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BJS WholeSale Club Feedback Survey

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I have been a member of BJS wholesale club for ages. I enjoy the great discounts as a member and always look for deals with their coupons. I shopped at the BJS in Quincy and although I would like to shop at Costco, there is not one near my place. However, BJS offers equally compellng prices and when I have goods to return, I do not get hassled by their customer service. I also find their online shopping easy and appreciate their request for customer survey by offering a $500 sweepstakes. My feedback is that I enjoy shopping at BJS for its wide aisle spaces, large selection and customer friendly service.


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My BJS feedback is that its prices is unbeatable. The downside is that during the weekends which is only when I can shop, there is a huge crowd and finding parking can be a challenge. So, I mostly go during the early opening hours of the store. Other than that, the shopping experience is great and I can find what I want at affordable prices. - Tanya

I was once a Costco shopper but then I moved and they do not have Costco in my area. Am I glad to find BJS. If you ask me about Costco vs BJS, I will say that both are god send. They all have big warehouse space and stock thousands of items. Membership is affordable though I prefer it to be free but I guess that would not make it a whole sale club then. Also, keep your receipt if you want to win a $500 sweepstake because you can fill out a survey at - Jenny Oakes

I did some price comparison for a few items, and find that BJS almost always have the best prices hands down. Sometimes, I compared against the prices of Amazon and find that BJS still have better pricing. However, the sizes are different and sometimes you do have to compare it at a per unit volume. My feedback is that if you want to buy large quantity of anything, BJS wholesale club is still the best place to go. - Lee

My only feedback is that the membership fees are a little too expensive. I have 3 older kids and sometimes they like to go on their own to get things. It will be great to add members beyond the 2 allowed without charging an extra $30. The whole family should be allowed to shop without additional fees. Think about it - you can probably make more money by having more people shop there than trying to make that extra $30. I can understand BJS trying to make it exclusive by charging a $50 fee and I am okay with that. Anyway, I hope to make it back by winning the $500 survey sweepstakes at - Mary ann

I do a lot of my shopping online at Amazon but there are still things I need that are either inconvenient to buy at Amazon or may not be at the best price. I also like to buy and shop for things that I can see. shopping at BJS is a pleasure because you can find a lot of stuff and they are stocked orderly. You do not get the messy feeling of disorganization like in some other places. The electronics section is a place I enjoy hanging out by watching all the big screen TVs and also playing with the devices and laptop. I am not sure their prices are the best compared to other places like Best Buy, but it is certainly a side distraction for me while I shop. - Koo

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