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The QFC store is convenient and close to where I live. It has all the stuff I need to buy including flowers, deli, gift cards and others. Whenever I shop, I can also buy my favorite Starbucks dream located inside the store. Once I had to find a can food and had to ask for assistance. The staff there not only told me the aisle number but dropped what she did and walked me over to the aisle and right to the place where the can food was located. This service is what makes me keep shopping at QFC even though there is a Safeway store nearby. I do think that the price may be a little bit higher though. The survey at is easy to fill.


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I have lived in several states and have visited Ralph, Fred Meyer and Kroger stores before. I actually did not know that they all belong to the same company until my sister told me so and told me that these stores were all owned by Kroger. They have different brands and the stores also look a little different. Regardless, I love visiting the stores. I can always find what I need - Mary White

Great store, great service and good people. I had bought a few bags of groceries which were pretty heavy. The baggers there never failed to ask if I needed help and also bring my heavy bags and load it up into my car. They even push the shopping cart back. Love it - Jon

If you have more organic selection, I will shop more frequently. Thanks! - Kramer

I cannot access site today and anyway I lost my receipt. So here is my feedback. I really like the associates there. The guy at the meat department have a great sense of humor and he makes the waiting for meat fun. Once I had a coupon for an item and they probably either make a mistake in labeling or something. But the cashier was helpful and rang up the supervisor or someone who then honored my coupon without much hassle. - Tim L

Carter and Kadie helped us check out at the Conway, Ar store today. They were both enthusiastic and Kadie accidetally got locked in the office when she went to get tape to fix a box of sodas for us. - Karen Smith

Why can’t I find the 50 points for fuel when I type in the Just a bunch of stuff comes up, it is completely changed, just when we think there is something good, it changes! - Ora Mae

I love shopping at Kroger. I've recently relocated to Tennessee from Mississippi and still shopping at Kroger. I've found the associates there very friendly and helphful.I am learning where everything is in my new surroundings. My cashier this time was Lonique and she was GREAT!!! - Gwen B.

I am very pleased with the prices and customer service that I have received. HOWEVER I must let you know that I have a problem getting into the 50 free points for taking the survey at Everyone is not computer savvy so please keep in mind that some points or coupons should be able to be done at your local store by the cashier. It would save me a lot of stress related incidents on this computer. Thank you. - Dottie Smith

I shopped store #894. Your store advertised items that if you bought 10 of the designated items you would be given a cheaper price. Well, your Kroger large can of tomatoes were listed as $1.09 each but if you boght 10 of them they were $.59 each. I had been in there twice before and bought the tomatoes and was charged $.89 for each can instead of $.59. Well, when this happened the third time I told the cashier and she said I would have to go to customer service and get my money back.

I went directly to the customer service desk and just as I get there the woman that worked behind the counter left and went outside and stayed at least 10 minutes. I had ice cream and frozen foods and the temp. was 98 degrees. I kept waiting for her to return and when she returned she picked up a money box and went all over the store delivering change to all the cashiers. She finally returned and was a bit snippy when I told her my ice cream was melting.
- annlifer

Wanted to enter the sweepstakes at and completed all info but cashier cut off the receipt at bottom too soon..there is no survey entry number.. - Ann

I recently stopped at the new Krgoger Gas on East sonte Drive in Kingsport Tn.. Went to get gas and found out they would not take my debt card which I have used in the store several times. After a few tries i went to the window and asked why it wouldnt work. He told me cause it was from a credit union.. I have used this card through out the lower 48 states and Canada and it worked and now to hear this its not right. so whats the problem - Anon

I live in a rural town, population about 2,000, the "One" grocery store is a Spartan Store, their prices are so high that I travel 12 miles to the Kroger store in Frankenmuth, MI, they have a better selection, good quality, lower prices and good service.
- Nancy Schaaf

I purchased a whole salmon on 1/15 at the Milwaukie McLaughlin Fred Meyer, and asked that it be scaled and filleted. One clerk said they did not do it, but the other clerk, who's name is Keisha, said she could do it and I also asked that she keep the bones and cheeks which could be used as stock and also the fillet be halved. She was very pleasant and agreeable and did a great job. I asked her name as I wanted to commend her to Customer Service for her helpfulness and pleasant attitude. I later found out that she is the Manager of the Seafood Dept.In any event, I was very pleased and impressed with her helpfulness and politeness and grateful to her for going out of her way to assist me. - mary komachi

I had a wonderful morning shopping. I was greeted by all sections (bakery, deli, wine area, meat department & produce. I was treated very well in the pharmacy where I picked up meds. On check out Jeanie was the cashier and a very good one. The bagger was super also. I'll be back! - Marge Carta

