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Dollar Tree Store Feedback Survey

What 1 customer says
Its not the easiest place to find the things you want. If you want to get a planned purchase, you should shop at other retail stores. However, if you want to find surprises at a bargain, that Dollar Tree is a great place to shop where you have a budget and you are not sure what you want. Going through the shelves, there is almost something you can buy and before you know it, you pick up a bunch of stuff and rang through thirty bucks at the cash register. Having said that, those things you can find at the Dollar Tree are also things that may be hard to find in a regular store.


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I filled in many surveys but DollarTree survey at probably offers the best incentives since you stand a chance to win $1,000 cash prize daily which could sometimes be more than the prize for other surveys in a month. So, thanks for appreciating our survey - Peter L.

Lots of items at cheap prices to buy. Don't know where to start. The place is clean and the staffs are friendly. Can feel a little crowded in the store since there are many items that are not really uniform. Great place to shop for party items including Halloween and birthday stuffs. - Anonymous

DollarTree is where I buy all the frivolous stuff for a dollar and give it to my grand kids. There are so many different fun items that I can buy one item a day at a dollar and give them and do that every day for a year and still not spend too much money. - Jackson

Friendly employees and happy staff. The person at the register is always cheerful. Couple of times, I would hear her greet me welcome which is not very typical in many of the large stores today. - Frank Waltz

I just wanted to compliment the manager and staff at the store I shop at. This store is always clean and the merchandise is always arranged neatly on the shelves. It is a pleasure to shop there. Their merchandise for the holidays is quite festive. I even like the merchandise that is not for the holidays. All in all, I feel very fortunate to have the store Dollar Tree available to help with the financial burdens, but this store is by far the cleanest one I have been in. I will continue to be a avid shopper at this store. - Toni Boddy

I enjoy shopping at Dollar Tree because you can always find cute items for
each holiday! I don't want to spend too much on these items and I can afford
them at Dollar Tree. The associates are also very friendly. The store is very
clean and neat. I ALWAYS start my shopping for a particular item at Dollar Tree. - M. Sheila Grykowski

I am happy to commend one of the employees at the Johnson City Dollar Tree on West Market Street - His name is Larry and he has been totally helpful and goes beyond the call of duty every time I go to Dollar Tree. Please be happy you have him in that store. He is a definite asset. - Yvette Font

I enjoy shopping at dollar tree. And my granddaughters always beg me to take them with me. Love the different things they have. I love shopping for stocking stuffers at Christmas time. I go all the time. I always spend too much. But what the hey. You get a lot for your money. Thank you dollar tree!!!!!! - Elizabeth D.

I really like the things I can get and they are priced right that people can afford. Really like shoppping at Dollar Tree store - anonymous

I shop at the Dollar Tree Store #5255 in Kent Washington 97031
Selection of products is out standing. Any thing you would need for just about any occasion you can find in this store. Always clean and well stocked . Employee's are very friendly and most of all very helpful.
Thanks for this great store in my neighbor. - Nancy Barber

I like going to our store #3445 in Swainsboro ,GA. 30401 .THE people that work there make you feel right at home and are nice about helping you fine anything too . I like shopping there becasue I am on a fix income and you can always fine a bargain there too. I like the survey that the store is giving at for $1,000 daily plus and the instant prizes valued at $1,500 weekly too. - Teresa Perry


I'm orfficialy hooked on Dollar Tree stores, it's a form of therapy for me. I told my instr. about where I brought my reading glasses, so I think she may go and get her a pair of them. I still like dollar general, family dollar but I think I belong to Dollar Tree. - glenn nugent

I have shopped Dollar Tree for years, specifically store #2657 in Colorado Springs.

The store is clean, neat, associates are very friendly and the manager always tells the customers about new products recently stocked. Dollar Tree has very interesting and useful items and lets face it, you can waste $4 dollars on a cup of coffee or spend the $4 on something that will benefit a family's food bill or other needs and Dollar Tree is the place to shop.

Some people may feel that just because the item only costs $1 that it would be inferior but that is not the case at Dollar Tree. I have never found out of date items and the selections of different foods are excellent.

The area I live in has 4 military bases nearby and families are constantly being transferred. During their moves, many families stay in extended stay hotels and would like to see Dollar Tree carry a few pots and pans and maybe a light selection of towels and wash cloths. Other than the above comment, Dollar Tree is a great place to shop for daily items. - Missy - Ingrid (Missy) Hebb

I stopped at the Dollar Store in Ozark, Alabama today at noon. I was not able to make a purchase due to a line of about 10 people, with only one register open! Really? Was this the only person working there today? Needless to say this is unsat!!!!! Not that it matters but I am a Diebetic and only needed a soda. I did stop further down the road and got what I needed. - Dave Williams

dollartreefeedback - DOLORES KATCH

I shop at dollar tree store #338 in copper city fl and I really like the amount of things available. my roommate also shops there. I tell everyone about the store. - alton wood

my shopping trip was not the most pleasant. I am a senior with mobility challenges. i asked a stock person about an item and was told "were all out'. my grand daughter found it about three feet away. STORE#4319 HAS LOST A CUSTOMER. BTW MY BILL CAME TO 62.48. MY GRAND DAUGHTER SAID NEVER AGAIN!!! - pamela kimbrough

Just look shopping for great deals - Judy Viles

i live in cambridge on. and love shopping at this store
i get so much from cleaning products to groceries
the store is so clean and wide ailes - mary whelan

I shop at the 2780 S Academy store in Colorado Springs almost every week while running errands in that area. On 6/4/15 I bought Lakeside sour cream which was spoiled. On 6/16/15 I spent $10.31 and showed them previous receipt of spoiled sour cream and clerk was very friendly and called manager. Manager said, "Nothing I can do about it". I argued and she walked away. I will NEVER shop at Dollar Tree again! - Marlene Faulkender

I just wanted to compliment the Dollar Tree store #4520 on a clean store, friendly staff and having the items I have been in need of. I am planning a party and I went to Party City and the plastic plates and bowls I needed were around $4.99 a pack. I am happy to say that I found all I needed at the Dollar Tree at a better price. Dollar Tree will be my "Go To" party store from here on. - John Williams

The store in Blytheville is very clean the staff friendly I am so glad you all opened one here & $1 a can keep kids in things thank you - Retha Kelley

Enjoy shopping at Dollar Tree because I find the hard to find small items for my home and self that are hard to find elsewhere, and all at a good price. Enjoy my trips through Dollar Tree. - Joan F

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