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Great store for my grand kids. Every time I want to buy a toy and have no idea what to get, I go to Toys R Us because they have the largest variety of toys from action figures to Lego set to scooters to bikes. Once I wanted to get a new bike but cannot find the right height for a model or design I like. The store associate was super friendly and helped check in the store room to see if there was any inventory not out in the floor. Unfortunately, he did not find it but I certainly appreciate it. However, he said that he could take down my number and inform me if the stock came in. What awesome customer service!


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I tend to shop around a little bit. Although Toys R Us have a good stock of toys, its prices are not always the best deal. So, I tend to shop around online such as Amazon before checking it out on Toys R Us. If TRU has the cheaper price, then I will pick it up right there. If I am not in a hurry and the online prices are better, then I pick it up online. - Jenn C.

I had a game that I need to return to the store. I went and return it and they just asked why and I told them the reason. The return processing was fast and prompt and the customer service was great. - Dan Young

IT is a great place and I enjoy coming to Toys R Us to buy video games, toys and other things. I highly recommend TRU to anyone including relatives and friends. For Christmas and other holiday season, it is extremely helpful to shop for holiday gifts. The great variety of electronics and games and Toys R Us return policy is really good. Thank you for the great toys and great service. Keep the good work going. - Joseph W.

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