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I parked at Bart a couple of times a week. One day I received a citation in the mail for unpaid parking which really surprised me. I had to go to to pay for my ticket. What was surprising is that I did not remember receiving any parking ticket on my car and I am pretty sure I paid for all my parking. So, I do not know why I receive something in the mail nor do I know how to appeal the citation. There should be some citation appeal form somewhere where I can contest or prove that I paid, but I cannot find it online. I gave up and just made my payment.


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I tried making my citation payment on the citation processing center right after I got my ticket. But trying to search by the notice number did not yield anything. So, I tried to search by license plate number which also show that I did not have any parking ticket to pay. What is up with that, I just want to pay my parking ticket and get it done with. My parking was in a Bart station in Santa Clara County. - Gary

At I tried searching for my ticket to pay online. However, I cannot find it. I just got it a couple of hours ago. I am pretty sure I got my license plate correct but still nothing. How long does it take to be issued a parking ticket and for that information to go online for me to pay? Hopefully, I do not get additional penalty and fine for late payment. - anonymous

Right outside the driveway on the left hand side from my apartment building located at 25100 Cypress Ave, there is a fire Hydrant, There is no red line that marks the 15ft measurement limit for public to park their vehicles. On June 8th 2015, my car was parked South of Cypress Avenue at exactly 16ft away from the fire hydrant. And Officer #3972 gave me a citation for parking within 15th ft. of fire Hydrant. That was a total lie not only because there is no red mark stating the limits but there was also another vehicle in front of my vehicle at the time of the citation was issue. How is that possible? I appealed my citation with pictures of where my vehicle was parked and they still denied it. The city of Hayward is a dissapointment when it comes to citations, i believe you do not put a red mark on the side walk so you can continue giving citations to the public. There are some red marks by some of the fire hydrants that are even less than 15th away from the fire hydrants. How do you explain that? - Maria C Ramirez

i got a ticket violation inside 15 ft from fire hydrant
it is red painted about 6ft so i avoided it and gave it another 3ft in other words im about 8 or nine ft away grom it if i didnt get the ticket i wouldnt know it is 15 ft and the worst is i have to pay it first before i could go to the court and i have to follow two procedures before i could contest and pay extra 25$ aside from the 80.50$ ticket worth im not sure if you are affiliated with hayward police but if you are implementing a law you should paint it 15 ft from the hydrant or put a sign warning people stay away 15 ft from hydrant.ill pay the ticket but its the principle of protecting others from this deception so i will get in touch with channel 7 news michael finney and channel 11 Vicky nguyen to stop this deception.Thank You - abner v paredes

This biz or org is a scam to designed to cheat money from law abiding people. I paid parking, have parking hang tag and online account activity showing payment on the day of citation at BART parking. The appeal process is vague and very few things to help customers to protect themselves against incorrect citation.

The only thing on their web site in FAQ is about pay them. People should contest citation and go all the way to court and filing complaints to BBB. - Mad Dave

I am a visitor at the estate I never knew that the cars have to be moved on Thursdays only to find a ticket in my car.. - kamau joy nkatha

I park on 100 Block E of Fremont Street in Stockton, California to conduct a business ( Smog Check ) which took half an hour. Upon my return I saw a citation on my car for over staying the two hour parking limit. I check all my tires there were no visible marks on any of them which proves there was an attendant who pass bye to monitor how long have I been park there. The expired license, I have paid my renewal and have auto Insurance but the Smog is yet to be complected because of mechanical problem which was my reason for been in that location to begin with.I dont think I deserve this ticket because I did not over stay my two hours I was permitted to be there and secondly was in the process of completing my registration requirement to get my sticker. - Janneh, Mohamed L

THIS COMPANY RATES AT -1 We sent an Appeal one day after the was citation. The citation continued to compound and the Citation Process Company stated we never sent an Appeal request. So the original copies of the Appeal transaction was re-sent by mail. The Processing Company sent a notice stating the time had elapsed for an Appeal. How? In the mean time, the amount compounds. Upon renewing the registration, the citation is required to be paid prior to the release of new tags. Fed up, we paid it. Now, notices continue to be mailed stating the citation remains outstanding. No one answers the phone, and now there's a threat of booting the vehicle stating there is outstanding (unpaid)citations and states 5 citations have been issued. FALSE. Two citations were issued and both have been paid. The DMV states their "hands are tied" yet renewal of the vehicle's registration is directly affected. The notices keep coming and the amount continues to increase. Who is in charge of this third party company and the accounts receivable?? Something has to be done about their accountability, processing payments and information to the DMV to release registration holds. This is wrong and has already taken an exorbitant amount of time and remains inaccurate and uncorrected. Michelle Office Mgr. - Universal Auto Repair

This site sucks. It doesn't work after repeated attempts to pay my extortion fee for parking. Ridiculous way to generate revenue. - Jim S

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