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I like Jack in the Box. I frequent there often but I am not trying to fill in a survey but just have a couple of different comments. One is that the food is delicious and the service is prompt and friendly. However, there is a problem with your cash register. When I get the receipt, I can hardly read what I ordered because the printing on the receipt is really faint. I am a senior and dont have very good eyes and the faded printing makes it even harder to know what I ordered and what the order total is. Surely, your staff can change the cash register ink catridge to have a darker printout?


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I visited a number of different Jack In The Box locations and I must say that most of them are clean and brightly lit. The employees are also very friendly and the service is fast. The variety of food is also excellent since I can order anything from salads, burgers to tacos whereas you can only find burgers in some other fast food chains.

The only thing is that I notice that when I ordered the same thing from 2 different restaurants, it seem to have different prices for them. I thought all prices are the same or is my eyes going? - David S

I dont want to join in order to take a survey. I want to just write my comment. IT has been a while since I visited a Jack in the box restaurant location. I remember a cheeseburger being $1.29 in the past. Imagine my shock when I bought a cheeseburger for $1.99 instead. Not only that, I feel like my burger held in the hand seems a little smaller than before. So higher pricer, smaller item is the way to go? - Anh

I enjoy using The website was easy and the survey took only a short time to fill in. Of course, rewarding customer with 2 free tacos for taking the time to fill the survey is also much appreciated. - JP

I nearly love your smoothies. The problem is I have not been able to get one for the past week and a half. I have gone to two different locations in Tacoma, wa at 56th & Pacific Ave and 80th & Hosmer, I have visited each of them twice and every time they tell me the smoothie machine is broken and it will be fixed next week. They still have not been fixed and with each of their comments being next week, next week and nothing is done, I think it is time for me to look for another favorite smoothie some where else where they are more reliable. By the way, I made another complaint last Tuesday and have not had any response. This gives me the impression my concerns are not your concerns.

- Cindy Lindsay

I leve in Rancho Cordova CA I have two location close one its at Bradshaw and the other it's at Folsom st by Walmart store,I really like to take the time to do my survey today for the Folsom store location I wasn't there for about 3 years because my experience was really bad homeless around, durty lobby, and durty employes swell, today I was at Walmart and I decide to try again since I me and my family are jack in the box lovers and my experience was great I see some new friendly emoloyes, the store was really clean including bathrooms I was surprise but really happy because like I say we really like jacks food definitely we will be back visiting this location often whoever make the changes at this location thanks so much I will let all my family know about the good of this location, BTW the lady who took our order was really friendly and have a genuine smile the name on the receipt its Brenda, Great job JACK keep it up!!!! - Donnal Richmond

Your employees are friendly and the service in fact is above par. Up to 12 Sr. Citizens frequent JIB for breakfast daily.(JIB-5338) on La Sierra and Hole Ave, that's five to six times a week most likely 20 times a month. So we see it all how clean and how hard they work to keep it that way. Employees all members of the team to service the customers wants. It great to hear welcome in the morning on entering with a happy and smiling employee.
HOW CAN I HELP YOU, most already know my order its the same daily for me.

What I hate to see is how the homeless treat your employees and the lack of respect from the homeless to you staff members. They have a job to do and yet they often have to deal with cussing and objects thrown at them, or just things that should not be said. They confront theses' person who remove cups out of trash cans and them come in for product, or ask for a water cup only to get soda and ice. There are those who fill up large containers with ice. Take fists full of sugar, salt, pepper and napkins and other products and never spend a nickel in Jacks. Yet they will frequent the rest rooms use soap and towels to bath, and use the facilities and leave it a mess. Floors are flooded for a paying customer to slip on.

Gallons of soda walk out the door daily without paying for it, a drinking fountain would stop that. Water cups asked for then soda is taken, they stand there drinking their fill unless a employee see them.

I must commend your staff on how they approach there daily homeless persons with the same smile requesting them to not try to beg for monies or a meal or sell candy to their customers.

Then there is the action of some people who cuss and question the parenthood of your employees. Who throw objects and product at them and yet they place themselves in harms way to protect their loyal customers daily.

I have even hear people who have purchased a meal even get rude when they thing it taking to long to cook their meal. The drive up was backed up for peak times for meals, breakfast or lunch. Your employees are the best and deal with their customers with respect and courteous manner daily.

I know because I spend several hours watching how your people react to issues in the Box while working. Thanks for the well job of hiring the best to serve the public, who at times the worse customers.

Some I have seen carry it to the max on cleaning and being good employees to the customers.
Art Santore, Patricia, Charlie and his wife, Ron and his wife, Bob and his wife, Lee all Sr. citizen on a daisy wheel check in for their health meeting youngest 65 the oldest close to 90. Thanks for putting up with us. - Arthur Santore member of nine Sr. Citizens for JIB breakfast

I visit jack in the box every morning to get the tacos
- ron

Always like the food here. Went in last night around 1 am and the line did not move for over 10 minutes. Thats ridiculous and such bad service. I pribably will not go there any longer late at night becaise of it. There is absolutely no excuse to take that long. - stan

Went to the "Jack" at San Pedro, CA at 7:15 this morning. Ordered a Breakfast Jack and Small Coffee from the new attendant (never seen before: Young Mex-American Female). The bill: $ 2.05. I gave her a $20 dollar bill and a nickel, stating, "Out of a 20". She gave $8.00 change. I declared, "You're a Ten short !" Check the Register ! A Supervisor, Asian Lady, also new, checked the Register. No overage ! I definitely felt ripped-off $10 dollars! - Dan Salvo, P.O. Box 5137, S. Pedro,CA 90733

Love the food and variety here. Love your mascot- its kind of cool and glad Jack listens at . Your survey tells us how much your company values feedback. - jospeh

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