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I just would like to praise the Popeyes store number# 2574 616 E. 103rd Chicago IL. On a stormy night, it was a tremendous experience to be welcomed by such warmth and hospitality. The courteous nature extended by Ms.Venus should be celebrated. She and the crew demonstrated superior customer service. Especially during these economic times everyone is searching for value ; this is appreciated when trying to provide a hearty meal for your family. I believe that the special touches of effort and dedication really shine through. The meal was delicious and I as a consumer enjoyed a delightful experience. You would benefit from hiring more employees who model this type of professionalism. Sincerely, Ms. Aundria R. 


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Thanks for prompt service and the best fried chicken , hot biscuits and creamy mashed potatoes in town. - Anonymous

Where do I find the store number on the receipt for Mine does not look like what is in the picture on the website. I cannot get through without the store number on tellpopeyes. - Chris

I am disappointed and disgusted with the food and the service i received at store #2816 in Austin Texas. Cashier was Bianca p.. i waited for 20 min. for our food and we were sent past drive thru she said because our strips were frozen . That was fine. It was when we watched as our food sat on the counter for 10 min. while the whole crew was socializing and played around. I finally sent my son up to drive thru window ( after they had already served 5 cars behind us!)to get our food . when we looked in the bag we noticed the chicken we supposedly had been waiting on was cold and one piece of chicken was still partly RAW ! i went back thru the drive thru and asked to speak with the manager. (Hispanic female early 30's)I expressed my concerns and dissatisfaction and she said the reason for wait was for the (raw cold) food she served me . And had a very smug rude attitude. She did nothing to offer me compensation for raw food or otherwise. I was afraid to send the raw chicken back to the kitchen. - anon

We ate your crawfish today. WOW was that wonderful. Am gonna go back soon before they disappear. Also your cherry cream pie was the best dessert. We always love your sweet tea. Thank God there is Popeyes in Brunswick Ga now if we could get one in Fernandina Beach or Yullee Fl. - The Campbell family

The Popeye employees in Beaumont are fantastic people they are very cordial and I appreciate the smiles and service which is very rare these days. Thanks.
- Jeanette Guyote just keeps loading and spinning...not sure what is wrong with the website - Craig fer

Popeye's is grest, too bad the people at the store on N'Lamar, at about the 9800 block are unorganized and don't seem to understand simple orders. How difficult is popcorn shrimp dinner with red beans/rice. and the 99 cent special spicy with a side of small redbeans/rice. I had to tell the drive thru attendant 3 times and she still got the order wrong. I speak very clearly btw. - Vernon Smithjr

Popeye is great if you like spicy chicken, and this month they have a outstanding deal. The Roxbury special is a no brainer that's a 3piece breast for 5.49. when your exhausted after a long days work popeye's is the best fast food. Everyone should also fill the survey at - Kirk Jiles

Greetings, I attend Everest College in Bedford Park, IL and there is a Popeye's in walking distance to the school. This Popeye's location provides outstanding customer service consistently... In addition, I always look forward to Tuesday's because they offer a two piece special that fits into my budget during these harsh economic times...
- Richard Davis

Best chicken and biscuit I have had in a long time at POPEYE"S in Enterprise Alabama!!.
- debbie crates

I went to the popeyes on rt 440 in jersey city with my family on sunday evening @ 8pm,I wanted 20 pieces spicy chicken. The cashier was very nice and told me they are out of spicy and it will take 20 minutes, i agreed to wait however the managers admonished this cashier by saying its 8pm and they are cleaning up to leave, both managers (one a trainee and the other a trainee) came to the counter and rudely said they cannot cook more cause they are out of batter and if i want they have 10 pieces of spicy breast in a box but i will have to pay one dollar more per piece. Whoever heard of 10 pieces of cold chicken costing $20.00 with a side of very rude attitude to go with it? Needless to say, I left and will never return and will absolutely not recommended this place. I went to the Popeyes on bergen ave in jersey city and they were not only friendly but cooked what i needed. - Anonymous