They are always friendly helpful and stocked well don't shop anywhere else - Dawn nadel

Enjoy my trips to the store, due to easy excess to all items. Employs are always very helpful and the store is always clean. I am always asked was I able to find all i needed and for my kroger plus card. Very good people at our Krogers. - Rose Gros

Register opens,when lines get long - sue mcnutt

Is the website for down right now? Been a Fred Meyer shopper and trying to get in to fill my survey and also check the winners list for the previous month too see if I won. The website does not work even though I had been enter my entry id there for the last few times when I shop. - Annie

my store is RALPHS#156 i was very satisfied with your employee by name of miss YANIRA in bakery department, she was very patient and helpful to choose right bread for me, thankyou so much YANIRA, you made my day. - james najafzadeh

Thank you Charity. The Seafood Manager at Kroger" Columbia Tn. The Kroger"s on James Campbell Blvd for all the help you gave me. I had a rain check coupon on King Crab. Charity went out of her way to wait on me. You need a raise Charity Thank You so much.
- judy westmoreland

have used dillons as my primary food store while shopping for my family at least59 years as that is as long as our marriage. I can recall my mother shoppd in a tiny little dillons store on main street in great bend,kansas where I was born and raised. my brother also had his first job in that store also. I have occasionally tried other markets but dillons is the best and most convienent with super produce and meats as well as most helpful people. thank you for the opportunity to enter these sweepstakes. - shirley henning

Laura made my visit worth the visit store 729 - jennifer jackson

I bought your Kroger bacon at Fry's food store on Sat 5/9/15 to cook for the Mother's Day brunch, I am so unhappy wit the bacon I opened up this morning. the worst sliced lb of bacon it was a mess, came out in pieces little pieces.
If this is what you call quality NOT for me. Unhappy customer. don't think I would buy this product again. - Marcia Rosene

Friendly and efficient employees. Clean and well stocked store. - Tommy CORDLE

I have been shopping for five years with frys any time I go I got welcome from the employees I would love to thanks you all guys - Ahmed Dfaalla

Kroger has everything I need and more. It's convenient and the prices are reasonable. Some of the free food samples are delicious and I plan on buying them in the future. Anytime I've had a problem customer service has helped me and their always fair. - Kelly Carew

I have been trying for weeks to connect to Krogerfeedback for fuel points but I have not able to connect - Woody Williams

I love to shop at Kroger's (Ralphs) because their grocery stores have the best prices in town. Their produce and meats are also the freshes around. I am always delighted to shop at Ralph's because I am never disappointed with their selections and they carry so many items that I use. In the pet food department, Ralph's carries a large quantity of cat and dog food that I need for my pets. They also have many beautiful gifts in the flower and card section. I am very happy shopping at Ralph's. They are the best supermarket in San Diego. You'll have to try Ralph's. You won't be disappointed. - Jeanne Schembri

I LOVE TO SHOP AT RALPHS ON WASHINGTON. My favorite department is the Deli because the food is so delicious I would serve it anytime and enjoy it.
Beyond the food is the great service. I see the personal kind of service reflected throughout the store from the Meat Department to the Cashier and helpers. Even shoppers have helped me because this atmosphere has influenced all of us.

- Jill Brody

The Fry's store is convenient and close to where I live. It has all the stuff I need to buy including flowers, deli, gift cards and others. Whenever I shop, I can also sit in the lounge to rest if I need to, browse flyers or wait for my spouse. It's a friendly place where I meet up with friends.Once I had to find a bottled drink and had to ask for assistance. The staff there not only told me the aisle number but dropped what she did and walked me over to the aisle and right to the place where the bottled drink was located. This service and prices are what makes me keep shopping at Fry's Food even though there are Safeway, Bashas, Abertson stores nearby. Most prices are compatible or lower but I find a few that are higher. I'm not at all pleased with the quality of hamburg, I go elsewhere for that. The survey at is easy to complete. Thank you for being a convenient place to shop. - Cheryle Roussin

The kroger store in Vicksburg Ms. Is where i shop at. Everything and everybody that works there are very accommodating and very friendly. I am very please with krogers. - Von Mixon

.I use the mobile check out and the customer representative Joanne H was very compliant very friendly very helpful. made my visit at Kroger's totally enjoyable - claire Poirier

We are very happy with the service and prices help we receive also the selection. M - Lynn Spencer

Ms Myritis is a very customer frendly person that
Do a very good job in the kichen that makes me come back.
- Mark Claiborne

