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My Genesis Credit Card Login & Payment Review

What 1 customer says
I visited to register my card online. I am pretty sure I entered in my card account number and ssn associated with the card correctly but yet I am unable to register. Is there a customer service phone number I can call to resolve this as I cannot find the number on the website. I like to make a payment to my account but can neither login nor register the card.


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I have the same experience here. I went to but was unable to register my account. However, after calling customer support number at 866-502-6439 , I was able to resolve the issue. So, you may want to try to call their customer support hotline which is also found on their website. - Keira

I got this when I got an offer for a card when buying stuff at Best Buy. It seems like this card does subprime lending to consumers and have relationships with Best Buy, Zales, Helzberg jewelers, Aspen dental and others. Not bad if you can make your web payment timely . It definitely helps some consumers who need credit for their health and dental work. - anon

I had the same problem...It wouldn't recognize my user name...Then I remembered it and was able to enter the site...But could not register to pay online...Do you offer online payments with credit cards?
- Thomas P. Curran

Can not register my credit card keep telling me not correct information after 3 times
- Sharon

I entered my user name and password and it wouldn't take it. I tried again. Nothing. I checked to see if I were registered, I was. I changed the password and it wouldn't take it, I am trying to pay my bill. - Carol Paone

I am trying to pay my bill online and the site seems to be down. When I call customer service, they ask for my account number which I do not have because their site is down and there is no option for not entering that account number. In addition they are not providing information about their outage to customers by email or on the phone message. This makes for a REALLY BAD customer experience!! I just want to pay my bill! - Susan Michlaski

I received a Genesis Credit account that I did not apply for. Went to mattress Firm and they got my info but I did not buy anything there. Now I have a account set up with Genessis. Will contact them to cancel this since I did not apply and it was done without my concent hopefully they will do it without any problems. - charles reynolds

I had difficulty in getting registered online to make my payment that was due today. Once I was logged in, I saw that I could not make a debit card payment. In reality, I called first and found their offices closed when they should have been open. I thought I might have errored. Nope, they should have been open.
There's no other way then to pay by check online. At the time I did not have my checkbook and routing number on me to provide on their website. I tried calling but their offices closed and now I'm going to be hit with a late charge. They need to stick to and extend their hours for customer service since its overseas anyway. A provision for a debit card and or credit card payment is necessary on their website. I would have made the payment earlier but I was out of town.
I got back tonight and this is what occurred. December 14th, 2015.
Note, I am on Eastern time and they are on Pacific time. This is poor PR and customer service. - StarLee

I am registered on line but not sure where to go to sign in to my account to pay my bill - Rowmain Tunnicliff

i love this credit card - nirmala


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