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I was given a link for my 10 year service award at UPMC. When I try the link on the web browser, I was able to view the catalog for stuff that I can choose from for my 10 year service. I chose this temperatue and humidity station and then clicked on the code for it. However, at the last part, it ask me for my personal code and last name. So, where do I find the personal code to claim my 10 year reward? The link is


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I love it. I got a Bushnell 10X32 binoculars because I am a bird watcher and this gift for my 20 year service comes at a great time. Imagine 20 years working for the same company! Not sure how I got here but thanks for the appreciation and award. - Jenn

I was given an invitation with a rather long link and typed it in. The link which started with does not seem to work however. My browser just keeps spinning and saying connection but did not come back and eventually it timed out. Please help. - Anonymous

I ordered something for my 10 year service award about more than 3 weeks ago. However, I have not seen the item arrive yet. How does does it take? When I read the FAQ, it seems to suggest 3 weeks, but it is more than 3 weeks now and I still dont see my item. Who can I call? - Paul

I was send the link but when I use it , it says url not found. why? - Bob

I work for Hess. Link is your name rb/0000228391/29en-US. Please confirm what this means - Z.A. Sayeed

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