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Benihana is a great teppanyaki restaurant for not only food but entertainment. The place is unique in that you get the chefs to cook and also entertain in front of you on  a hot plate. My experiences had vary depending on the chef you get. Some chef put in their best effort to win applause while others just cook with minimal fanfare. Overall, food is good and worth the money. Their sushi is so so only though and if you want sushi, go to other Japanese restaurants.


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I tired entering my 20 digit code on but it complains that it was unable to continue the survey. I am sure I typed the code in correctly on the site. Does the code expire? - June

grreat food and great service. i would come back again to Benihana. However, the wait can be long if you do not make a reservation. I had to wait more than 45 minutes on a Saturday afternoon just to get a table. Strangely, a few of the tables are empty though the host claims that they had been reserved. Next time, I would just book online. Be sure to fill up the survey on since you can get a $10 off coupon for it. - mary ann

I love the entertainment here. It was my first time with the kids and we were all taken by surprise by the show here. They cut onion rings and make smoke come out of it like a volcano. They juggle utensils and flip shrimp shells onto their hats and pocket. Certainly, something different to try when dining next. The chef cares about his customers because he made sure they get the food how they want it. It was great! - Don T

Benihana serves great food. Chefs are great. However, the waiters tend to disappear for long periods when you need them. - kurt

I have been going to Benihana for years and pleased 90% of the time. Good job to all. - Sherry

Always love going to Benihana restaurant in Cupertino, CA. Courteous service great food and cleanliness of the restrooms and dining areas. - Paul Thrasher

Service was great, the chef was very talented, I will definitely come back to this restaurant. - David Beall

the food is great especially the sushi.the atmosphere is great and the staff is excellent. - linda hellberg

Service is good and fast. Food taste good also. Would like to come back again. - Lenie Quijano

Our waitress was very attentive and never last our drinks run low. Very pleased with her service. - Rebecca

We really enjoy the Happy Hour Benihana's in Carlsbad, CA. My wife and I go a couple of times a month. The food is excellent and the waitresses are exceptional. - William Choate

My wife and I go to the Carlsbad location about twice a month. We especially like the sushi bar happy hour. The service is excellent and for the money the sushi is the best in So Cal - William

Both the food and entertainment were fabulous! Our chef, Adil, server,Joseph, and bartender, Nora, were all above the norm and made this a special Christmas celebration. We will definitely be frequent customers in the future! The location on the Intercoastal was also a plus. Thank you! - Dianne

Great place with kids. - Joe Wang

We have been having our New Years Eve dinner at Benihana for the last 28 years. This year our experience was awful. There were 10 of us at a table.
They were having issues with the air ducts above our table. We complained to
the manger that it was freezing cold. We were told that they would fix the problem when we were done eating. We were forced to eat our meal with our coats on and hat on to keep warm. If you are going to visit the Cherry Hill
location dress warm!! The management doesn't care about the comfort of the guest. We spent over $600.00 dollars for dinner and felt like we were eating
outside. They did not offer our party any compensation for the conditions
A cup of green tea during our dinner would have been nice. Something to warm us up!!We will be rethinking visiting here next year!! What a disappointment!!
- Mary

The steak filet is very tender, juicy and tasty. I love the chicken fried rice and the lunch boat special. The dragon sushi is perfect too. - Ann Nguyen

Great time at Benihana in puente hills cook was funny and waiter was Excellent - Terri mercado

My family and i really enjoy the food and of course the entertainment. My family and I always visit the downtown location We started going there since y so was 10 years old and now he is 40 years old. It s treat to go there. Everyone of the staff members you have are the best. I can't remember the managers name but he knows me and my family .I will continue to visit Benihana for long time, - Rosemary Montana

Went to the Benihana In Downtown Atlanta for lunch, our waitress was awesome, her name was Susan, service was Good as always - Cheryl Tibbs

Awesome!!! Was the experience I had at Benihana's. Dinner was great and the sushi was superb. - Kimberly Edwards

Excellent food and consistency. Depending on the chef the entertainment can vary. It's obvious that they can all cook but they're not all showmen. Nevertheless, the food continues to be the reason for going. - SL Reynolds