1st visit to any Popeyes restaurant...1st time out after open heart surgery. sister wanted to take me to lunch and i chose popeyes. Had to drive 16 miles to get there. worst experience of my life as for eating out. Most unfriendly people in the world. we ordered 2-wicked chicken meals. 1-with fries and sweet tea and 1-with mashed potatoes and coke. when received, both orders were the same. i took my order back to the same ladyIi ordered from (who at this time had moved down to the end of the counter next to the drive up window and had back turned eating in front of everyone) and explained to her what was wrong. She gave me some soggy cajun fries and a sweet tea never saying a word. never saying i'm sorry, is there anything else i can do. Everyone in the kitchen heard me (restaurant was not busy at the time). vWorst customer service ever. i have seen your undercover boss shows for Popeyes and this restaurant needs an undercover boss to show up. entire restaurant would be closed.
- Eparker

Popeyes spicy Chicken is my favorite, along with a side of Cajun Rice. Of course Popeyes has a menu that is full of Goodness. Love That Chicken From Popeyes. And that is just the the plain Facts!!!.
- Trackter

Their chicken is always juicy. I enjoy eating there every time. - vincent jones

The chicken was great in Bradenton, Will try ths butterfly shrimp next
Thanks Dave - David

Have been going to popyes a long time best fried chicken other than my mothers - John. Diakakis

Store # 2295 on Rancho and 95 is the best and freshest Popeye in the Las Vegas area. They are always busy and the fish is cooked perfectly. The service is quick and the employees are always nice. I tried the new store which opened on Durango, it was okay but they do not offer the Tuesday special so I went back to the Rancho store. Keep it going Popeyes. The best fried chicken, biscuits and shrimp po-boys from Chi-town to Vegas. - Gloria

Have enjoyed Popeyes chicken all over the country. Always Delicious!!! - Nick

I live in Milwaukee on the North West side of the city. The only Popeyes closest to me is located on 76th and Good Hope Road.
The service at this particular store (#4925) is consistently poor. The cashiers aren't friendly and I at least expect a "Hello" at the drive thru window when I'm spending my money and helping to pay salaries.
Very seldom is my order ever right. Tonight for example, I asked for a 12 piece meal. When I get home, open the box of chicken, I have a box full of wings and three breast. No thighs, no legs, absolutely no dark meat. Three weeks ago, there was no chicken ready and was told it would be a twenty minute wait. On a Friday at 6:00PM when people are running to pick up dinner and get home. Finally I absolutely detest when I pay for my meal, receive my bag thru the thick glass window and the cashier doesn't even say thank you. Service is absolutely terrible at this location and I will take my money elsewhere. I've also posted my concerns on social media several times. Hopefully they'll just close that location down. Terrible service. - Sara C.

Free two pieces of chicken and biscuits - Sylvia Thomas

Visited the Popeye's in Oxford, NC store 11044. My family loves Popeye's so I figured I would treat them to what I thought would be good fried chicken. I must say that was the worst fried chicken I've ever tasted. There was no seasoning and it was tasteless. I ordered spicy and mild and they both taste the same. Biscuits were very good but I wanted my money back for the tasteless chicken. No more Popeye's for me. - Carolina Mom

My husband is totally disabled but never misses the opportunity to point out a Popeye's sign when we are traveling. it is one of our top favorite places! - EN

the order taker was professional and caring. The chicken was delicious. I was very satisfied. The manager was very observant. - Helen Hart

I had prompt service and good food when I went to the new Indianapolis eastside Popeyes store. - CJ Peavler

This was the FIRST time we had Popeyes food and it was great... It was hot and moist. - Nikki Bracy

The Popeye emplayees in Rohnert Park are fantstee people they are very cordial and I appreciate the smiles and upbeat and service which very rare these days Thanks Mary Wilson - Mary Wilson

