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I came to JCPennys last night with my husband and son . We were helped by Kelly Greene, she really knows a lot about shoes. All 3 of use got shoes . Kelly lead us to the right shoes, my husband has a hard time finding shoes, but Kelly was able to help him find the right ones,he ended up getting two pair of shoes. Thank You Kelly for your help.


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I have really enjoyed my shoes I purchased from JCP. The attendant was okay. I thought at first I had done something wrong when I came to the store the way the attendant threw my shoes on the counter. But she later calmed down and she did give the invitation to go on line to do this survey - Anonymous

We purchased vertical blinds from Deborah Mears in Valparaiso, In. A special order, reference #02059260. After the blinds arrived, we waited for an installation date for 2 weeks. When we heard nothing, I attempted to contact the Installation Dep. in Michigan City, In. I left several messages & got no response. I then contacted my original sales consultant, Deborah Mears. She also attempted to contact them, via phone & e-mails, with no responses.

We finally gave up & my husband is doing the installation work. Luckily, he is capable of doing this. I am sure not all your customers can do this. As far as I am concerned this is a black mark against J.C.Penney's reputation & feel Customer Service should be made aware of this fiasco. - Mary E. Carrera

I went to the davenport posner jcp,each time i go to that location i am blown away by the outstanding customer service.i wanted to take a survey online regarding how wonderful megan was in the jewelry was but i had already taken one and the system would not allow another for thirty, i hope that someone can see this that can relay it back to her.WAY TO GO MEGAN - Anon

Marva was very helpful in helping me buy the correct shear curtains I needed. She was so friendly and just the sweetest person. Thanks Marva,your the best ever. - Beth

I bought a EXECUHELI and it stop working 2 weeks after, but I'm from trinidad and would not be back in new york until 2011. Hoping that this will assist me towards my warranty. THANKING YOU IN ADVANCE. - Azad

I tried filling in my survey at and it redirected me to Is this correct and where should I fill it in. - Frank

We shopped black friday and the deals for goods were great.thanks for the sale prices and special deals. - Mary

Kathy Serio was very helpful in the mens department. I was getting ready to leave because I could not find the right size pants when she came along and helped me. As long as people like Kathy work for Penney's, this will be my favorite store to shop. - Kate

I recently shopped at the JCP at The Turtle Creek Mall in Hattiesburg, MS and had excellent service at the catalog desk by Doris, who is a Supervisor. She was able to answer my question promptly. This lady is asset to JCP! She knows her products and is professional but also courteous. I have had excellent service this store ( - Anonymous

I shopped last evening at your Eden piere mahl JCP.The lady at the counter in girls/boys section,M/S Amina was of great help to show the various options in clothes and deals.I do appreciate the time and the quality of help she gave in such a friendly and purposeful manner. .Your products are not only good and fashionable but the service we get makes us come to shop again.May God bless your organization. - Pragalsingh

Wilka was very nice helping us with purchase - Wilka

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