We enjoyed our first visit to Benihana's very much. The waitresses were kind and helpful and the Chef (Poli) was excellent! He entertained and cooked very well. The food was delicious. We will definitely return for more. This time we will bring our grandchildren for they will get a big kick out of the chef throwing things up in the air as he cooks. Thank you for doing such a good job. - anonymous

I enjoy having Japanese foods either lunch or dinner, at Benihana restaurant. - Tom

I love Benihana's happy hour, best prices for sushi and I think the sushi is delicious! Service has always been great! - jill

Lunch at benihana is nice and laid back in the lounge area without the entertainment. Food is excellent.
We will go back for dinner and the chefs show while we are in town. - daniel

We absolutely love Benihanas! They are the best restaraunt in the Dallas/ Fort Worth. We eat there atleast 2 times a week here if not more. - lori sutton

Our family enjoys going to Benihana for birthday celebrations. We have never been disappointed in the food. The Chef has always cooked our food the way we requested and it is delicious. We all love the chicken fried rice. - Ruth Ann

Alex did great. We had a wide range of orders and some sushi. Great light show with the onions. Our group from New Haven loved it. - William

Our server Ling was awesome. This was my third visit to the new MOA store and she was our server the first and third times. Both times we had a large group and kids birthday. She remembered our faces and even what we had to drink the last time! She was fun and friendly and an excellent server. Our food was fantastic and our kids LOVE their kids club cups!!! We will be back soon! - Kari

Clean n fun everyone was nice also - Mike villano

My food today (2/3/15) was thrwn together in the to-go box. I ordered a s side of veggies and was disappointed, for the spoon full I was given you could of "GIVEN" them to me. wont order a side of anything to go ever again. - Apryll

Benihana took me across continents and gave me regional taste not too far from home. A great place to spend time with friends and family. And the garlic butter was outstanding. Thank you once again I really enjoyed myself. - L. Dudley

We Always go to Beni Hana Dearborn Mi.Location Food is awesome Chefs are Awesome and the other guests are always entertaining. - Mike Mares

Have always loved Benihana's sushi bar. Have been going for many years. We used to go at least 3-4 times a week. We knew our sushi chefs by name and they new us. About a year ago Benihana must have started restructuring because before you knew it all of our beloved chefs were let go or went elsewhere when they saw the writing on the wall. This changed they way we saw Benihana from a friendly great place to eat where you were a known return customer with a warm greeting each time we came in, to now we don't recognize anyone behind the suchi counter and they NEVER carry on conversation or appear friendly. They don't ask anyone's name and no small talk. They obviously don't believe in customer satisfaction. Yes, the great sushi is a big part of the reason why people go, but an atmosphere with friendly, smiling staff who actually will TALK to you is everything! We now get to Benihana maybe once every couple of weeks and have found a few other sushi bars in the area that are very good and the staff actually know our names and talk to us. Change is not always a good thing. We were very disappointed when Benihana either let go or pushed out our favorite staff. Don't ever think that people won't go elsewhere to enjoy a meal that includes great conversation and smiling staff. It makes lets you know they love their job and like working there. - Cynthia Tenuta

Benihana's is the best. Awesome food, service and ambiance. Fresh and so tasty. We went to a Benihana wannabe restaurant in Chino Hills. It did not compare. Brought most of my food home and went on Monday, February 16th to Benihana in Anaheim and it is the BEST. Only rave reviews. - Sharon Nix

I love it every time it just make me keep coming back - lolita jones

Benihana Sushi Bar serves wonderful rolls and other dishes. Happy Hour is a favorite for us. Our dating budget goes further and we enjoy being able to order from the regular menu and the Happy Hour menu. Thank you Benihana! Terry and Carol. - Terry and Carol Bowen

The food was awesome always is I loved the things Obed did while we was waiting for it to get prepared. I would love to request fo him to cook again on my next visit. Thanks again - Nicole kelly

