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I was given this Vanilla Mastercard gift card by a friend and had no problems using it in various stores. The problem was when I tried using it as the gas pump and for some reason it keeps getting declined at the pump. I badly needed gas and had swiped 2-3 times and fearing that it would lock me out, I went to the attendant. He asked me the amount I wanted to pump the gas . I wanted to know the balance but he was not able to tell me so I just told him $50 and he was able to get the card through. Not sure why I cannot just use it at the pump like other credit cards. When checking at, I found that you need to give it to the attendant which was what I did.


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Logging into to get my balance, I found I had $80 left on the card. Then I went to the restaurant with some friends and bill came to about $75. Thinking that I would have enough, I used my card to pay for the bill. However, it was declined. It was embarrassing and it turns out that you need to have at least 20% more on the bill amount on your card balance before the card went through. I think either the restaurant or the card assume that 20% gratuity was the expected. - Chris

I was able to login to the site and put in the credit card number and expiration date. I had no problems getting my card balance and also reviewing the transactions I made. It was fast and simple. - Janice

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