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Red Robin Restaurant Feedback Survey

What 1 customer says
Hello, I just wanted to comment about the experience I had when I came in for dinner last week at the 103rd and McDowell location. My server's name was Lauren and I have to tell you she is one of the most incredible waitresses I have ever had serve me. She kept my drink glass full and asked often if I needed anything. The bottomless fry's I get at Red Robin are my most favorite in the world and Lauren kept them coming. Not only was the food delicious but Lauren made it a real pleasure just coming in there and getting a meal because her bubbly attitude and genuine concern for my satisfaction was a really appreciated. Thank you Red Robin and Lauren for a very good dining experience!


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Thanks for giving me the chance to participate in the $1000 daily survey at I have not won anything but have been participating ever since whenever I visit a Red Robin restaurant. Used to participate and visit but seems like you have change that. - Thomas G

I finally decided to let you know at Red Robin at the Shops at Wiregrass was and always is a pleasure eating there. We have eaten there at least 7 or 8 times maybe more and each time the servers such as Danie and others always make it fun. The food is excellent and the manager Katie (I think that's her name) is so nice and makes sure that we have a great experience each time we've been there. I would very much recommend this Red Robin for a great dining experience and lots of fun!!! - Anon

We normally have great service here Red robin in costa mesa. We had Andrew G this time and he was a great waiter, very nice to my kids, extremely accommodating and very patient. Thank you for the great service. - Mary ann

My survey code at does not work. I just visited the restaurant a week ago and I would think that it can still work? - Christie J

i am in love with the appetizer you had on the menu - the hamburger cheese dip.. Please bring it back, its amazing!!! - Lauren

I just wanted to say how fabulous the service was at the memorial and penn location. I had never been to red robin before and I have to say Steven did a great job! He made sure we were taken care of and our food came out quickly even though the place seemed really busy!
I will definitely be back and asking for Steven to wait on me again :) - Celeste

I would like to thank you for my free b-day burger. I so look forward to it every year.
My server was john and very delightful and friendly.bThe only thing i was disappointed about, i did not get my hot fudge sunday,which is such a treat.
I told him pls. no singing for my birthday, maybe he misunderstood, and figured, then i also do not want my sunday. oh, well. Thank you again, - hanne ponsaran

Restaurant at Mid-Rivers Mall in St. Peters, Mo. is terrific. I take my grandson for dinner often and we both totally enjoy ourselves as well as having a terrific meal served by well trained and friendly staff. - jclock

I always order the fish & chips, we sat near the kitchen my fish & chips were ready long before my husbands burger. Fish & chips were served cold, returned them and when they came back batter was yucky and then the fries were cold. very disappointed. - mickey

Lolo went out of her way to help us . She is most exceptional waitress ! - Amee

My husband went to Red Robins for the first time last night and were very impressed with our experience. Our waiter G Harrison was terrific, he took the time to explain everything to us and his personality was great. He came often to check on us to make sure our food was good and our drinks were full. Our first experience was so good we plan on going back soon, the food was great and the service was awesome. - Terry

We love Red Robin , however the Red Robin in Plymouth, Ma is terrible. We have tried it several times and compared to the other Red Robins elsewhere it is unbelievably bad..the orders are seldom correct and request ignored.. It all goes back to poor management..after 6 tries we not return..the RR in Foxboro is wonderful and they will get all our business

- J. A. Sizemore

The service was very good and our server Malorie was good and helpful - george renzo

My daughter and I went to Brandywine DE location on Thursday for my free birthday burger. I asked the waitress, Briana which burgers where included she said it doesn't matter whichever you order is free. I questioned the fact that my daughter's was less expensive and she assured me it would be mine; but, when check came I was charged for mine which was $3.00 more expensive. Our service was not very good, she was not attentive, had to wait for drink refills, a second helping of French fries and to get our check. Good thing my granddaughter didn't have to be met at bus stop after school. - Avalon Wittig

Love your restaurant, onion rings. handburgers, etc. My favorite has always been Clam Chowder because yours always had an abundance of clams, however on my last visit there were nothing but potatoes, if I wanted potato soup I'd order it but when I order Clam Chowder I expect to enjoy clams in my soup not two or three little shreds of clams, Hopefully in the future you will modify the ingredients in this soup. Thanks - Richard Badillo

Had a chance to stop in a Red Robin ; we were seated at a table for 2 which you had to step up into. Should have requested another table because it lacked comfort. Erica was our waitress and talked faster than the rap music that was playing on the sound system. Like lively music but not that kind of rap. Service was good with slangily remarks from Erica when she stopped back . Regarding service the soup arrived after our tavern burger and was not that hot. Erica is good ; however, needs additional training regarding customer service and talking so the customer understands. Upon checkout Erica said she would take care of the cards because we had a gift card. The credit card came back ; but not the itemized receipt nor the rewards card. Erica needs to try better not harder. ... Survey Code: 228062000035215

- J P

I was at the white marsh md location, my sever was Sam, he was great. My issue was that the knives were dirty and when he replaced them they were also dirty. - jackie

My wife and grandson were at Red Robin in North Canton,OH for his birthday lunch. We were sitting out on the patio when the flower bed sprinklers came on without warning sending water onto several tables including ours. The manager came out and adjusted the water (the wrong way) making it worse. If that was not enough we had to move ourselves to another table without anyone's help. Then without even an I am sorry from the manager she made the comment "just pretend you are at a water park". VERY UN PROFESSIONAL! - Ted Fulling

