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We were in the Orlando (Waterford Lakes) Best Buy today shopping for a 55" or 60" Smart TV and a stand. I had done much research on line, and had many questions.We got Brandon Hall, the Magnolia Sales Associate. He was totally great. He was knowledgeable, informative, professional, and answered all my questions and more.We were very impressed, and will return to buy these products. We will send all our friends to Best Buy for purchasing, or researching their products.


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I recently purchased a microwave, over the range model. I had to return the item, as it was damaged and not working. I had the assist of an excellent sales agent, who was able to assist me in the purchase of the product I really wanted, but didn't purchase when I got the previous microwave. Kyle is the perfect example of someone with excellent customer service, as opposed to a sales person who is simply there to ring up a sale. He extended himself to go the extra mile and keep the sale in house(even though I have to wait a few days for the item to be shipped here), rather buying from a competitor who had the item in stock. When I had asked the previous agent about some specifics of the brands on display, he said "a microwave is a microwave, they pretty much are all alike". No, they aren't, and women really do want to know specifics when making their choices.
- Lynne

I had a great experience at Best Buy and will fill in my survey at - L Pe

Changing a defective TV in San Bernardino in best buy store is the worst customer service ever,the person who was helping me after 30 minutes of waiting in line just disappeared without saying anything. I had to wait an hour or more, until the supervisor assigned another employee to help me. (I told them from the beginning that the only thing that was not in the box the one I was returning,was the power cord) when finally brought another tv, the supervisor opened the box to remove the power cord.

I told her just to take out the power cord, but instead she pulled the bag that contained the batteries, the power cord, screws and the tv guide. when I saw her taking out the bag. I thought it was only the power cord and the tv guide. So I told her can she put back the TV guide so she opened the bag and returned to the box. after two or more hours of waiting I was finally able to return home. As soon as I get home I opened the box only to realize that there was no batteries or screws. - mtzcelso

I tried to go to your survey at The biggest problem I have with the best buy in el paso on viscount is they tell you your computer is going to be ready on a certain day and its not,then when you call nobody answers the phone and when they do, you are on hold for 30 minute so they can check on what you are asking them , Then when they come back, you find out that they did not communicate with the geek squad about what was really going on . so we ended up going back and forth driving there which is a 30 minute drive from where we live 9 times in a month just to get 4 computers back. Needless to say we love best buy but have not had a great experience here. - carol arnett

Went to Killeen ,Texas store to upgrade phones.After a 45 minute wait, I was told I would be helped in fifteen minutes.Forty minutes later I along with several other people walked out without getting helped.I also saw several people leave future purchases and walk out the door.Your store in UNDERSTAFFED. It was not the fault of the employees. In the future I will be shopping elsewhere or online. - Dusty Porter

I like best buy because they help you to find things. Also you could find electronics that you need like computers,and cell phones.Then i like to buy stuff there because they have the stuff i need to buy and they got the best helpers in the store. - alonsitoo

I was in the Best Buy store, Ithaca, N.Y. yesterda. Had a perfect experience. Just bought a Nikon D5100 a month earlier & had some questions. I was assisted by Brian R. (who took a break from a cash register to assist me). Brian answered all my questions w/ total confidence in a way that was understandable (not a bunch tech stuff). Brian was informative, committed, & just full on, flat out, pleasant. Then he turned me over to Deb @ the register in Geek land. She knows that machine (cash register) like the back of her hand. I've had the opportunity to have been assisted w/ Deb in the past. No matter how busy it is @ the counter, Deb is totally into helping the current customer BUT her left ear is aware of everything else. Great experience...good show Deb & Brian R. I'll be back....again & again. Thanks Deb & Brian....Thanks B.B.
- S.N.OB

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