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Harris Teeter Customer Survey

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The store is bright, the merchandise fresh and check out is efficient.  A good experience! The store at Hidenwood is always bright, service friendly, produce fresh and check out efficient.  Always enjoyable and I enjoy shopping at the Harris Teeter there. The customer representatives there make my day every time as they are super helpful and makes you feel welcome.


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My HT store is clean and well organized. I especially enjoy the produce. It is always fresh. The checkers are very pleasant and helpful. - Janice

I love this store. However, when the store is busy, no one brings carts near entrance for customers to use. Instead, one gets to door and then has to go back to parking lot for a cart. - Christina

To person complaining about the cart. ALWAYS grab a cart from the parking lot and wheel it in with you whether you are going to need one or not...wherever you shop. And return your cart to the store after emptying it. It costs time and money to pay employees to chase down and gather carts, which of course is just another expense paid for through your groceries. - Ray W

I would like to nominate the employee at the Harris Teeter on Campbell Avenue Pharmacy Counter for "employee of the month". According to my slip, her name is: Phillip N. She is very pleasant, knowledgeable and understanding. - Anonymous

Unlike any other store when a customer wants to pay via debit he doesn't have that option, Sunday I walked in to your store on 54 in Durham NC to purchase some ice cream. When I went to pay the prompt did not ask if I needed debit or credit and I cancelled the transaction. - James

Thanks for giving us a chance to voice our survey and opinion at and also the prizes. - Kirk M

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