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Burger King MyBKExperience Customer Survey

What 1 customer says
What can I say? Your Whopper is still the best burger in town. I like the flame grilled taste of it and it tastes more authentic. The only burger that I would choose over the Whopper is from In and out but that burger joint is miles away and so I still choose the Whopper. Please send more coupons though since I typically buy more when I have coupons as they save me almost 50%. The coupon booklets are the best because they have many deals and usually have the Whoppers with a buy one get one free coupon. I love Burger King.


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Everytime I eat your burger, I feel like I get an ulcer in my mouth. Not sure if I am just sensitive to the cooking or the oil being used or something with the way it is being cooked. Dont get me wrong, I like the taste but I dont get the mouth ulcer from Mcdonalds. After a couple of times, I thought it was too coincidental and so as much as I like to eat at Burger King, I dont do it so often now. - Jane Ahn

Best burger. Fries not so good. Faster service please. - anon

I visited and enter the survey on my experience. I have a validation code but how can I use it? Do I write it on the receipt and present to the cashier. Need to give better instructions for the validation code. - Jill T.

Your receipt is do poor in quality you can’t read the numbers to take a survey! - Chris

I tried to get code ,locks up need more info ?? gave all 4 times you make hard to do! waste my time fulling with this for $1.58 !! I wont buy anything from BBK now what a scam !! make it easy Im 76 years old 1 2 3 boom done ,thats how you should do it ,lots of old people eat there , but we cant get you EASY CODE ????? LOCKS UP SCAM !waste our time - Edward

I tried the survey at, it does not take the # off the bk receipt. Also, the food was lousy this time ! Bought 3 chicken sandwiches and a fish. and 3 side salads. They were so salty, real dark fried and cold! Paid $16.12 for a terrible meal. I live several miles from there, so we went home, after we tried to eat it.

I have your receipt still. They were not busy as there were no cars, but drive thru took over 10 minutes. McDonalds does not look so bad right now. - Connie Janssen

I visited one of your store in Dayton Ohio store # 6540 on 10/11/14 @ 11:23 pm Drive Thru. As I was waiting to pay for my order my wife and I noticed that the preparer was wearing only one food handler's glove while preparing order's. I asked the casher 30337 why he was only wearing one glove? She called to him to ask why. The male preparer did not reply still preparing order's.Please contact this store's manger and let how important it is to wear glovers. - Beach G

I went to Burger King in New Haven, Ct on Whalley Ave. and I find it very disturbing that management allows such rude behavior. About 10-students total(1st. there were 4)acting like animals,either sitting on edge of dining table or sitting down with their feet on other seats and talking loud. The other six that came in didn't order anything. I feel uncomfortable in that type of setting. So that you know I will not be going there anytime soon.
- Lionel Dunlap

I went to BK #5267 at 9 mi. and Vandyke. There were very few people in the store at the time I pulled up to the Drive up window. It took about 5 minutes for the person ahead of me to place their order because of the one taking the orders. Then another almost another 5 for them to get their order. I placed my order right after the car ahead of me but when it got my order they had it so screwed up. I just wish they would listen to the orders instead of assuming what is said - Bruce

I love your whopper - mary ann

I did not like the visit to store 3218 on La Cienega due to several reasons.
First: when I first walked into the restaurant there were two men standing behind the counter who seemed to be management. They didn't say a word but just gave me strange angry stares as if I were some sort of unwanted person. They continued to do this until they left.
Second: even though the staff is friendly, they are hard to understand. The man taking orders was speaking way too fast.
The staff seemed on edge because of the men standing behind the counter.
Third: the Buffalo chicken I ordered taste just like regular fried chicken. There is nothing special about it. As I bought it, I ate it but I will probably consider this my last trip to Burger King here in America. - Michael Leake

Me and my husband really enjoy bk burgers. Normally I go through drive in. We went in to dine and wished I hadn't. When we got our food and sat down to eat there were flies everywhere. It was just nasty. Two employees were at table talking about whatever and the manager was at a table reading the newspaper. Tables needed wiping off and floors were awful. I do enjoy burger king but I don't think I will ever go back in there. Thank You. - Rhonda Greene

I was at your store location on 3800 Wadsworth Wheat Ridge, CO. and I wasn't properly greeted by your employee (Cashier) Justin after I attempted to speak to him repeatedly. I ordered a Whopper cheese combo meal with no salt on my fries. He failed to relay that information to the person working in the back to the cooks, so I notified his MANAGER Erika to make sure my fries had no salt on them. After receiving my food (my fries and Whopper), I asked for my drink that I paid for, but he refused to give me my drink stating that I didn't pay for it... I told him that I'd pay for it, but he refused to give me my drink even after I offered to pay for it. He started cursing and making had gestures at me... He told me to leave at one point. I asked another employee to please give me a drink, and I was finally given a cup. Your employee Justin went to the back. Your employee wasn't wearing a name tag, so I had to get the name from your Manager Erika. Russ is the District Manager. Please review the tape to see what transpired during this incident. I happened between 12:55p.m. And 1:05p.m. Mountain Standard time. Why do you have someone like this representing your company?! I've never been so humiliated in my life. - Shawn Hughes

For the past 3 Wednesdays I have visited store number 9139 and experienced the worst service ever. Last week they left out part of my order. Yesterday they didn't have any apple pies that weren't frozen and my whopper Jr didn't have cheese on it.I've came bk more than enough chances to keep me going back but I'm fed up with terrible service! - Bonnie Williams

Thanks for the coupon code at Glad that you reward your customers for sharing their experience. - Mary

i like burger KING - leon jackson

very good experience at bk - Shelia Jeffery

Last night after 11pm I had one of the worst experiences of my life at a restaurant. 11404 NWHY burger king. I went through the drive through and didn't get greeted first of all and when the lady did speak, it seemed as if she was already upset about something. Whatever it is don't know and don't care. She asked child she get me something and I replied I dinner know because you don't sound too happy. She then relief with an attitude ma'am what can I get you. At this point I don't want anything cause who knows what she would've done to my food. So I went to the window and asked for a manager and she said with an attitude they not around. I then asked her name cause she didn't have it on her badge and she replied who knows. I then asked for your 1800 number and she threatens me with calling the cops and picks up the phone and vegans to read my license play to them. I'm so pissed because if I have a complaint to make to a manager you should honor my request and get a manager not try to intimidate me by calling the cops. - Teresa Long

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