feature. - Tim Nadell

When we go to denny we like the food and we are treated very well - janice caldwell

Our waitress was incredible. We even called over the manager to let her know how great the service was. - sue

Just love the Philly cheesesteak omelette be hard to enjoy a better breakfast.
Combined with the hash browns and excellent coffee It get no better . - Charles MacDonald

The waitress was GREAT but over worked. She had to clear the tables and even take the money. The restaurant was cold and the food was also cold. I won't be back anytime soon. - Howard Remson

I am a regular customer to the market street Denny's. I just want to thank the staff worker for their services. They treat me very well. I been going there for over ten years and never had a problem. They all do a great job of customer relations. Thanks to them all, especially to Tina the manager and Sammy the server. - Phil Ruiz

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