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What 1 customer says
AppleBees is one of those restaurants with a huge menu selection and great friendly staff. Once, I had order curbside and the Queso Blanca we ordered did not have jalapenos like it should and so I went back to the restaurant. First, it was my fault because I should have check my order. Anyway, I went back and talked to the manager who was really apologetic and had the order redone. I had to wait. I guess it was a natural mistake but at least the manager could have given like a free appetizer for an unsatisfied customer.


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My experience is really determined by how packed the restaurant is. When it is really crowded and there is a good lunch crowd, the wait can be rather long. But the staff are always friendly and patient even though they seem rather busy and running around. Glad to see that they are trying their best. - Keith A.

This facility has great food or staff. Been an old timer, I always request to sit in the area where one of my favorite waitress because she is probably the best and provide the best personalized friendly service. She made it feel like I am going to a friend's home for dinner. Food is also hot and well prepared. Overall, the AppleBees restaurant I go to is a well managed restaurant. - Yvonne

The site is easy to use. But there is too much information one needs to enter before being able to work on the survey. Why cant you just have a survey code versus having to enter in 6 different information including the server name, check number and serial number. Only a unique survey code should be entered and then the rest of those information including server name should be part of the survey itself. Thanks! - Danny T.


We have not had a bad meal or service on any of our visits to Applebees's. Love your 2 for $20 especially with the way the economy is today!
Thank you! - Patricia May

Very nice and quick with our order. - Mitch Fassler

Great service and food. Our server was great and I would go back again. Will be writing that in too. - Anne

I ordered a burbon street steak rare. It came to me well done, no flavor and tough. This is the 4th time I ordered this and it was always perfect. I was at the bar and the male bar tender was having to much fun to care. He did not take the time to see if I wanted another drink. I was very disappointed. - Terry Eastmam

WOW! This Applebees in Maysville Kentucky is off the hook and the bartender Heather never let's my glass go unnoticed! on www, - Robert

I would like to share my experience of my recent visit to my local Applesbees in West mifflin Pa. I was greeted at the bar by Lisa E. and I immediately felt special, like I was part of the family who was separated and welcomed back. I am in sales for over thirty years and I would not hesitate to take my clients or colleagues there, knowing they may leave feeling what I did. I had a glass of beer and the riblet basket. Next time I will order the larger portion, as it is well worth difference in price. Lisa E was beyond wonderful. - Tony

Michelle J. 3-27-12 039293395 $15.13 We had a great soup/salad lunch. We are always given Applebee's Gift Cards because everyone knows how much we love to go there. The servers and managers are always so much fun. We are an older couple and the food always is just perfect for us and always tasty. We keep coming back because it is the perfect neighborhood restaurant. - Mimi's Tapawingo

Great curb service from Marianela S. !!! Bought lunch on the go so I could have an anniversary lunch with my husband. Food was fresh and ready so both of us could make it through our lunch hours! Total $18.39 Thanks for the great lunch we were able to share today!
- Morris

I tried to fill out survey but it would not take my birthdate 11/28/54 and Just wanted to say we have gone several times to applebees but today was the first time we were truly impressed with a waitress her name was Janice M Applebees in Manchester NJ08759 . She was not only pleasant to talk to but she actually made eye contact.Went over a few questions we had about the menu and made our experience a pleasant one.

Would recommend her to anyone who would like an efficient,courteous waitress.She also took time out to ask me about my foot in my cast and seemed genuinely interested in knowing how it happened and wished me better health.When I saw her talking with other customers I noticed she was also very cordial and personable with them.Perhaps she should train some of the other waitresses to be less business like and be more personable.
- Pat

My son loves the salad at Applebees so when he offered to bring me something back I ordered the salmon.
I was disappointed at the portion size. Only 4 potatoes and a spoonful of spinach. I felt if I had eaten in the restaurant the portion would have been as it should have been. - Sharon Herbert

we were at lunch at you Vancouver, Wa store on NE 112th Ave. on Jan 9th 2015. Well wish I could say it was a good experience, guess you cant expect much for the price. My friend and I meet for lunch once a month to catch up. Well we always have fun. This bartender/waitress was RUDE. I had chicken wings on my order and asked the young blondish waitress that delivered our food for extra napkins, she said sure, NO NAPKINS. When Michele came back to ask how our food was I asked again for napkins, HUH no napkins again. My friend said behind me was small drink napkins in a basket on the railing I took several and let it rest. Well towards the end of our meal I asked if we both could have water, ha ha, Michele apparently took it as only one of us needed it, NOT ME, and brought my friend water, NOT ME. Bad SERVICE. Still tipped over 15% it shoulda been a stiff. - annon

My husband and I went to Applebees for dinner tonight and we ordered our meals . about 15 minutes later the waiter said they dropped our appetizer so we waited 6 more minutes then it came and was very good. the our meals came and my steak was supposed to be med. rare and it was well done but I accepted it and started to eat it and it was so tough I couldn't eat it. The waiter was very nice and took it back and I finally got ribs instead. We were there two hours and were not happy when we left
- Ina Kean

Recently I made a trip to Applebee's in Silverdale Washington to see my old friend Janessa P. As expected I had a marvelous time reconnecting and enjoyed the service and meal. Glad to see there was enough help to accommodate the patrons and the wonderful smiles that came along with.
Jay - Jay Griffin



We enjoyed an excellent breakfast at Niagara Falls Canada on April 13th 2015. - Lilian Longmire

