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My Chick Fil A Visit Survey

What 1 customer says
Would rather not go through your Web survey at but would like to say that just the experience of great Service you offer to all your Customers, is wonderful.  Your employees are always cheerful and polite.  I would come back just for that, even if your food was not as good as it is.  They say the chicken burger is the best there is. I went with high expectations but it was alright. Your employees id make it special though.  It is a nice change in this world today. 


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Best chicken I ever tasted. always taste the same no matter what day it is. very friendly employees, always cheerful and never complaining. - les w

The food is rated 10 service is real good the place was very clean. I always love the food, Howvever their's not enough chick-fil-a restaurant around the north end of town or out east?? - peggy thomson

Very best chicken sandwich I ever ate - Tina Harper

the best. I would like a senior discount and see you get the butter pecan milkshake mmmmm good - anon

I always visit chick-fill-A for lunch and sometimes coffee,you have the best Broil chicken sandwich in the food business. - LeRoy

Please offer a senior discount as do most other fast food places -I do love the special sandwich. Meanwhile, I will get my validation code at - bob j

They just open a new chick fil a store here. I never tried it ever and I heard that it is really good. Not sure who told me and so out of curiosity, I went to try. First of all, the ordering process was a little confusing. I was doing a sit in dining and got a receipt. It was not clear if I should stand around and wait for my food or have the food come to me while I sit and wait. In any case, I do not see how they would know where to bring the food to for there is no order number put on my table but was told to get a seat. So, I sat there for a long time anxiously not knowing if my food was going to arrive. It did 15 minutes later but they could do a better job in helping me no guess while waiting for food. - houdini

Best chicken ever - Steve Murray

Great to eat at Chick Fil A. Employees are always helpful and friendly. - Linda Shurtz

We love Chick Fil A------- they do an amazing job and always treat us like family the food is always fresh the people are awesome and friendly me and my family visit at least 3-4 times a month we love it....never a bad time there we also love all the family events they host as well wish we had more places like this to eat Great work keep it up guys:))))))) The Pate Family - lisa pate

best sandwich I've had in a long time - charles williams

The service was above par, very friendly. although the chicken sandwich could have been less steamed, and smashed down, with only one pickle, the fries were also left out to long they went limp, sweet tea was good. Not my best trip to this place, but will try again later. - Connie Wilmot

I just want a free sandwich... - Aimee

I have a 3 year old grandaughter that loves your FF and your Sweet tea for breakfast!Thank you for making them fresh for her every morning! We return for lunch at 12:00 for fresh chicken nuggets and ff! Love our South Hsv. Chick-fil-A Thx Patty Malone - Patty Malone

I enjoy the spicy chicken sandwich deluxe. The chicken strips and nuggets
are good also. I would like to see you guys make spicy chicken strips. The
employees are friendly and helpful.

Thank you. - darlene

Food was very good. The staff were extra nice.. Everything was clean. - Lucile Hefner

Chick-fil-A has the best service and the food is great. When I go there in Delaware on rte 273, they see me coming and have my food ready in the morning and afternoon for lunch. The staff is great and polite. - Chip

Great chicken and the employees are always pleasant - Ana

the best chicken nuggets ever!!! the chicken is very amazing and the biggest reason we come to the business. - Bobbie Danielle

Chick fil a staff is always polite and very helpful. The food is great as is the coffee. - Tim

Very tasty sandwiches I like the chicken wraps the best - B kerns

Chick-fill-A is a one of a kind of a Fast Food place. It has one of kind chicken sandwich. They have high quality employees that help and clean around this place. In my opinion, Chick-fill-a is one of my favorite fast food places!
- Isabel Czerkas

Chick-fil-A is a very clean place with employees who are always courteous and
eager to serve you as soon as you come in. They service you with smiles on their faces and appear to enjoy their jobs. The food is of good quality and tastes delicious. I especially like the breakfast burritos and chicken salad sandwiches. Also, your Christmas calendars are so cute, as I bought some for
friends. Can't wait for you to open up more Chick-fil-A's in the south Jersey shore. Make more non-food cow things. - cheryl mitchell

best chicken sanwach and milk shakes love the food - teresa knapp

Food is great and so is the staff. Very friendly - gordon

Great food with wonderful service. Everyone is always cheerful and smiling - laura hominsky

great chicken salad sandwich and loved the coleslaw. - d krumhauer

Best sandwhich and the new honey barbecue sauce it awsome - Lorri Dixon

After nasty food at popeys, I tossed in the trash, went to where chicken and service is always first rate. I ended up on state line, the food and superb service was amazing! Just like it is every time I go and to every store I've been to. 10 out of 10 stars. - Brian Osborne

