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My feedback is that CheeseCake Factory is a great place for lunch and dinner. The environment is posh and clean and the service is great. The food is also delicious. Unfortunately, their portions are usually so huge that it leaves very little room for my stomach to eat the Cheesecake. At the end of my meal, there is also a receipt that offers a $5 credits for my feedback at website. I filled it in already and the survey only took a short amount of time. It is worth the time to fill in the survey if you are a fan of Cheesecake Factory and frequent the place enough which I do. 


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I ordered a California steak expecting it to be like a Phily cheesesteak but I guess the Californian vesion is a little different at Cheesecake Factory. The portions are generally large and the bread contains medallion of steak wtih cheese and pepper. Taste great though I would still prefer the traditional cheesesteak. The waiter at the CheeseCake factory is great and attentive. His service was respectful and prompt. I also fill in the Cheesecake factory survey at - Tron

Evelyns Favorite is my favorite pasta at CheeseCake Factory. I generally like the pastas here and get the lunch portion which is slightly smaller than the regular version but still generous. I like coming to the CheeseCake Factory though the lines are always long and they do not take reservation. I had a yummy Cheesecake today that has the Godiva chocolate. It was decadent, delicious and very chocolate. Very filling. - Chris

The menu selection is large but here is the dirty secret I have. I actually visit Cheesecake Factory because I like the bread. The multi-grain bread usually comes out warm and paired with the butter is one of the best toast I ever try. Food is great too but I usually pack so much of the bread that I could hardly eat for my main course and have to take it home.

I also got a $5 code today for filling in the survey at . I am going to use it the next time I visit the restaurant which is likely to be next week! - Peony

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