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I am a Marshalls and TJX shopper and I love it. The Platinum Mastercard gives a 10% in store purchase. I was shopping for my Christmas goods and was going to run up a large bill. So, applying for the card for the first in store purchase made a lot of sense. The allows me to check how far I am to getting my rewards certificate. I love it. Also, when I shop at Marshalls an TJMaxx , I will use the card since it gives me 5 points for every $1 purchase versus 1 point for every dollar. is also a great homepage to make my payment.


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I login to make my credit card payment at and it is convenient and easy to use. Once, I missed a payment and had a late fee charge but after talking to the customer service on the support phone number, they waived my charge because they could probably tell I am a loyal customer chalking up credit points. So how do I earn TJX reward points? I shop with the card at HomeGoods and TJMaxx and buy a lot of stuff. The good thing is that they give 5 points for each dollar spent. - Fiona W

It was easy to activate my card online. Also a great site to pay bill online. At first can be confusing because it takes you to but I guess it is a card issue by Synchrony Bank and that is the website they manage online. - Anon

Had questions about a lost card for my TJX rewards Platinum MasterCard. Called the help number 1-877-390-3150 and was able to receive great customer service and support. I also had to change my billing zip code and address and the customer service representative was helpful and friendly. You can also find the phone number on the website in the contact us link. - Warren W

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