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I had apply for assistance at a while back now. I finally got a  letter stating that I would be recieving $113 for the month of September and $200 for October but haven't got a card. Am I not suppose to receive a card for the funds and be able to use it. What if the card went missing in the mail, how do I check that? Can you tell me when I will be recieving my card. I thank you in advance for your help


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I need to apply for medical needy. I have problems to numerous to mention.I have applied for social security, I understand this takes awhile. I need help desperately and would be great to get the assistance I need. - Roy

My stamps were lowered from 200.00 to 171.00 and nothing has changed in my household circumstance for it to change. so why were my food stamps amount lowered and now I had to spend and scrape. - Anonymous

I reapplied for my food stamp....I was on time since in october and i never received any answer ....i need smme answers please. - Wakins

I applied for Medicaud and i think we were approved for share cost. The paper I received has on the front we were approved and on the back was not approved Can you tell me what we are as I am confused. - Joseph

I applied for food stamps and medical. I received letters from you but was out of town and didn't get to do phone interview.I'm having problems getting thru and have missed the deadline which was June 17. - Gail

i can not get on line. Every time i put in my info at, it does not work help me. - LoneDog

I applied twice never heard about my stamps or medical i need help moved from Ohio to Florda and need to feel better about my self again. Somebody help me pls - Kirsten

Ii was living there and was receiving EBT and medicaid i have since moved back to Illinois and need assistance here they need something from you stating i am no longer receiving benefits through you and my case worker here has emailed twice and i have called and been hung up on due to lines being to busy for two weeks. I am in desperate need of assistance and also cannot enroll my daughter into a head start program without a medical card on file and of course all her physical and other test they require which being unemployed i can not afford if someone can please send this information either to fax. - Jackie Lau

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