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Lowes Employee Portal Login Review

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I am a Lowes former employee and I need to access my W-2 for filling in my tax. As a former employee, how can I login to . Also, I need to know what happens to my 401 K plan. Can I roll it over to another provider. Is there a contact number I can call at myloweslife and get some answers as tax season is approaching soon. I read through the benefits information at but am not sure I have the answer to all my questions.


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I like the new website at I can access all the information I need with regards to my employment at Lowes from my health benefits to 401K to my pay stub. The HR part of this is great. - Marge

I tried accessing my lowes employee portal today but was unable to reach the website. This is the second time it happened to me in a month. Is the website down? I need to access some of my 401K information as well as my health benefits information too. - anonymous

I like to apply for a job internally. Is it better to go through the public career portal or the internal job openings page? - Peter

From what I know, you can click on the Lowes Career opportunities in in the right hand side bar. Then you can click on search openings under your location 4 digit number. If you want to transfer to another store, then I am not sure and you may want to talk to your supervisor. - anon

Is Kronos down again? - anonmyous

Have accessed my financial /401 info several I cannot ...tried more than once over 2 hours... - Kenneth

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