Great food and customer service in Palm Desert! - peggy t

how to find the code to - shikeezia pitts

Need to put a popeyes restaurants in greenville sc - fredrick manson

I work 5 days a week and get off at 10pm. I appreciate that Popeye stays open until 11pm because with the fast paced job I have there are plenty of times I don't eat until I get off. Thank you - Ieasha

The Popeyes Store#3799 in Orange City, Florida the customer service is always great, my father-in-law loves the chicken (I do too) and I go there often and they always tease me because they know the order, they make me feel great. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. - Lynn

Driving around looking for something to eat we decided to stop in to Popeyes store number 11759 in Columbus Ohio. The young man that waited on us was the best. He answered our questions and knew the best selection for us. He made us feel like we were the only ones there. We were so impressed by the knowledge he had of the menu and what we wanted and the way he treated us. At almost eight at night our food was hot and fresh. We found a new favorite spot to go to for a quick take out meal - Veronica Helcher

We go to the popeyes in Paducah Ky. store 9934. The people that work there are nice. But you do need to check your order before you leave the drive thru.They will get it wrong sometimes. - James Spivey

Just had lunch at popeye's store # 3586. The customer service was great and the food was hot and fresh. I look forward to visiting them again. - Nicholas James

Im very displeased with the service i recieved from popeyes in avon,IN i had ordered an 8 pc and they said i would have to wait 15 mins with later turned into 30 mins i think they bumped me off the screen because they called everyones order after me. Then i asked for a manger [Melanie] and she was very rude and disrespectful when she told me that drive thru just took a 16 pc and i would have to wait 9 more mins. I couldnt wait and i asked for a refund and it was like she shoved the money in my hand and walked to the desk where there was another individual . And immediately behind the counter i heard a lot of laughing and the other girl looked at me, as if she [Melanie] was making comments about me. Just terrible service and disrespect. - Anonymous

I visited Store 7191 in Broomall, PA. The staff was polite and friendly, the store however was in serious need of cleaning: floor, table and windows. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being superior I rate the food a 4. The visit was a complete disappointment. - spirit


Everything was good except the beans and rice. I paid for a full cup and got 3/4 a cup that's not good. - Steve

We live in Nebraska but were recently in Birmingham AL. There are lots of good places to get chicken there but we were in a hurry and saw your store #5311 and pulled in. There were two cars in front of us and our "fast food" stop turned into a 23 min. wait! Your young server, Amanda, didn't apologize for the extreme wait and I think that would have been a courteous thing to do. Your product is unique because you have the cajun sparkle which we use instead of any dipping sauce. You can imagine my surprise and disappointment when we were told that they had NO cajun sparkle. That seems like poor management. - Judy Kluver

FOOD IS ALWAYS GREAT! In Lousisana!! The Cashier Keoshia is always smiling and she's just wonderful. This is at the 3500 West Pinhook Road on Lafayette, LA. If your the owner and your reading this. She should be either getting paid better or have a promo!! - Joseph Prejean

Stopped by your store#11414 Ordered 3 spicy breasts. Had to wait 25 minutes for them to cook some, despite having 6-7 employees there. I'm not accustomed to waiting that long for food. Very disappointed. - Michael Gillespie

I love coming to Popeyes store # 8562 in my neighbourhood. I used to travel with military overseas and always was glad to find a Popeyes on any military post to enjoy a good southern meal.
The store mentioned above is outstanding clean. The employees are more than professional . I feel welcome everytime and appreciate a nice sevice.

