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I just tried to activate a card and because I had it over a year it used up my $100.00 that the gift card was for. Even though it shows it is valid until 07-2020…Is there a monthly charge on the card irregardless of whether it is being used and that is how my $100 is being depleted. IF so, the terms and conditions for the gift card should be a little clearer or during time of purhcase. Anyway, I am calling 1-866-952-5653 to figure this out. Can someone let me know what the activation fee is and if there is a monthly fee for using the card?


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Today, I tried using my card at a restaurant. I am pretty sure that it had enough balance to cover the restaurant bill but the card was declined anyway. Researching some more, it seems that the gift card adds a 20% tips and assume you would be adding a 20% tips. What if I want to leave less than that and want to give it in cash? They should really change this policy for tipping. - Mary Ann

My card was declined today for a $27.89 bill at Dennys. Why? I log onto and checked my balance and there is at least $30 on my balance which is sufficient to cover the bill. So, why decline my transaction? It is rather embarrassing when something like that happen - Anonymous

The gift card wont let me buy coins, Fifa 13 Ultimate team, and i need help. - Alvaro

Today, I went to to check my balance and had $50 left on it. Since it was given to me by a friend, I wanted to use it up at the Shell gas station. However, when I tried to slide it through the pump, the transaction was declined immediately. I havent even started getting the gas. So, I thought there was a mistake and log on again to check the balance and sure enough the $50 was still there. - Ken

I had the same experience of getting my card declined at the pump station. In reading more on the FAQ at mygiftcardsite , I found that the gift card pretty much add a 20% on top of the bill to ensure that there is sufficient balance on the gift card to pay for any tips. At the gas pump, it will make sure you have at least $75 on your gift card. If you have less than $75 on the card, then the payment will be declined. The best way to use the card at the gas station is to go to the pump attendant and tell them exactly how much gas you want to pump and make sure that the amount of gas you want to get is covered by the balance on the card.

Just a few tips after a few incidents with using the card and calling the helpful customer service. - Mark

This MasterCard gift card is super confusing to use. I found that they automatically tag a 20% tips to the bill and if your balance cannot cover that extra 20%, the whole transaction will be void and you cant pay a portion of your bill with the remaining balance. - Anon

I went online and tried to make a car reservation for my Vegas trip but the website keeps getting transaction declined. Can you not make online purchases with this Mastercard gift card. I have no problems with my other credit card which is also a Mastercard but I wanted to deplete all the funds in the gift card first. - Bob doesnt work now. Tried checking the balance but could not and it just keeps loading for me. Is mygiftcardsite down right now? - anon

I have spent over 20 minutes trying to get to to check my balance, and still have not found the correct site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Dana Stuart

www.mygiftcardsite allows me to check the balance. However, I like to get to the customer service and I cannot find the phone number to customer service. Why make it hard to find the number as there are a number of clarification I need to make regarding my card. - Cornish

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