I can get grilled chicken nuggets here. - Elisa

On the way to Yellow Daisy Festival we stopped at restaurant number 03221 owned by Keith Booth. The ladies [7] gave a 5 for each of the 5 categories on comment card. One lady even noticed the ceiling light fixture using melted Coke bottles. We all liked the use of antiques at this location. Team member whom served us was great--Kari. - Covenant Methodist Church Dothan, AL 55+ Ladies


Wonderful Chick Fil-a as always. I am from Hapeville Georgia and remember Mr. Cathy when he worked the lunch counter at the original Dwarf Grill. The Newnan store continues to carry on the legacy of good food and service that Mr. Cathy set in place many years ago. Keep up the good work!!! - Gail Boemker

I enjoyed my visit to Chick-fil-a. my daughter likes the frozen lemonade alot and I enjoy the the chicken wraps the waffle fries are fun too! I'd visit again and again for my favorites. The employees are always polite! - Cindy

i love chik-a-fila the best is the icedream u cant find anywhere else! and they go the best chicken sandwhiches
- jahmar earl

i think chikafila did a very manipulative thing by offering a free chicken sandwhich after filing out the survey and there is no validation code to redeem my sandwhich. LOSERS
- jahmar earl

Very good and kind employees. - Rosa

The fries I ordered this morning were hot and quick. I loved it - Thunwa klaihathai

I come to chick-fil-a all the time there is always great customer service and great food. - kristian

I love the food, they need a dollar menu. The service is great. - shirley Sanchez-

the chicken soup is very good, also the chicken strips, the employees are very friendly and nice. I enjoyed my meal. - Ophelia Morrow

I always love going to Chick Fil A, as always great service. - Jennifer Childs

The chicken tenders here were amazing! I also loved the grilled chicken salad. It was fresh and the fruit in it was perfect! Great job chick Fil a! - Chelsea olpin

Our favorite fast food place!!! Love the chicken and the service is great!!! Have been eating here since 1990 - Bernice Avila

Food was good. People were nice. Building was very cold, even though I sat way in the back away from the doors. I shivered throughout my visit and had to keep my coat on. - Anita S.

I am always please with the customer service here,every time I come.My food is always nice and fresh. It is always clean inside and workers are professional. If, I could I eat at Chick-Fil-a everyday, I would. On a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being not so good and 10 being Awesome! I give Chick-Fil-a a 10! - Adrienne

The best fast food carry out in the neighborhood. Delicious foods clean restaurant and the best I ever had. I like the service and attention that I receive every time I'm in the restaurant. I want to work there if I was looking for a job. - Paulette Jones

My sandwich was very good and you could not ask for better service. They were very busy but everyone was very polite. I wil retur very soon.
- Helen Leiby

It was a great atmosphere and great customer service I would recommend to anyone and the food is fantastic - Reginald

I go to Chick-fil-A very often. I am
disappointed that slaw has been taken off
the menu as I used to substitute the slaw
for the waffle potatoes. The new salad
with kale and dried fruit may appeal to
your vegan customers but not me. - Peggy Mitchell

Four generations appreciate the wonderful food served at Connie's. We have had salads,sandwichs,nuggets,milk shakes, BUT that PEACH WAS OVER THE TOP!!!! My four year great grandson says only your nuggets are REAL CHICKEN NUGGETS. - harry & bonnie martin

I enjoyed my sandwich and fries - Mike Mikicic

Good friendly service. Good chicken sandwich and lemonade - Beatrice

I really enjoyed the spicy chicken sandwich I ordered. The service was also quick and the staff was very courteous. I will definitely order it again. - Elaine S.

LOVE chick- fil - A it is my sons favorite place - andrea DeVries

A real good "real: chicken sandwich all the time with great friendly servers! - Kaye Smith

I enjoyed your food sandwich are really good the I can not say enough - Rosamaria Hernandez

Fast Service. Everything was hot and taste good - Lamar Chesley

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