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I got a ticket for turning right at a red light on a intersection that did not have a "NO TURN ON RED" sign. The camera took a picture or my license plate and I got a ticket later on in the mail for $140. Is it illegal to turn on a red light on a U.S highway? If there is no law and there was no sign, could I get my money back?


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I got a ticket for turning to the right without having a post of no turn on red light. Is this legal happened in stiles st in linden n.j. 07036. It's this ticket giving legally? - Cory

The light location atsb us69 @ US69 is a rip off. The signal turns immediately after the yellow comes on. You do not have a chance. anything to rip people off. - Anon

How do I pay my ticket at ? How do I even contest it since I do not think I did anything illegally. - John s

I'm sure I have an outstanding ticket, but have just moved and afraid it won't catch up to me to pay it on time at violationinfo. It SURE would be nice to be able to access the ticket info without a citation number. I really do just want to pay it on time. - Liecht

I am 35 and I have been driving for a long time...the road was wet and the light turned yellow at that time that you do not know if you should go or hit the brakes...I made the decision to drive trough it...I did not want to hit the brakes I was afraid that it would cause me to slide out of control and then I got this ticket in the mail...$158 so I went to go and pay it but it jumped up to $248...It is my boyfriends truck and I feel bad about this ticket!!!!! - Misty

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