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Olive Garden Restaurant Survey

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My co-workers and I go to Olive Garden at least once every two weeks. We had a friend go ahead of us and order so we would not have to wait so long for our lunch because we had to be back to work in 1 hr. Waiter showed up and took our drink order then brought our salad. (we ordered soup and salad) then we had to wait and wait for our soup. we got 1/2 a bowl of soup. then when we ordered seconds we had to wait and wait again and got 1/2 a bowl again. We were not offered more salad,and our water was not refiled. The waiter was polite and had good manners, but was very slow or not organized time wise, or the staff in the back was slow.


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My husband and I wanted a dinner with great food for Valentine's Day and decide to go to Olive Garden. We were not disappointed. Our food and service were great and we told our server, Judy and manager how wonderful our evening had been. - Anonymous

First time ever, not so great experience at 4101 conroy rd. olive garden in Orlando, fl. ordered soup and salad. Soup was great. Salad wilty, hardly any dressing and just a tiny bit in big bowl. Had to ask for refill bowl, thinking that was just a fluke and next round will be better. no such luck, just as bad. couldnt wait to get out of there, very dissappointed. salad has always been the big draw for me, (endless salad). - Anonymous

Great food, great Service at the Olive Garden 1077 in San Antonio TX - Jason

Nice atmosphere and service was good. My grandsons first time eating at Olive Garden. We both liked the Toscano. (soup) Will probably be back and try something else. Salad was good but not very well torn into bite size pieces. Had to use knife to manage sizes. I have worked a long order kitchen and know how busy it can be, but please take the time to cut or prep salads for customers convenience. It's embarrassing to lose a bite because of size. - Jack

Thanks for giving the chance to win cash prizes for the survey, but when I try to enter my ID number found in the center of the receipt I got at, the website says that it was unable to proceed based on my information? - Anonymous

Excellent food and superb waitress named erica - Lisa

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