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I had a couple of drop offs for some old clothes and Goodwill was able to help process my stuff fairly quickly. Don't forget to get the receipt for tax reporting from GoodWill as well. I saw on the poster to leave a survey at and also a chance to get an iPad or a $500 gift card. Anyway, I thought I'll just shop in the GoodWill store while dropping my items.


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The GoodWill store I visited had all the things I needed. I always thought they resell refurbish items but am surprise that they also had a number of new looking items like socks. I guess that make sense for who sells reused socks!!! Its not like your standard shopping trip to Target or Walmart, but you can find some good deals on items. - Linda

I go often to GoodWill stores to buy and donate old items. Its generally not too crowded and I guess people do not really shop at GoodWill though I could see a lot of donations and people going to the back of the complex to donate items. Also saw some posters for their survey at - Carey

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