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My WalmartOne Associate Schedule and Benefits Login Review

What 1 customer says
I love the fact that I can now check my schedule online at Walmart One website.  The monthly and weekly schedule are clear and I appreciate the email notificaitons. The WalmartOne mobile app also makes it a lot more convenient for me to access my schedule though the app itself needs more work. I use the app on the iPhone and Android and the app does not seem very native to me. Other than that, I am glad that I can login as an associate at and access all the information I need from my benefits to my work schedule.


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I thought the website was not working. At first I could not access it and I think it was down or it was my internet that was spotty. But then when I could get onto the website with my browser. I could not login. I am a new hire and I thought I could easily login to check my benefits information. After checking with my supervisor, I was told that I have to wait for my first paystub before I can register and login to I wish they can put a customer service phone number for us to call so we can resolve issues like these quickly. Anyway, all is good now. - anonymous

I used to login to for my Walmart work schedule and information. The new website is great and has better user experience and access. I can easily register and login to access all my information and paystub information. The new website also allows one to be more connected to the news and happenings in the company. Overall, I like it. - tom

I could not access the website for the last 2 hours. Is the walmartone website down right now? It does not seem to be working as it just keeps spinning away on my browser. Other websites appear to be working. - James

It does not seem to be working and seem to be having problems. The Walmartone website appear to be down right now and I am trying to check my online schedule but cannot. - June

Great website. Great user experience. Thanks for making the schedule online and paystub too. Some feedback. You need to make the website more stable. It seems to have problems once a month for people logging in. If the walmart website can stay up so should the walmartone website. If you can also make the mobile app a little snappier and cooler , you would have a lot of happy employees checking their work schedule and connected via the mobile app. - Carolyn

when I check view schedule appear a window that says share your thoughts with your coworkers and not allow me to see my schedule can you fix this problem please, thanks. - Maria Ramirez

I changed phones & now I cant access my schedule. Is there a number I can call? Ive tried retrieving my login and password. It wont let me.please help. - Hubert moake

I hate the walmart one because it keeps shutting me out, and I cannot get my information. It is much to difficult to get on!
- Joyce Ortman

i wish there was a phone number for customer service when you have problems logining into walmartone - yvette robinson

cannot log on to walmartone. didn't change login name or password. no one can tell me what the problem is. i can get onto any other website i want to. this has been going on for months. - Phyllis

Its great and convenient for me to check messages and pay stub information. - Gregory long

I like the fact I can check my schedule, check on my benefits, check my pay stub, and access past pay stubs. - Grace Karsmizki

never can get my schedule without going in circles for hours just to get to the log in. Then cant get logged in. I need to get my info immediately or else I wouldnt even be using this site. so frustrating and annoying. I cant even get them on the phone during the day - judy atchley

This site is getting harder and harder to access - Sheila

I've been using walmartone and the app for quiet some time but I have not been able to use either one for the last few months. Please fix.I love the fact that, I can do all my work realated stuff at home, but I've had to resort back to using the kiosk at work. Very disappointing. - Jerri

please make it easer to view paystub - crystal stover

Its so easy to register and move around on
everything you need to know or want to know is right in your
hands from. Its a must have, up coming events,recipes, work
schedules, and lets not forget about the little walmart supply
shop I could go on and on. It all boils down to "I'm proud to
be a part of it" hale to all associates everywhere
- Debra Hayward

It has been months trying to get my user name and password to match. Please help!! - roseann prouty

I have tried several times to check my schedule but I cannot get on the website. I have entered my WIN, and I also put in my login name and password. Sometimes, I am unable to get to the computer at work to print my schedule and it is much more convenient to be able to access it from home. How about getting the website to work for us? - Theresa Bailey

Unable to access the Walmart1 monthly schedule. - Joy

Website is not working half the time. I can understand having to lose it down for repairs updates etc. buttttt!!!! - F E Schwartz

Walmartone is a royal pain. I cannot access my schedule because of an "error" that the developers are aware of. Why is everything always new and improved, but DOES NOT WORK!!! Not happy about this at all. Every time I try to check my schedule there is something wrong with the site. pffft - judy sellers

After being locked of my WamartOne account for nearly a month I thought I had the issue resolved via technical support. I went to log in this morning, August 26, 2015 and was blown away that I could actually log on and access my online schedule. This was accomplished, or so I thought after numerous phone calls to support and endless emails to customer service. I just went to log in again and am unable to do so. Back to square one? Why is it that a company such as Walmart does not have skilled technical support who can keep the site up and running instead of running Associates ragged to accomplish something so simple as log in to their WalmartOne account whenever they want to without an issue? Now I have to waste more time on the phone with technical support on my day off. - Patricia Shannon

I have been employed with Walmart around the 2nd week of August. I have not been able to login. I would like to check my schedule from home. - Mary

I can't seem to get on the site - Valerie LaMountain

I thought website notworking. but - sanjita

I can't get the right associate login to review my schedules - Jewell crawford

I have been trying to check my schedule on line for a couple of weeks now and have constantly been told the page is unavailable to try again later...
It has been an ongoing problem for me and never had a problem with it before..I am putting it in as I always have before and it used to not be a problem. I can easily get to my pay stub but not the schedule.Its soooooo frustrating!!!!!! - Joyce

I have never been able to get on the WalmartOne site. Can't check anything. - Robin

Haven't been able to log into Walmartone .com for about three days now - Mary Chand

It sucks! I can't get on to check my schedule or even sign in and I have received my first pay stub so I should be able to login but I can't seem to get anywhere with it! - Angela Wilson

To whom it may concern I can not get online to look at my benefits it keep saying error is the walmart site down. - Debra

I'm having so much of a problem trying to download the app where I can see my schedule,paystub,can you please help me? - Jewell Crawford

Can not get into site to check schedule - Steven Rider

Always have a surprise when shopping at Walmart. Rollback is always cutting prices so it makes things more affordable. This takes a lot of pressure away from the shopping experience. Getting In-N-Out is one more reason Walmart is a great place to shop cashiers and staff are there friendly. All I can say is keep up the good work. - David Rainey

I can not check my schudele online at walmart one website.I have problem whit thas. No puedo ver mi horario ,temgo problemas com eso. - Edwin Nieves

I am having trouble with getting my schedule and paystub information but I'm sure I will get used to it once I try again. - Carole Schreiber

I have not been able to get on since I was on sick leave. It tells me I'm not found but when I try to fill out a new reg. it tells me I have an account. Can you please at least get rid of the account I have so I can open a new one. It says it doesn't regognize password - Linda

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