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One thing I like about Albertsons is its guaranteed freshness. The fruit section is well stocked and mostly these perishables actually stay quite fresh. I have never bought a fruit from Albertsons where it does not look fresh. It may not be ripe but never not fresh which is a great thing.

Albertsons also provide a great seasonal produce chart that shows the fresh fruits and vegetables you can get during the 4 different seasons which are winter, spring, summer and fall. Its promise of freshness and its guarantee is what keeps me coming back to shop at Albertsons.


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Wide aisle, clean floors and good selection of produce and food items. Although there are some organic produce, I think more work can be done in terms of expanding its selection and quantity.
- Heather

Was looking for a particular can food and had a hard time finding it. A friendly store associate was just packing items on shelves nearby and I walked to her and ask for assistance. Not only did she tell me what aisle to look for it, but she also walk with me there and spent some time looking for the items for me. God bless. - Jesus Q

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