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I had a very good experience at Pizza Hut at Cherrydale in Greenville, SC.  My order was prepared wrongly.  The manager asked that another half pizza be prepared (without cheese) as I requested.  He gave me the half pizza free plus the pizza I'd ordered and paid for.  Because it was raining at the time I picked it up, Dustin, an employee, carried the pizzas to the car for me.  I will definitely go back for the great customer service again The manager at Cherrydale Pizza Hut made my day and I tell my friends all about it.


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I like to eat your pizza a lot. Your pizza are good. I like Pizza Hut a lot. Your pizza is the best pizza in the world. You are the best in the world pizza hut. Your pizza are good also too. Your cooking is good. - Silva

I had a very bad experience at Pizza Hut. The pizza was not one that was freshly made it looked like a pizza that had been sitting there. The cheese was dry and the pizza was hard. I usually enjoy the pizza but that one was ridiculous. I felt that i didn't get my money's worth, so that means that I will have to start checking my food and demanding a return or exchange. - Anonymous

My daughter and my grandson and myself ate the noon buffet at Pizza hut store#2677 and we enjoyed it so much. The buffet was full of pizza, salad, pasta and was always hot and delicious. The service was great too. They are my favorite store.
- Jeanne Pierre

Hey everybody......Have a salad with your pizza, they do go great together. Pizza Hut pizza is a great pizza, the sauce is so tasty. And now with the awesome price, why wouldn't ya try it. Keep up the tasty-ness!!!!!!! And thank you for the coupons. Also, great taking part in the survey at Loving the Hut.....
- Kirsten

My wife and I are both retired ,love pizza we live close to store #024731.At 73 and 70 living on fixed income can't afford to eat pizza often. We general order a small pizza and 1/2 order bread sticks. The employes are very courteous,polite and seem to go out of their way to help you.There are several other pizza places in town to order from,but the service and quality of the product surpasses the other locations.
- George Wiseman

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