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Well, now.  I have been trying to get to a survey site for the past 30 minutes but keep getting the survey/web site shuffle .I have been unable to complete any survey for Wendys at as I seem to be having problems with entering the 8 digit code. I followed the instructions to enter the code found on the left hand side of the receipt, but yet it still does not work.


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Quality of service was very poor at lunch time. Shift manager seems more focused on multi-tasking than taking care of customers. Restaurant is located at 1028 rte. 44 raynham ma. - Anonymous

i just went to wendys in windham maine and there. Fries are supposed to be so good they are not all dryed out but hamburger looks like it was sitting there for months. - Robin

I enjoy going to Wendys. However, many times when I need to grab fast food, it is really because of convenience and time. So, I go through the drive thru and pick what I need. But Wendys locations are way too few and would have prefer to go to Wendys if it was conveniently on the way. But when I drive for miles, 9 times out of 10, I will hit upon a McDonalds first. Dont get me wrong, I love Wendys, but I cannot find you easily. - Bob G.

I love your Frosty. Burgers and fries are great too. I dont normally eat at Wendys, but when I do , I always feel like it is a treat. - Peter King

I received no receipt. The Wendy's restaurant I visited was at Hwy 71 and Montoplois in Austin,Texas. The time was between 9:15pm and 9:30 pm. The young Spanish girl never stopped talking on her cell phone while she was giving me the food I ordered at the drive thru window. She never said a word to me because she was talking to someone on her cell phone. That was the worst case of professionalism I have ever seen. Cell phones at work should be for emergencies only and in a place where customers cannot see you. If I was the manager of this Wendys, I would write her up and fire her the next time she does it again. - anonymous

There is no 8 digit restaurant number on my receipt. At the very top is printed Wendy's Store #2524. No other place on the entire receipt is there an 8 digit number.
I got to Wendy's about 2:45pm and there were 2 females with their children, and the children were running behind the desk, trying to climb on the counter, and were not disciplined by their mothers. They were apparent friends of the workers behind the counter. It was not a good environment! One petite, (maybe have been Filipino) worker was friendly and tried to keep a child from running into the work area. - Thelma Riley

Cashier was very friendly - Trecy

I pass by the Wendy's in Gainesville, Texas when I'm going to Windstar...So far, the 3 visits I've had, I had the same person take my order...His name is Chris.Chris was very polite, courteous, food was fresh and timely each visit with him! Never a dull moment! So instead of stopping anywhere else when I go to windstar, I'll continue to stop at Wendy's! Awesome employee!! Thanks Chris for your excellent service at Wendy's 600 W.California in Gainesville - Keundra Bowling

love wendys food an thur workes - joe

Not sure if this is what you want to hear but hear goes: Wendys is probably my favorite of all fast food restaurants and most dine in restaurants as well. I eat there probably 4 or 5 times a week as my past surveys will show. I'm 68 years old retired from N.S. railroad and have cancer. I was coming back from my treatment on Wednesday may 11th about 1pm and stopped by the wendys on canerun road in Louisville, ky.I ordered the new jalapeno chicken and ghost fries got home and it was the worst sandwich I have eaten in a long time. The bun had to be 2 or 3 days old. It was very dry and on the verge of crumbling when I took a bite. The chicken was cool, not cold to eat, like it has been sitting around for a while. My roommate said his bun was very dry also. I know this is not up to wendys standards or it wasn't until recently, but I was totally disappointed. Exactly two weeks prior to this, I ordered a chocolate shake and didn't receive it, but that was probably my fault I guess I should have noticed. I'm not sure of there store number but I was told it was #209. What ever it is they need proper direction on serving hot and especially fresh food. - paul newton

I was upset with the local Wendy's in Blytheville, Arkansas due to the following reasons. First, the temperature outside was in the low twenties and inside wasn't much warmer. My wife and I ordered a jr bacon cheeseburger and it was explained that it would be a 4 for $4 meal. I said no problem but we also wanted two small chili's. We received our order and sat down trying to get our chili fast because it was so cold in the building. The cheese on my hamburger wasn't even slightly melted. the bacon, well it was all cold. The chili was a joke. It looked like the beans and meat were placed in the cup and then had water added to fill it up. The entire surface was grease. Most disappointing meal I've received at a fast food place. This is the only site I have been able to vent without spending my time looking for their contact info. The receipt went in the trash with the rest of the food so I don't have the store number. I will say that the fries were ok (warm) and the chicken nuggets were surprisingly tasty and hot. Guess I lucked out on them. When I get something like this I don't argue with the workers or management because they should have got it right the first time. Besides, I don't like spit chili or spit burgers when they redo it! My bad choice but won't make the same mistake again. Thanks for listening - vp

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