Charles Partee - Partee Charles

I went to the Popeyes on Telegraph and 12 mile I got a five piece wing combo spicy with mashed potatoes and effects of strawberry the five piece wing combo with the biscuits and mashed potatoes the mashed potatoes what's good with and the biscuit butts the chicken was Old it did not taste good I feel the chicken in the garbage I will never go back to that restaurant they need to check the chicken because its chicken I had was very old - Cherron porter

Popeyes store # 2556 had the best fried chicken i have tasted in years. The customer service was professional, and the store cleanliness was good. The last experience I had at Kentucky fried chicken was deplorable. The cashier was rude, and when I placed my order for a 12 piece dinner, there was not any breasts or wings made. I was given all legs and thighs, and charged for the breasts and wings. I have enjoyed Popeys chicken, but have been a loyal Kentucky fried chicken customer. Not anymore, from the experience I had today at Popeyes Chicken. The food was delicious, and service super. I am now a loyal Popeye customer this day forward. - Micheal Blackwell

I had a doctors meeting that day. After the meeting me and my parents were hungry. We noticed a Popeyes store nearby and decided to go in to check the place out. The store looked very clean on the inside and outside so we decided to order some chicken. The line moved quickly and the crew was very nice to us. We sat down to eat and the food was excellent. I will come back to this Popeyes next time I am in the area. Thank you very much. Ed Cotter. - Edward Cotter

Your store mgr Bonnie at store # 2689 is so nice she always smiles and greets customers very friendly. Her store is always clean. The lobby and tables are clean she is a access to your company. Thank you - Debi

thank you for your new location at w. Montauk Hwy NY. this place was clean and can see the floor to the service kitchen was clean. two young smiling faces greeted me and took my order and I was on my way less than 5 min, customer service is very important and a clean kitchen deserves a come back visit all the time at least once weekly. thank you and good luck to the crew at #11803. - Pelton

where is the survey that rates each category????? popeyes has great chicken but sometimes things don't always go the way customer wants it to go. wait is too long........such as sometimes the wait is long.... keep the chicken coming and hopefully the rest will cure it self. store # 5729 on a one to ten scale I would give them a seven. the lady at the window is very nice to everyone ! you, have a nice day. - Smsgt Mc Knight

Their chicken is always juicy. I Have enjoyed Popeye's chicken all over the country when traveling. Bob D. - Bob Daniele

I am very disappointed how Popeye's food and service has deteriorated despite an increase in prices more drastic than similar fast food restaurants. I ordered a 3 piece combo at the Oak Grove, MO store expecting a breast and two more lesser pieces. I got a very small leg, wing and another piece I don't even know what was but had about one bite from it. I questioned the server because I saw them put these scroungy pieces in my order. I asked, "Is this what I get in a 3 piece combo that cost almost $10." He replies with a smirk and said "Yep." I will never again visit a Popeye's and I used to enjoy it's product. - max

Took 5 minutes for the catfish poboy. But it was fresh and with the wait. Almost as good as back in NOLA! - Ace

I went to Popeyes store 0142 at 2119 Bemiss Rd Valdosta GA, the food was great as always.The only complaint I had was ordered 3 piece meal and only got 2 pieces, imagine my surprise when I got back to work and was short 1 great piece of chicken, but it was so good. - Beverly

Popeyes is our number one choas of takeout chicken far more better than the other brand of fast foods if I had it my way Popeyes would be on our dinner plate each day of the week, great serves, foods is always hot & fresh. Thanks Popeyes for serveing my family....
- Michael Norris

Popeyes #10545 is in my neighbor hood .i visit at least 2 times a week for my favorite chicken.Sometimes I try any new menu item that is featured.I really appreciate my Popeyed Eatery and most of all,the good service I receive from window cashier Maurice.He is excellent in giving me my Senior discount.Good Employee. - Lula Washington

just visited popeyyes5671 on bards town road. and again (7 out to 10 visits) they screw my order up or i don't get what i order. they forgot my lg. cajun rice. isn't there someon e there that checks the orders. the manager even brought my order to my car. they just lost my business. - ben bosco

I am really concerned with the service that I get at store #5729...they really did me dirty tonight. I drove up to the drive thru window....I order like I always do. the lady at the window took my order and I paid her. then she said that I was to pull up to the waiting spot. she said that there was a 5 minute wait on the 3 pieces of chicken. I said ok & pulled - up to the spot after about a 10 minute wait a cook came out & said what was I waiting for and I told him and showed him my receipt. I waited another 5 minutes and he came out and gave me my order. it was not busy inside or out. I am going to call our Better Business tomorrow first thing. they were not even sorry for their mistake! IF I sound mad I am . ok I THINK THIS place can do a lot Better in their service dept. with a good manager at Night ! Lets get it DONE ! - Capt. Robert Wagner

