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I bought the magazine voucher in a fund raiser for about $30. After inputting the code, I was ready to order some magazines for myself. I wanted to order the Martha Stewart magazine. Since I still had balance, I wanted to order other. I was actually a little disappointed with the selection of magazine as there were some magazines that I expected to be in the catalog but was not. In any case, it is still a great way to order online with the prepaid voucher. Just make sure you type the address correctly because I had the wrong one initially and went to other websites and got confused because I could not find any place to enter my online code.


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I ordered some magazine more than 4 weeks ago. Yet, after waiting for so long, I have yet to receive the magazines in the mail. I understand that some magazines take a longer time to arrive, but more than a month is too long. Am beginning to question if they will come. - Ann

After I made the payment for a magazine voucher and entering in the code at, I realized that the magazine I wanted was not available. How do I get a refund? Lesson learn in making pre-payments for magazines. - Leonn

Well, now I am a little confused. I found both the site and which looks like legitimate magazine subscript.ion websites. I bought a magazine voucher from a school fund raiser and plan to use it to redeem my magazine subscript.ions. Now, I am not sure which websites to use? - Anonymous

I tried to use my vouvher online that I bought from a school student and instead it charged me $18. Is this a rip off Or did I do something wrong. I entered the promo code. I oprdered to send it to alyssa (cosmopolitan) but billed to carol - Carol

great can't wait to start reading my magazines. - Bernice Washington

I'm trying to order a magazine that my friend already paid for me, and I can't seem to find a place to put the online code in and pick out the magazine that I want. Please can someone help me? - Patricia Levins

I cannot even find the web site! I have $70 in vouchers.......purchased thru grandsons school fundraising event - Ann Perdicaro

Hoping everything works out well with my fundraiser vouchers - Donna

bought through a fund raiser. Like that the price was great for what magazine I wanted. - sharon

I ordered a voucher from my daughter school, had my online code put it in and it said it was not valid called the phone number was on hold for over 1 hour & 20 min, so I used a different phone called again they gave me supposedly the direct number for the magazine and then they placed me on hold there too! They are connected because they have the same stupid music! Never order from this place sucky service! - Lupita Godinez

I purchased a magazine for a gift from a school fundraiser and since it is a gift, I wanted to register it online, but the program would not allow me to put the correct state in, so I ended up mailing the card in. - Mary

I ordered a magazine from Entertainment weekly 30weekly ZBKPO and I hope I am on the right page to get my magizine. - carol roberson

I put in a search for and their website does not come up.
I want to enter online code to activate my subscript.ion paid to my son's school fundraiser. This is very frustrating and time consuming. - Donna

I bought this magazine voucher in a fund raiser for $40. the web site would not let me enter my code. When I finally got in and filled out the info. it kept ordering a different mag. than the one I requested. Then to go back , it kept saying they could not read my number. 12 times I tried this. It said to mail in the voucher. Well in order to do this , you would have to pick from one of the mag. in the card , which of course is the crummy ones that no one usually orders, because these are the only codes you have. Additional titles are available the website quotes but this is impossible to get to because they are on the website. This is just an attempt to get you to order the magizines that are not selling. We paid good money for these subscript.ions and we should be able to pick out our own mag. from the whole list , not just the ones that they want to send us. This is Bullshit!!!! and I will be talking to all the parents and schools in our ares so that they will not participate with this company for fundrasiers anymore...... - Patricia McNamara

magazine i wanted to order is no longer published..i tried to find another magazine.. unable to get list selection on line...entered voucher number . it stated..database not able to read your voucher number correctly.. but i need to see the magazine list.. since the magazine is no longer published... frustrated... not very friendly customer service... - . frustrated

I ordered a magazine through granddaughters school. I received a letter saying the magazine I ordered is no longer available to choose another. The number on the card is not in service and the web site brings you to 20 other sites. Either refund my money or fix this problem. - Colleen LaFrance

I place my order on line from a school fundraiser, paid for my books put order in on line have not heard from the company can't find to this date have not received my order so I'm sending in the voucher. your website must get better so when these fundraise come up we feel better my going on line and expecting our order. Looking for my magazines in the mail or a refund. - gertrude harvey

I have ordered and prepaid $30.00 for 2 Magazines. I now found out that one of the magazines cannot be obtained. Why not update your info before it is sent out. I would not have ordered any magazines. - Gail Moravetz

This is infuriating! I am trying to get the magazines that I have paid for already! And everything is in SPANISH when I press the DOWNLOAD key!!! What the heck are you doing????? I think that you have pressed my last button on ordering mags again! - debra hughes

Last year I ordered my People magazine through here and was so pleased that I have decided to do it again this year ! This sale also supports our daughters school so it's a win win 😀 - Carol Davison

good fund raiser for schools - linda shuyler

Nice would order again - William Brown

bought two one $10.00 & 15.00 voucher did not get either magazine very dissapoited 2nd time will not order anything else from paradise valley school district ever been screwed twice not getting my orders then school is closed for summer never no one to talk to they don't know what happened well I was not the only one that did not get their stuff 3 of my neighbors didn't get thiers either very dissattisfieed
- kimberly a slonski

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