My family went to the restaurant in Gresham,OR, we have gone here several times in the past and were always pleased with the service,always liked the food. However, this past Sunday was the worst! In fact, it has made us decide to no longer frequent your restaurants if they put those "devices" in all of them. First, we had to wait 20-30 minutes to be seated. You have three people up front, empty tables throughout the restaurant; manager and our waitress were unable to explain how the device worked, VERY frustrating! So, even though we like the food, we will no longer support your restaurant. - Linda

Our server was Mason. It took him a while to get to the table and take the order. Then it was some time before we got our meal. I asked for a refill on my fries and it took 13 minutes before I got them and they were not very warm. I din't press my luck on telling him the fries were not very warm. The people two tables over asked for more fries and they got them in less than two minutes. The difference between the good and not so good
- David

A long time fan of your fish n chips...the last 2 times visiting your Mesa, AZ STORE on Superstition Springs I found your fish to be pretty bad and sent it back...the replacement was hotter but still lacking the fresh, crispy batter.
Is this a new process you've come up with in the preparation of the fish
It is it the store's cool being untrained?
I will try a different store next week and if it's still bad...You've lost me. -

I stopped at the 39th and Steele Street one in Tacoma Washington and the servers name was a gentleman named Terry and he was AWESOME!! - Dee

i went to red robin at 6802 charlotte pike nashville tenn. 37209 .10/19/2015.i ordered mushroom burger and the waiter ask me what side dish did i want .he showed me on the menu where the sides were .i picked mac and cheese.when the bill came there was a 1.49 extra charge and i ask him why there was a charge for the mac and cheese and he said o there is a extra
charge for it.he said i should have told you.why was there a extra charge when that was a side order? then when i got my mushroom burger it was only mushrooms ,cheese,burger and bread onions or tomatoes on it then while i was sitting there one of the waitress started scratching her arm pit on the outside of her shirt.then she put her hand under her shirt and scratched her arm pit.and then she served the people behind me their that was awful and unhealthy
i was very disappointed in my trip it red robin
- gloria

Recently visited your restaurant - it has always been a favorite of ours and we would go there about 3-4 times a month. Hadn't been for awhile with vacation and my being ill for awhile - I was very disappointed. I like the new decor that was going on before I went on vacation but you changed the menu. I enjoyed the Southwest Chicken Salad you had on your menu which I usually got. In the past few years you changed a bit but now it's no longer on the menu. How disappointing when that's why I decided to go there that day. All your salads are now MIXED GREENS - don't like it - like iceberg lettuce or romaine. Also the serving portion of cup of soup is smaller but same price. Manager did tell me it's a 1/2 oz smaller that original portion. The square dish is tiny and very shallow. The soup cools off much faster - and where is all the melted cheese that was on your Onion Soup previously? Our service was great as it always has been - but what has happened to the menu?
- George

Red Robin Des Moines - The bill was wrong three times. We go to dinner to have good service . We have to order and pay with I pad . Extra money for sweet potato frys. With kids meal no vegetable and we had to ask for a balloon. The balloon comes with a stick holding it . Not safe for young children could poke their eyes out . Seated right next to another big family when there is plenty of seating . Please spread out make it customer friendly ! - Tracey reese

Tatum was our server at the Red Robin on Disc Dr. In Sparks NV. Tatum was an about standing server. She went above and beyond to provide excellent customer service. It is a pleasure to provide feedback for such outstanding customer service. - Jamie Gustafson

Red Robin has always been a favorite of ours and our grandchildren. The reason was not only the bottomless fries but also the bottomless mac and cheese. In the last several times we have been at Red Robin we were told that they were fazing out the mac and cheese extra portions. The last time we were at your restaurant my daughter-in-laws Cobb Salad was not very generous for $11.00. My granddaughter ordered a Ceasar salad and it was very unappetizing looking. It did not resemble any Ceasar salad I've seen. It seems as though the portions are getting smaller but not the prices. As always though our service by Megan was great. - Ellen Furman

Excellent server. Very upbeat and polite. It's been a long time since we've had a server as compentant and friendly. - Twenty

Just had my weekly Cod Fish Sandwich at our North Olmsted, Ohio Red Robin. It was great, as usual. We had a first time server, however, named Ian. What a great guy! We sat on the patio (it was a no-brainer, 75 and sunny with a light breeze) and Ian made it more special with his easy manner and capable service. We never had to ask for anything. He was always there at the right time sporting a big, friendly smile. So, give him an "atta boy" Red Robin and keep up the good work. Oh, was it me or are you getting the food out of the kitchen faster? Nice job all the way around. See you again soon. Jim & Joyce - Jim Walters

The food was okay, however, not worth the price for the Cluck and Fries. Our waitress was good. It was FREEZING in the restaurant and couldn't wait to leave (went to the one on Happy Valley and I-17 in Phoenix, AZ). The temperature outside was warmer than inside the restaurant. Won't go back. - Linda

Noted a slide downhill in RR quality and portion size lately. Visited the Christiana, DE location with family last night for maybe the last time. The kitchen was slow. Our burgers were dry and so thin they looked like a McDonald's burger, but not at a McDonald's price. Side salad made with brown lettuce, uneatable. Fries just slightly warmer than room temp. Who asks for "bottomless" cold fries? RR use to be a pretty good place to take the family. Really too bad. - Tom H.

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