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Rover App Browser Review

What 1 customer says
Rover is a great browser that keeps my kids safe. Although there are many free browsers on the market, Rover comes with Flash. My kids visit a lot of sites for school that require Flash and Rover is the only kid safe browser that can access these Flash websites. The home page also comes with several of the highly recommended kids websites. I would recommend Rover to friends.


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I am a school teacher and our kids here use the Rover app at first. The browser itself is great and the only reason why we stopped using it is because the 2 websites we used started having their own native app on the iPad. Since those provide a better experience on the iPad, we stop using Rover. Otherwise, Rover is great. - Janice

Great app. But it can be better if you do not restrict the browser to only certain websites. There are a few websites that I think should not be blocked. Also, charging a premium purchase without allow those blocked websites to be tested first to see if it works is probably not ideal. Other than that, glad you guys come out with the app. - Kate Whitney

Rover is the best app ever. I was able to access Reading Eggs and Starfall. Although Starfall has a free app, its content is limited to the one on the website. Safari allow not allow me to access the website since there is Flash, but the Rover app was able to effectively let my kids play and learn on Starfall. Kudos to the developers. - Mitch

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