Amoriana Davis in Floral at store 416 (Germantown)exhibited the highest level of customer service. On my way to the hospital to visit a friend, I stopped in to purchase a plant. I wanted a plant that would be accented in something close to Volunteer orange. (My friends favorite color.) Amoriana searched all over until she found the perfect paper to wrap the plant in. My friend was so excited about her plant. I am so grateful that you took the time to go above and beyond to find that paper. Your willingness to go the extra mile will always be appreciated. - Sonja Lavender

The people at G-5186 Fenton Rd Kroger store r very polite and helpful .
The store is always clean & the bottle return is always kept clean.
I would like to Ty all the employees . The self check out I love to use
And Vicki is always so helpful. - Alyce Adkisson

The digital coupons are a joke. Unless you need personal care products, cleaning products,pharmacy products, dog food, or yogurt, there is nothing that helps out with the basic items that you buy every week.
When we use to receive coupons through the mail you would get ones for every day type items: milk, cheese,eggs,bread, meat, pies, casseroles, on occasions even ice cream. There are no digital coupons for these. please go back to the mail coupons. - Charles Leimbach

I shop at Ralph's at least 5 times a week and I always have a great experience - Kathy Bissonette

Appreciate the service I received from the Hudson Bridge store in Stockbridge, GA.
Linuyl Case was very helpful in the meat department. Very friendly and believes in customer satisfaction. - Mary Hill

I shop different Kroger stores. Memphis kroger employees are not real helpful
And the stores are not set up well. I love shopping at kroger in Corinth Mississippi
They are always helpful. Love the store setup. All employees are well mannered.
And will go out of their way to help you. All you have to do is look like your looking for
Something and they ask you if they can help you.
Love the digital coupons. I saved over 50.00 today. - Donna wise

Always freindly and fast service in Marion 's Kroger they have variety of new items prices are great and close too home we like our krogers . Thank you - Joann brown

Great customer service from Janet!! Always helpful in the health food section! - Blossom weems

I love shopping at Smiths it has everything you could ever want. And people like Rheannon and Bailey make it even better, they were so fried and helpful!!!! - Shellie Anderson

I tried to type , but it kept bring me to the Google website. did I type something wrong or is it - Cornish

I've been going to the Burbank (Victory /Buena Vista) location for many years. I'm in the middle of two locations but prefer this store. It is always clean and neat. They're well stocked and have my bank located inside next to the fruit! I always tell my friends and family "I found it at my Ralphs or you can get it at Ralphs". But beyond convenience and well stocked shelves, they have great employees. Once such employee is Yvonne O. I always look for her. She is friendly fast and efficient. She treats everyone (customers and coworkers) like family. SHE is why go continue to shop at this location - Alison Angel

I have shopped at Kroger since I first started out on my own and still very happy with them. I like the way you are greeted when you go up to a Kroger employee for help.I like the way that you are made feel as though you matter as a person and they always seem happy and ready to help whenever asked.....unlike some of the other stores (wal-mart)I do not like to shop there at all.I will go there only to buy something not available at Kroger or if I can get that much needed item at a cheaper price.I do wish that Kroger would match competitors ads ,it would bring them in so much more business. - Melissa Melton

My favorite department is the Meats. The workers are really professional and personal. Mr. Willie Nelson will go to great links to try and find you whatever you're looking for,even beyond the Meat Departmen. Meats and fish are always fresh and inviting. - Geraldine (Gerri) Rainey

Love shopping at Kroger. ALWAYS HAVE WHAT I need.Ask if I found everything alright, if not they well go for me and get the item. - Corky Daniels

I like the clerks, they are usually upbeat and I tend to go to the same clerks for the reason of their friendly personality. - Mavis Rogers

I have visited the Fry's store in Mesa on Recker and McKellips and I go there all the time and spend a lot of money at Starbucks and I want to give a shout out to Becca as she is a little mighty might and is always on her toes and very polite. I can't say that about a girl named Allison or Teddy as they are always rude when I have been in there. If they are there when I come in I will skip buying from them and go to another Starbucks. There is also a young man Matt that is super nice too and very polite. There are only 2 people in there that are some of the best employees for this position. If they aren't in management both Becca and Matt should be as they are always on top of things and everything is always clean and neat. Even the store Manager, Judy is not too friendly either and she is really rude. I have seen her talk to employees and people and she should not be in this type of business. - Sam

I shopped at Krogers today and the shelf is stocked properly and I can easily find the stuff I need. The customer service there was helpful too and I was able to get help for putting the groceries in my car. I think this is the best supermarket in town. I also filled in my feedback at - TT

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