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I tried signing into the website today to access my informaiton but it keeps saying my ID is not currently on file. then, I tried looking up my ID using my birthdate and social security and still it says to try again as the ID is not on file. Is 1800-964-3373 the right number to call as it goes to Hewitt instead of Waste Management?  Whether I tried to create a new user by looking up my ID or signing in, it still prevents me from logging in.


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You should just call the number and get help. Before that, go to and make sure that you enter in the right ID. There is a minimum length for the ID. Are you Canadian? Because if you are a Canadian, the website is actually different and you need to click on the Canadian website name at This may be the reason why your ID is not working? - Anonymous

thanks for the answer. Nope. I am not Canadian and so it is not it. Anyway, I am going to check with customer service to see what it going on and why I cannot access the website for my benefits information. - John

why is everything with this so complicated. can never get on to do the health assessment or your insurance enrollment. follow the directions on the card and it doesn't far been dealing with this over an hour. getting tired of trying!!!! - - coleen schildhauer

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