Survey code : 070 002 700 041 210 332 00 - Samia boutros

My 5 year old granddaughter and I had lunch on Feb.27,2015. She had a fabulous time the chief was great!!! I will take her again only this time I will order from the lunch menu!! - Sandra Stargardt

went for my birthday. had a wonderful time. - chris pallas

Benihana's was a great experience. My server Matthew and my cook Izzy were both a wonderful treat and delight to serve me. Matt was a pleasure to and had great interpersonal skills along with on point eye contact. Izzy was so entertaining while cooking and serving my meal. This was my first visit at Benihana and will not be my last-thank you! - Takiesha

I always go to the benihana location by sfo burlingame. I sat at the bar area where the view is spectacular of the planes landing at sfo . We had the best server by the name of jossue. Without asking jossue anticiapted the needs and wnats before even asking him. he was excellent!!!!! kudos for hiring a great sever - edith bacsierra

My wife and I go to the Anaheim location about twice a month. We especially like the sushi bar happy hour. The service is excellent and for the money the sushi is the best in So Cal -Hdx family

- sergio hdz

We really enjoy the Express lunch at restaurant. The service is the best. Food is great. - Lillian Herrera

We had a wonderful Birthday dinner for my husband at Benihana 2100 Greentree Road in Pittsburgh, PA. Our cook George and the entire staff are excellent and we enjoy the expierence everytime we visit that location. - Antoinette Lauro

Good food and good experience. It was our first time with the kids and we all enjoyed the show how they juggle the utensils and flip the shrimp shells onto their hats and pocket. The experience we had was great. - Sam Vowell

Service is always friendly and the food delicious! I come here for lunch often and they offer a great selection. My favorite us the lunch boat. You can't beat the the price for the amount of food you get. - Norma

Erick was my server at Beaverton location and I had excellent service. I went for happy hour the sushi is fresh and better than any other sushi retsaurant. - Shahana

The facility was clean and very pleasant - the food and entertainment by the cook was extrodinare. Will look forward to go again and will recommend it to others. - albert asmega

This was our 1st lunch visit to Benihana & we enjoyed the food & atmosphere as we always have in the evening. Our table companions were warm & friendly & Benji did a good job of looking after our needs. - Richard

FooD is great and Carlos was our chef and he was excellent! So far the best one. He chatted and made us laugh and my granddaughter's 6th BD and he was very good with the kids. Thank you Carlos for making our meal an awesome one. - Patty Michon

To Whom it may concern,

My wife and I go to the Mall of America location. We have been there 2-3 times. Each time has been wonderful. We get greeted at the door with a smile when we walk in... We are seated at a nice table, one that we choose... The waiter, Erik,(who we had the last two visits) remembered us on our second visit (not by name) because we sat in his section. (we liked that he remembered us.)

Food and the service have been very good with each of our visits. We have not had any delays or wrong orders. When the food does arrive, we have enjoyed what we ordered.

We are looking at going to the Maple Grove, Minnesota location in the future. But we do like the Mall of America location...they remember us. How delightful. The little things matter to us. It tells us that the place has great customer service on their mind.

Thom & Denise. - Thom & Denise Rigger

Benihana is my favorite place to eat. More chefs are needed due to the high demand of customers arriving.I feel the reception area is too small and needs to be upgraded at the Dearborn,Michigan location. Also, it would be helpful to have a microphone when calling out the customers names. - Diana Clowney-Tyler

I have been here a few time and the food is always delicious. The Bartender Lisa, the Chef Ernesto, and the Server Victor were very nice and accommodating. The only issue was that we did not get the yellow or white onion cooked like a volcano like we received in the past. We got green onions, which I like, but it needs to be diced instead of just cut in half. Overall,the experience and food was good. - Angela Bradford

Great food & atmosphere!! Celebrated a Birthday at Benihana's, which is our family's tradition for over 40 years.
Some in our party had "Lamb Chops", which they claimed were just plain delicious. We all look forward to our next visit. - Stan Prager

My family and I really enjoy the food and of course the entertainment. My family and I always visit the Sugar Land location. Everyone of the staff members you have are the best. I will continue to visit Benihana for long time. - Jonathan Zou

