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Mutual of Omaha Get Retirement Right Review

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I find the retirement calculator on website really helpful. I was able to enter my monthly expense required and then also my savings balance and assumed investment return. Then the calculator is able to show an amortized schedule of how long it takes before my savings get depleted. It would actually be great if I can just enter the numbers and on each change for the amortization schedule to change dynamically. This calculator helps me get my retirement right. Right on!


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I was trying to access my account for the first time as an employee. But when I tried to login, it redirected me to website. Why it that? Is ascensus related to Mutual of Omaha. I want to be really careful trying to enter in any information to the website I am directed to which is not the original that I intended to visit which is - grant

I agree with the previous review. I am an employer logging in and I also got redirected from to Why is it not allowing me to login from the same site. However, upon logging in , I think it is legitimate and I was able to access our information. Mutual of Omaha should just have one single portal so there is no confusion. - Trisha

The retirement calculators are really great. I guess I could have done the same with an excel spreadsheet, but the retirement calculators make it convenient to project my retirement and how much savings I need now, how much income I need to generate in future. - Boris

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