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I ordered 2 drugs at CVS and the pharmacist there was very knowledgeable and gave me good advice on how to use them since they were new. The receipt came with an online survey at that will choose a winner for $1000. I filled in the survey already witih my ID and hope I can be a lucky winner. 


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I got a call that my prescript.ion was ready to be picked up. I went in at about 12pm and was told I could not get the drug because the pharmacist was not there though there were a number of people working in the store filling up medicine. So I could not understand why and they explained that it was a new drug and so the pharmacist will need to consult for me to take it. Ok. Then I went back 2 hours later and a different person was serving and the pharmacist came back. But that different person allowed me to take the drug without a go figure. Otherwise, no issue with CVS except I had to make 2 trips for nothing. - Fred

CVS Pharmacy was located inside a Target store. I generally shop at Target and so it was convenient to get my medicine there. The line was a little long though and it took a while for me to get it. I like CVS and filled up their survey at too. - Chris

The great thing that CVS did was to sell the cheaper version of the Epipen. The regular Epipen has costs more than $400! and when I heard the CVS sold a cheaper version, I told my doctor to prescribe the cheaper version. With insurance and everything, the Epipen from CVS only retails at $100. It is still expensive but at least cheaper than the Mylan $400+ version!! - anon

My doctor prescribe 3 medicine and CVS had it filled within 1 hour and gave me a call. At other pharmacy, it had taken at least half a day and I appreciate the prompt service. When I went to get it, the line was short and I was able to get my medicine fairly quickly with no hassle. - Yuri

I fill up my survey at after taking my flu shot there. Do you know you can get your flu shot at CVS instead of needing to go to the doctor which typically requires waiting longer. - ann

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