We love Benihana Plano. The managers always take care of us and the chefs and waitresses are always professional.
Thank you! - Jill Seal

Went for my Grand Daughter's 16th Birthday party.
Food was good but somewhat slow. Chief had to call for missing
items on cart two times. We also had an individual with shellfish
allergies and he over looked it. fortunately a manager noticed
and removed his rice and brought a separate prepared from the kitchen which
was shellfish free. I ordered the Splash and Meadow and was not served extra shrimp with my meal only the appetizer shrimps. Overall the visit was fun, but disappointed with the overall service, and lack of attention to detail. - Judith

Maverick is the best. Always ask for him, also Lupe and Jordan were excellent with customer service - Steven Springer

My family has always great time in Benihana. The kids love the show and the food taste there. It is our favorite restaurant. - Samuel Samaan

My family and I enjoy the Benihana experience, however when we eat there, even for lunch, we never seem to get out of there in less than 3 hours, from the time that we arrive to the time we leave. I enjoy a leisurely meal, but 3 hours is at least an hour too long.

- Art Urquizu

I had a wonderful evening at Benihana Santa Monica the food was delicious and our chef was amazing. - autum u diego

We have gone to Benihana several times for lunch or dinner and it is always a satisfactory experience. We usually order the Benihana trio and it is enough for two people. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone!!! - Mari

Survey code 060 007 200 071 210 086 94

I stopped on for a quick take out order of fried rice and. Salad and was blown away by how fast the food came and how courteous Jackie was! - Ruthie Meek

My family and friends eat at Benihana at the shops of legacy Plano,Tx. 3 or 4 times a week . The food is amazing and the staff is so friendly .our chef is Sanchez, he's been cooking for us for23 years . Love ,love Benihana ! - Charlotte Goenawein

Made me the best white peach shake sangria. Very friendly:) - Jennifee

Benihana is the best great food experience customer service never fails to meet my expectations my absolute #1 favorite - Shawn Williams

Muy buena comida y excelente servicio
- Victoria juarez

Our waiter Hamid was polite, friendly and knowledgeable of the menu. It's a joy to dine at Benihana. - Patricia Johnson

The service was excellent. Chef Carlos and server were awesome and funny. I will definitely come back again and would recommend this place to anyone. Loved it! - Diana Gaona

We try to have lunch every Saturday,love it.Brian our server is always awesome,super efficient.We enjoy the conversations as well as the food. - Gary Teenor

We have been eating at this location and have never been let down by the service and quality of the food. - Victor

Great service and the food is amazing! Fun to watch the chefs cook! - Shane VanderVoort

Food and service was waitress was AWESOME Tiff any really took care of us!....The McCoy family was very pleased! - mccoy

Chef Eric did a great job!
Sis our server was also great.
Both were excellent, very attentive. - Camerina De Hoyos

We had a fantastic lunch today and really had fun with the bartender Christine. Always love the onion soup and the shrimp sauce !! - Jill Koski

We eat benihana/westimeron a more than regultra basis..great sushirt n hibachi grill..the bestext and i jst wanthe to say servers...Jazman girl and saige fella do a excellent job I known I known the restaurant bussiness..thanks guys for the xtra enjoyment ofor eating out.. - Veronica and Shane Devlin

Went to Benihana's last night to celebrate my birthday my daughter and I. Everthing was delicious, as expected .And I really enjoyed my server, Angela great job. Looking forward to my return visit excellent food. - Patricia

We went in sun Sept 3 2016 at noon. We had a reservation and we were all there but still had to wait. Not sure why....why need a reservation? But then our server changed everything loved loved loved Dejan from Texas. He made the lunch even more entertaining then notmal. Our cook was great did the steaming onion, flipped things around successfully with great showmanship. Then Dejon come back to sing, take photos and wrapped up our dinning experience. Dont ever loose Dejon. - Debi Truong

This was our first time at benihanas and sue and grace were wonderful.we didn't have to ask for refills they just bought them to use. They greeted us and were so very helpful. - Latasha Jackson

