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I always depend on Pizza Hut delivery for my pizza and actually seldom visit the restaurant location itself until yesterday. Its been years since I step into a pizza hut and I have to tell you that it really still feel and look the same as years ago. Restaurant inside feels old and not exactly a high end environment for pizza. But then again, most pizzarias are kind of like that. Regardless, the pizza tastes great and I like the honey smoke bbq chicken pizza the best. I think the days of dining at pizzarias are kind of over though California pizza kitchen and Amicis still provide a brightly lit clean environment. For pizza hut, order to go still works best for me.


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Where can I find the store number for the survey. I look throughout my receipt and enter what I thought is the store number on and so hopefully it works. Also, how do I know when I win and check the winners. Thanks! - Keith T

I have tried a seafood pizza that has shrimp and squid in it and it tastes really good. It was in another Pizza Hut in another country though. I cannot find it here. Please please make a seafood pizza here. - S, C,

When are you going to have a buffet? I like a pizza buffet which is why I always go to Round Table Pizza for their pizza buffet. However, I really like to take my daughter where if there are more gluten free pizzas. - Mark

I like your pizza, but you know what I like even more? Your quepapas and if you can share that recipe, that would be fantastic - Joan H.

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