I love Popeyes children especially store#8805, the employees are always nice and friendly the store is always clean and the food always fresh and taste good :-). - Jessica

Yesterday I drove to the Miller Rd. Flint Michigan, which is a pretty good drive my home but I like your chicken and Biscuits, I purchased the large drink with my coupon for the free chicken and biscuit and my husband purchased a meal and a drink, they charged me for a biscuit even thou it says on your receipt that the biscuit is free. I had to ask for a lid for my drink and had to ask for napkins. I frequent the Popeyes in Florida but I don't think I would go back to the one in Flint - Rosemary Dake

I have tried to buy the new ripping chicken combo on three times at at the Patchogue store 11762 and was told they did not have any I told the clerck and I was told the manager does not order it what I don't understand they have signes up all over the the store I would get rid off the manager as it looks as your company is loosing money and customers I wll no go back there Andrew forsyth - andrew forsyth

The food (chicken) was very good, gooked just right. Service was good. The new decoy looked great. - Martha Powell

We went to Popeyes at 4400 S. 70th in Lincoln, NE the other night and were warmly received. Chicken was tops and sides were generous and good. Biscuits we as always exceptional. For the money spent it was a terrific value. I go to this store a lot and will be back. - Jim Foral

my boyfriend took me to eat at Popeyes store number#10519 Oakland Ca. cause it was my turn to pick the place.and l love popeyes.the manger Belinda serviced us she and crew great customer service.the meal was delicious and as a consumer delightful and enjoyed the experience.your employees were nothing more when professionalism. and thank you for a great service. sincerely MRS. Sanjuanita Rodriguez - sanjuanita rodriguez

I often stop on my why home from shopping on Sunday around 11 in the morning the Woodbury Popeyes. They always have what I want, all dark meat in my order, always pleasant getting my order. Love the chicken. - Judy Holtzhauser

I was greatly satisfied with the food I chose,shrimps combo, and went back and tried chicken wrap and white meat burger and besidesm the employees are very courteous.POPEYES Edinburg Texas
- Angelita Rivera

The service was good food came fast however biscuit wasn't the same as I'm use to - Tony bishop

Everything was great my coworkers and I really enjoyed our meal.
- Victoria Williams

I purchased the 8 piece tender dinner. I left to drive 60 minutes to my home and upon opening the sack I did not receive all of my purchase. This is my gripe with McDonald's; you have to check your purchase fully for errors. - Chris LaFerney

The new Popeyes store #11710 on New Gate City Blvd has the fastest and most courteous service in Greensboro. The food comes fast, hot and fresh! Thank you for making my dining experience pleasurable! - Rockie Williams

I went to Popeye today and I had to pull up and wait about 15minutes and then they gave me 3 little baby tenders.I think when u go to fast food places things should be on time not pulling up all the time😞 - Shyra

I couldn't decide what I wanted for lunch today. The young man working drive thru not only suggested the Rippin' Chicken Meal, without asking, he placed sauce, ketchup, honey, and napkins in my "to go" bag. He made me smile and feel appreciated. I visited Store #11074 in Shreveport, LA. Thank you Employee #6!!!!!! Have a very blessed day. - Mrs. Mary F.

the chicken was great. I had to wait for a while because some guy was checking the cash register and the girl couldn't give me my change. - Jean Quary

They is the best Popeyes ever - boots

Thank you store #10146 for prompt and courteous service. The workers are hard workers and the new renovation and Louisiana music are very much enjoyed. Keep up the good work! - Anonymous

