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NetSpend Account Login Activation and Reload Review

What 1 customer says
NetSpend is a great card to use. I have been using it for the last few years without any problems. The fees and service are quite good compared to other cards out there. My credit history is not great and having the ability to use and reoload a prepaid credit card helps. The activation process at is also really easy when I got a second card for my husband.


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I have been a NetSpend customer for over a year, and has never had any problems with my account until recently when an large amount of money was taken from my account no other person has my account number and netspend offered me no help in trying to find out where my money went. The customer service rep. was not of any service to me. They offered me no help so I just gave netspend over 300.00 that was not authorized by me to be taken off my card. - Anonymous

I've been with NetSpend for 2 years now. At first, they would charge me $1 for every transaction, but after going to there website and learning about the 1 time monthly charge of $9.95, i now have unlimited transaction use, and I can use the card either as debit, or credit, wherever I go, and plus, I know when my wife makes an transaction because it sends every transaction via text to my cell phone with the amount charged, and the remaining balance. I had a few transaction problems, but I called and talked to one of reps,(yes they spoke little english), but they took care of the problem. I'm shocked to see that people are saying they are frauds.i pray I never have a problem like that that with them. - Anonymous

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