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Bought a faucet to replace a broken one for my bath at Home Depot. However, found that the thread size was incorrect and didnt really fit. I like it that Home Depot mostly allow returns with no questions asked even though the item is already taken out of the packaging. The only thing is the customer return service is so good that you almost always get a long line of people doing returns at the customer  service counter. They also do a good job asking if you need a straight refund or just a replacement. They also do ask about why you are returning and what is wrong with the product. Wonder if these products typically gets recycled for resale?


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My wife bought some plants in a pot. Frankly, she did not do a good job taking care of them and they wilted and die. Home Depot was able to replace them at no cost. This is why I like the gardening section of Home Depot. There is no haggling or negotiation needs. Allowing returns on a dead plant is like allowing returns on a shoe that has been used. I like it and my opinion is that this is a great customer service experience which makes customers want to come back to shop for more. - Mark White

Home Depot is great. I was looking for one of those long apparatus that allows you to change light bulbs on a high ceiling. Not very common and hard to find. I asked one of the associate in the store and he was able to walk me to the area to get what I need. Thanks. - Mary

They need to open more counters. Although the self service checkout counters are great, the lines are still really long. The wait time during checkout seems longer than usual compared to other retailers. Hope Depot could sure use some help that. Anyway, that is my opinion. - Hugo J.

I tried entering the code in but it did not seem to work. Anyway,how do I know if I won the grand prize. Will they call or email me. Is there a place where I can check for past winners to the survey sweepstakes. - Anonymous

Saturday evening, we went to HomeDepot at 281-041 Rt. 10 Succasunna, NJ seeking supplies and assistance regarding our mailbox. We purchased the mailbox at HomeDepot several years ago, and it finally came time to mount it; the old mailbox was no longer viable. Our angel, MaryJean, HomeDepot employee, came to our rescue. MaryJean helped us pick out the supplies required for the task; not only that, MaryJean proceeded to install the universal mounting board onto the post anchor, and then place the mailbox onto the mounting board. Talking about going beyond the call of duty! What a rare and delightful experience, a store employee equipped with the knowledge and DESIRE (she refused to take any money for herself) to help the customer! We were blown away, could not believe it; MaryJean's THE BEST! When it comes to the subject: Customer Service, you cannot do any better. MaryJean's supervisor pitched in also, great team! MaryJean, God Bless You! - Charles & Gail Parker

Today I went to Home Depot in Kingston New York to purchase a Kohler cast iron enamel sink. There was a person named Michael who was working on a kitchen design in the department. When I approached him about buying the sink, he looked very annoyed that I was bothering him. I told him I was there to buy a kitchen sink and asked if they delivered. In a very curt tone he said Yes, but it costs $65. I told him that my husband and I could not lift the sink and asked if someone could help us. He said yes at the checkout. I said well I needed someone to help put it in a cart. So he said, you need help getting it into the cart. I replied yes, I said I could not lift i into the car, so of course I need help. It was pretty obvious he did not want to help. But he got up from his chair and walked over to the kitchen sinks. I pointed out the one I wanted and he looked dismayed because it was a heavy one. Then he looked at my husband and said Are you going to help me, in annoyed tone. My husband really should not have helped because he had an injured shoulder, but he did. When I went to the checkout counter, I spoke to a lovely woman named Barbara Cashier BXH6700, who was wonderfully helpful and immediately got someone to help put the sink into the car. She is a great example of wonderful customer service. She should be commended. Michael needs intense customer service training. He is a disgrace to Home Depot. - Franceska

I filled in the survey at How do I actually know if I won the survey prize for sharing my opinion. Not stated clearly on that. - Horace

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