I was undecided as to what to eat for dinner. Should I go to this place closer to my home and order 3 wings and fries or go across town and go to Popeyes and get wings, mashed potatoes w/gravey and a biscuit for almost the same price. So, I found myself passing the first one and ending across town!! WOW!!! What a difference the tast bds make. I ended up at Popeyes!! - Gladys M. Hayes

Sometimes the service can be better, including not running out of products in the middle of the day. Also the wait time for your order is way too long - Anonymous

I was so happy to see a Popeyes come to Greenville NC. I moved here a few years ago from Maryland. I was surprised to learn there was not a Popeyes here. Thank you for coming here. I go every Tuesday and the staff know me and greet me with a happy smile. I just love your food, especially your chicken and staff at store #111162. - curtis forbes

My daughter and I went to Popeye's for the first time yesterday and found the food to be very tasty. The biscuits with butter and honey were delightful! We did not like that everything is listed as a combo with no a la carte pricing.
- LVA95626

I go to the popeyes at jordan landing often there food is really good there spicy chicken is a delicous - Ashley

Good food good price good service - Dan LAUBACH

Store #7206 today the atmosphere was calming seeing the organization and the easiness of the workers was an invitation to a great dinner experience.kudos to the management and staff at 4037 Indian River Rd. Chesapeake Virginia 23236 - Cynthia

chicken was good, hot and fresh. no line in drive thru, which was a plus. - Gloria Anderson

My oder was wrong and they didnt try to fix it after letting them know is was not right and the person at the window was not very friendly.. - rita

I was at your store today in West Milwaukee,Wi. I got there at 12:03 finally had my order taken at 12:22. now this is not the first time service at this store has been TERRIBLE. I like Popeyes a lot better than KFC but most likely will go to KFC from now on. people who get only 30 minutes for lunch should not have to wait this long for service. store11652 - jeff weiler

Food was good. Restaurant was clean and overall peaceful even during dinner time. Staff was nice and attentive and we had our food very quickly after ordering and overall order was exact. - Robert

Long wait, long line, and old chicken. - Dedrick Bates

i am a fan of the spicy chicken and the dirty rice. - arnold gorham

Please please please open a Popeye's in Greenville south Carolina!!!!!!!!!! - sharon

the chicken is very good and I love when they have specials - sandra is the website I go to for filling up the survey on the receipt. I enjoy my meal and it is great. - magic

store 5614 is the worst in serving it takes at least 20 minutes to get order inside of $5 box it's not first time i think a while before i go there i rather drive out of way service so bad inside - sam gentry

My survey is positive of this location because of the new manager they are doing a much better job with wait time. My favorite Popeyes chicken location is on State Line. - Deborah Lucky

Zakiyyah and the others at Restaurant #2779 on Chillulm Road, Hyattsville, MD were courteous and efficient. I enjoyed the experience and the food. - Bonita Jefferson

Popeyes on broad street in chAttanooga was great . clean - good good - friendly staff - jamie

I filled in my survey at and left a positive note because of the great food and chicken. - mo

My wife and I eat at out local Popeye's store #7373 in Mountain Home Arkansas because the food and service is excellent! It is the closest to our home in Missouri (about 30 Miles away) but worth the trip. - Bill Tripp


Service was not attentive. Supposed to be 4 pieces chicken tenders. They gave 3 and half pieces. When I questioned it, they said this was the way it came with. It was not right. You advertised 4 pieces and you gave 3 and half. It came with dipping sauce and I asked and they were very reluctantly handed to me. Store #5534, I visited 9/30/15 around 1:36. - Anon

I was given the wrong order
Really wanted my 3 wing but got chicken strips - Jerry Ann Spencer-Greer

I always enjoy the service and the food when dining at Popeyes Chicken here in Statesboro, Georgia. I was born in New Orleans and Popeyes' food reminds me of home! Thanks Popeyes! - R. Black

went Popeye on northside dr Jackson,Ms had a great experience good service fresh chicken an fast an the employees was great an had smile an greet me thanks for great serive - joe

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