We love the Applebee's in Mario IN. We always have a good time with the staff when we visit. Rachel is our our favorite server. She is always on her game and all our needs are met, a lot of the time she's there with more water napkins and the little things before we ever ask. Definitely a keeper! We alo enjoy the host Sarah. She greets us at the door and we immediately feel at home. Very personable and a delight to interact with. The food is always hot and tasty. No matter what time of of day the service is always good. - Sandy Miller

on a recent visit to paola kansas. my brother and i went to appllebees quite a few times. one of the servers stood out from the rest . her name is "Tre" and she was wonderful. great service great personality. our last visit on 5/12/15 i noticed a change , not bad but noticeable. this poor child had been working for 2 weeks straight cause the store is short on help. gm needs to hire help before loosing the good ones they have. wonderful young lady and would hate to see ya'll loose her - gerald smith from alabama

Worst experience ever. Tried the "to go" process, disaster both times. Nobody cares. - Bill Phillips

I enjoy eating at Applebees the food is healthy and it prepared with portion which you can be filled. The food is delicious eating at applebees are the best. - Puntie Kalloo

My daughter, granddaughter & I ate @ Applebees in Pelham, Al. Halfway thru her salad my daughter found a hair...told waitress who took it & asked if she wanted another !! My coleslaw was very limp & tasted "old" ..waitress Just took it-no comment. Date was 5/16/15 check no. 99058.. feel waitress could have been a bit concerned and maybe apologetic, perhaps mentioned this to the manager. Be awhile before I consider returning to Applebees. at least that one , Ida Gibson - Ida Gibson

5/21/15 2 seniors margate,fla.very disappointed this time - couldn.t wait to reorder our fave - 1/2 turkey sandwich with side shrimp salad - YUMMMM. Not on the menu- why? the only turkey sandwich wa one that tasted like cole slaw in the sa
nswich. Mango drink tasted like iced tea. nice help-very upbeat and apologetic - maxine

We had a late lunch, around 1pm it was not busy. When I got my order (i had the grilled club) and had fries to go with it. When it came the fries were cold, not cool but cold. I told the girl and she said I will get you a new order, well she never did and when i was done with the sandwich she offered to get some new fries, are you kidding me!!! All I wanted was to pay the bill and get out. They did give me a discount of $3 and that was her tip. Not going back anytime soon. - Bert

We went to the Applebees Restaurant in Vadnais Heights, MN. I just Love your Oriental Chicken Salad (Crunchy). Whenever my Hubby says, "What do you feel like, for dinner?" I smile, and he just knows. ;) And, with Summer being here, I also enjoy your Raspberry Long Island Tea, (At a special Low price.) The thing I Love is that the salad is so Big, I can bring the other half with me to work the next day. And our service is Always Great...which is Important, because...well, that can just Make, or Break your whole experience. Thanks so much! - Pamela Seivert

WHEN WE ARE IN CORSICANA TEXAS, WE USUALLY EAT AT APPLEE'S. The food is very good, not enough portions, but very good.The waiters and the one who greets and seats us, are wonderful. A few weeks ago we had lunch there, my husband who is a diabetic was going into a shock, so I signal for Andi, who came right away and got the manager Rick, as Reba the server was busy.Rick put his arm around my husband and said 'tell me what's the matter buddy.' My husband did. quick thinking,It was wonderful to see, Rick went and got my husband small glass of orange juice and gave him a bowl of soup and stayed and talked with my husband to make sure he was o.k.They are all wonderful, Noah, Reba, Andi the hostess and Rick the manager who is very caring and take time to make sure my husband was okay. Thanks to everyone there. - Sam STRAYHORN

the fish and chips i had last night were extremely greasy. very bad. - louis bosso

Food is always very good, prices are competitive with other eating establishments, BUT who wants to pay $2.69 for a glass of tea!!!! - Lois

I went to the restaurant to get a $2.50 beer and a can of tomoto juice. The bartender charged me twice for one can. The bartender told me that was a rule to charge for 2 cans because that was the managers policy. The manager came out and gave me back one dollar out of the cash register, then he took one dollar out of his wallet and put the dollar back in the register, The bartender did not try to make the problem right. The manager said she had know business charging me twice. The manager also had a attitude when he came out to address the issue. - charles

Just want to say that we go to applebees in Deptford NJ we sit at the bar and the bartender her name is Shanna C She is really really great very friendly and is right there when your need her even when she has to do the bar and tables. You need more people like Shanna - Sandy and Jim Brown

This is 2nd time I have went to Applebees this month, I ordered Bourban steak both times, First time steak was good but had only two slices of the advertised mushrooms. very few sautéed onions.Second time steak was very good, but again had very few sautéed onions and few advertised muchrooms (two slices). this time the waitress offered to get more mushrooms, but when they came they were not sautéed and cold. Needless to say I will not be ordering again soon, this steak. - Mary M

Always love Applebee's especially the one on Eagle Rd. Erin V, our server was terrific. She helped us with whatever we needed. My favorite on the menu is the chopped chicken fiesta salad. The beans and corn are delicious with the jalapeño dressing. Yum! - Linda S

I just dined at Applebees keene,nh
I went in to have a salad and chicken fingers.
The fingerprints on my salad plate grossed me out!
Waitress said it was gloves .I could have convicted whoever handled my plate the print was so visable .
I travel and eat out weekly and this is the first Applebees visit in 6 months .It will be my last if I can help it . - mike gullison

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