Annette did a great job of welcoming us into the restaurant and when I kindly asked to speak to a manger Gabriel came out and addressed all further questions that I had. I truly enjoyed the experience.
- Annette

Went to Benihana's for dinner last night (9/30/16) and the service was great as usual. I had a coupon for my Birthday but didn't get to use it on my Birthday as originally planned because they were booked. So we decided to go on Friday instead. I was told by the server that the coupon is only used Mon-Thurs, which I failed to remember. The server kindly went to her manager and asked if they could honor it and he graciously let us use it. The service was excellent as always and I want to thank the manager for honoring our coupon. Will for sure to go back again and I recommend this place to others. The Chef's are excellent and very entertaining. Thanks again Benihana... - Marcie

We really enjoy Benihana in Pittsburgh Pa. We don't get to go enough, but we manage on special occasions. We rarely have long waits and the food is sooo good. - Deborah Jomisko

Great food and the services was excellent. Enrique Solis was the best. He made sure our Birthday Photo was ready before we were ready to leave. Location: Puente Hills - Martha Barrerea

Grandchildren are poor eaters. They enjoy the steak at Benihana's - veronica

Travis is an amazing bartender! He made us the best vodka soda and added cucumber to make it fresh and a little different .Great happy hour prices and great service! We will absolutely be coming back here in the near future. - Sandy Ilic

We enjoyed our show and our yummy food. Thank you! - Krista

I had took my Auntie there to Benihana for her first. She was so happy enjoying the food and drinkservice. I love going to Benihana at Fairlane Town Center in Dearborn, MI. 100% from me. - Rhodesia Brown

Kyle and Amanda were great and very attentive. Service was friendly and prompt I'd suggest this restaurant and these two to all my friends. A great place to be. - Chenika

It was rather cold but the staff and food was great as always. This is my favourite lunch spot to visit. - Betty Mattison

The server Dai was really nice and good with refills and great at explaining the menu as well. The chef Ither was very good and the food tasted excellent! We will definitely be coming back again! - Nataliya Mitya

Came in a had great costumer services waiter and bartender where so friendly.
My drink was so satisfying! And we are patiently waiting to get seated but . The food
Is worth the wait. We come from riverside cause this place is one of the best .! And
Worth the drive! - Veronica sanchez

Last night I had the best experience ever at any Benihana location (Farmington hills, MI). Very friendly employees, manager, great atmosphere and food. The Chef was wonderful. The best part you may ask? The waitress Dianca. She went over and beyond her job to take care of my family as well as the other family which shared our table. Her service was excellent! She is the true definition of exemplary and hospitality. Generous, friendly, kind, entertaining, helpful and attentive. The little girl at our table burnt her hand by accidentally touching the grill. The waitress immediately acted by grabbing some ointment for her hand. She also grabbed a manager in the process. That showed true kindliness. I usually never fill out surveys but I did twice for her. That young Lady deserves some recognition. Thank you again Dianca! - Karen

Great food and the ginger sauce is amazing!!!! - Lisa Matheus

Benihana has and still is the best place to eat lunch or dinner.Service us superb. - Gretchen Jones

Food was delightful. Sean was very personable and funny. Ann was very attentive. - Jessica

I usually dine in the Cincinnati area location. If I had to decide between the two, this location will win my vote. A couple of things (not so nice) stood out. 1- you are entitled to white rice and green tea with your course; however; they charge you an additional $3.90 to fry it...hum! Also you are only entitled to your green tea upon request. Well if it comes with the meal course shouldn't they offer it to you,your paying for it. I requested to have my white rice along with a paid order of fried rice. This sneaky practice leaves a bad feeling in me. - Sheryl Ralls

Benihana is my absolute favorite restaurant, and it has never disappointed me. I have been coming here for years, and will continue to do so, there is nothing else like it. They never cease to have quality food and service, and everything is always so good. I will continue to come here for years to come. - Danielle

Our chef was Dante, and he was excellent! He was so funny, and engaging! Our food was excellent!! Julia was our server, and she was very attentive! The whole experience was great! - Riad smaili

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