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I love your cards, but we realized you don't have a card that covers everything. I am going through breast cancer and I was told that you don't have anything about "sorry you lost your boobs" I know there are people out there that wont think that is funny or appropriate but life is to short and you need to laugh. just saying. Thanks for the rest of the cards. oh and if you do have something out there we didn't find them. 


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In these days of online cards and stuff, I still like to go to a Hallmark store and try to find a card to send by mail. It feels different and having handwriting and stuff. Also, I am always surprise by the gifts that I can find in the store that can go along with the card on certain occasions. - Fred

I have a receipt to go to . But what is the validation code on the receipt for and how do I make use of it? - Christopher W

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