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PetSmart Grooming Survey

What 1 customer says
I take both my dogs to the grooming salon at the Golden Gate Plaza location in Mayfield Hts. "jordan" my Cairn Terrior, and "Rascal" my Chin/Cocker Spaniel mixed. They do good work, especially Logan and Cindy. Last week Rascal was cut really low for the first time by Cindy who did a great job! We hardly recognized him when we picked him up. - Audrey& Shawn Smith


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Our little Maltese always appears well-groomed and calm after he has been groomed by Lauren @ PetSmart in Aberdeen, NC. Lauren's pleasant and friendly demeanor make her a favorite among the clients at the grooming salon. - Anon

We take our spoiled Imperial Shih Tzu to see Terri at The local PetSmart for her monthly grooming. They treat her as if she belongs to them personally ! Thanks Ladies !! - Bill

Hi, we take our Maltipoo Zoe in for grooming , being a mixed breed we questioned which cut was best for our little girl Eva at Petsmart guided us with wonderful results. Thanks Eva :) - Anonymous

Hi We tuck our Shih Tzu Digger to the groom room at pets home in Dewsbury today. It was the first time we went. They were very good we are pleased with digger. We will recommend pets at home the groom room to other people as they are brilliant Thank you :-) - Kerry Allan

I take my mother-in-laws poodle, Sonny to the grooming salon. The girls are so sweet to him, he loves going. Comes home feeling soft as white cotton. He seems to know he's looking good, he's always professionally groomed and smelling great! - Anon

We had our Dog Jessica groomed and were very satisfied with the results. will take her back and buy our supplies as needed. - Anonymous

We have had our dog groomed and buy all our supplies for him and our cat at Petsmart and have always had a pleasant experience and wonderful help when needed. - JJ

Make you survey site easier. When I went to , first of all, it is a really long url and I typed it wrong several times and went to the wrong website. Then, when I was there, I had to choose or or Can you self select the choice based on the website visited? - Caelyn

Love how my dog Roxie's hair cut comes out. They are so tender with my dog and I would never take her anywhere else...thanks pets smart - Charlene walburn

I take my Big D to petsmart every week so he can visit the employees and the dogs that come in. When I drive into the parking lot he starts jumping in the car. He knows where he's at. I have never had a problem getting what I needed. The grooming salon has been really good for him since I adopted D he had been scared of everything. The employees have helped bring him back to trusting humans again. - Neva Parker

Lady and Lucy get their toenails trimmed at PetSmart. They are very well trained to deal with sensitive dogs with difficult nails to manage. I feel totally comfortable with their care. - Martha

Bruno goes to the Petsmart location in Coral Springs, FL and his groomer is Gabi. She does a terrific job on him and he is so happy and so proud....he knows that he's drop dead handsome after his day at the "spa." And his mommy is so pleased.....Bruno is an avid fan of Gabi's and Petsmart grooming salon. - Bruno Hurwick

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