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I tried activating my card on portal website, but was unable to register and activate my card. It keeps asking me to please try again. Is there a PayCheckPlus customer service phone number I can call so I can try activating over the phone? Perhaps, activating over the phone system would work better. Other than that it says my first transaction every first pay period is fee free, what about the subsequent transactions on the card?


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I first had trouble activating the card because I was on the wrong site at but it really should have been spell with the c in check. Duh? Anyway, the number to call is 1-877-368-0006 if you want to activate by phone. Once you activate, you can check balance and transaction for free on the website for your PayChekPlus Elite card easily. - Aaron

How do I add money to my Paychekplus card and are there specific ATM locations that I can use for no fees? I have my payroll direct deposit into the paycheck plus debit card but like to add or direct deposit extra money in it. It will be nice to have an iPhone app for it so I can use it to locate ATMs for withdrawing cash using my card and check my paycheck plus balance. - John G

What is the customer service support phone number to report a lost card for Paycheck plus payroll card? - Jessie

I work at a McDonalds in NYC and am trying to enroll my paycheck plys card but is not working right now. I just need to check my balance information and it is a pain. - Anon

Is there a hold on the amount of the direct deposit when it is deposited? How may day hold would that be as I like to use my funds on the same day they are expected to be deposited but I do not want to incur a overdraft fee. Also, I was reading that it takes as long as 10 business days to respond to any error resolution complains which seems awfully long. - Dan T

I can't get into the website. login says user id/card number. What number are they asking for I tried several combinations and can not get in - janet kaufman

Tryed multiple times to get on paychex plus .com cant seem to get on it It was very important to me to get on. But i guess i have to call them - Donald Cochran

I can't access my account not can I called the number that's on back of the card it says that the number is not in service what's wrong - Rodger Pratt

Hi have an elite paychek plus card and I was trying to call the 1800 number so I can see if my check made it there yet and it's saying that the number has been disconnected?? - Yasma

It want let me do nothing it keep saying I'm locked out or something
- dontray jessie

I'm try to activate my new card - Lu meh

I'm having a problem getting my card issued,because i have a with my physical addres.WE DO NOT HAVE RURAL DELIVERY>...... Can i please have my card sent out A.S.A.P. I would greatly appreciate it. - brandy nordin

The number is not working I. Want to check and see if my deposit is in
- Brenda pruitt

I called your customer service phone number to check my balance today and got a surprise. My call was routed to a scam. It seems that I was selected at random to receive a 100$ WalMart gift certificate. After verifying my address they assured me that it would be mailed promptly...after I paid a 2.97$ shipping and handling fee. In order to speed payment and expedite my gift all they needed was my 16 digit card number. Of course I said absolutely not. A few minutes later I called again to report this and guess what? I was selected at random again to receive a 100$ WalMart certificate. Now, although my life is blessed, I'm just not that lucky!!! Please everybody BEWARE!!! - janice Davis

Tried to call phone# on card to activate,keeps telling me to try my call later!I have been calling since 9am today,payday was Monday,is there anything else I can do or even another phone# to call. - Linda Dutton

Just trying to activate my card. - drevon dotson

Trying to check my transaction online but keep blocking my card number and my password out - Henrietta Warren

Trying to help an employee get some customer service to activate a card, but we've tried 2 different phone numbers & have been on hold for HOURS!! The employee does not own a computer so this is the only way she can communicate. This has got to be the worst customer service or (lack of)! - Jessica

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