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Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC Experience

What 1 customer says
I remember the days when KFC was a dining affair where our family would dine at KFC just like you would dine in any other restaurant. The original Colonel recipe still tastes great though the dining part not so much. Now, it is more of a fast food concept just like any other fast food restaurants. Plastic seats and tables and an environment for a quick bite and go. Nothing against that but sure wish it was different. I still only buy the original recipe and usually only go if I have coupons in the mail for a special deal.


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I keep entering my survey code in but it keeps coming back as we cannot proceed with the survey based on the information you provide. What am I doing wrong? Does the survey code expire or did I just find the right one. I following the instructions on the website though. - Jonathan

I like the Tuesday deals. I always go on a Tuesday because you can get a meal with 2 pieces with corn bread and sides for really cheap. Coupons that are mail for family size bucket are also good. Keep it up. - Peter Liu

Had a hard time entering the code into your website at Can do a better job with the instructions. - JJ

Some days, I like Popeyes and some days I like KFC. You kind of get sick if you eat the same chicken all the time. KFC original recipe is more moist and tender and have a unique herbal flavor. Popeyes drumsticks are more crispy and crunch which I like too. I did read somewhere that KFC uses bioengineered meat. Can someone tell me if that is true or just plain rumors out there and does KFC use organic meat. How are their chickens reared? Are they free range or caged? With that many chickens they need, I would assume that they have to come from farms that need to be more productive in nature. - PJ Kim

I want to complain about the service at store 020821 in Wayland Michigan. Every time I go in there they are out of chicken. At 6 in the evening how can you be out of chicken - Paul Bowen

We stopped at KFC last night for what we thought was going to be a good meal. We were very surprised at the meal we received. The chicken was very much overcooked. We felt that they knew they might be busy soon and made up the chicken well in advance. My husband said the leg was like a pigeon leg (that big) My wing had absolutely nothing to it. The chicken was overdone and very very dry. The mashed potatoes and bun were good. Needless to say my husband commented after we were there that, that meal has taken away the desire to visit Kentucky Fried chicken in the future. - HELEN LARSON

It was good the food - lourdes

I went too a KFC restaurant on 10/08/14 ordered a eight piece ml for $20.99 I didn't open the food until later that evening to find six pieces of chicken. I would think the workers can count too eight, I was very upset. The restaurant #j235011 ticket #4118 I'm sure nothing will be done about this so I probably wont visit again soon. - S. Porter

I purchased an eight piece meal, paid extra for 3 breasts and 5 thighs, 2 large cole slaws, potatoe wedges, and gravy. Asked twice re: 3 breasts. Got home....2 breasts, no gravy, and cole slaw that was not at all we're used to getting. Terrible for $27.11 - Joyce Smith

Jade was very polite, she had a nice smile and was very helpful. - Jade

I use to love going to kfc but now it seems as there is always a problem.
the chicken has gotten so small it looks like a childs order. Ilive 4 miles from kfc and several times lately I have had to return to get the rest of my meal. A piece of chicken missing or one of the sides. This is awful I will not continue to go to kfc if this is not fixed. I had to return just today to get chicken left out of my order. I ordered three piece meals got home with two very small pieces in each meal. I went back and got the three pieces left out of my three meals but they never said any thing. I said I would not be back okay was all that was said. - Mary Marr

My experience was a very very bad the mashed potato was hard and cold fried chicken didn't taste like coronel recipe at all and the biscuits were hard as a rock I was very disappointed it was the worst $40.32 I have ever spend - maria chico

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survey Code: G1350650205154614 - Jay eaves SR.

Purchased a 16 piece. Only received an 8 piece. Called spoke to assist manager John. Stated his driver through clerk gave me a 16 piece. When in actually she didn't. John continued to disagree stating that his employee gave me 8 piece. Would only refund if I came back up to the store with the buck and 8 pieces of chicken. Explained to John I would come back to the store in the afternoon considering I did not want to go back to the store at 7 pm. He was not understanding of the situation. Continued to argue with me about that they gave me 16 when they only gave me 8. Very disappointed with this experience. Word of advice do not go to the KFC in Wixom mi 49714 grand river and definitely don't go through the drive through. - Dan

The secret to getting really good chicken and service is to go in at a little after eleven when they open. My KFC is in Murrysville, PA - S, Vrabel

I was at KFC on pershing road in Decatur ILL ON 3/5/15 AT 5PM I placed my order and had to stand there and wait 30 minutes for my order and then the gentleman came up and said mam we ran out of wings and chicken breast that really made me mad when I got home the chicken tasted like it was cooked in old oil my daughter got upset because there was no chicken breast at all the line was very long the cashier all she wanted to do was talk to everyone she was as slow as a turtle.............. - Debbie Dickson

I used to fill my survey at - today it told me to go to . Any difference? - Jack

We were very dissatisfied with our food on yesterday. For an early Sunday Afternoon, the chicken was hard and dried out. We had taken the order to go so we could be home the rest of the evening, so we did not take it back. The side dishes were ok. We will not be returning anytime soon. - Alton and Christie


Kfc taft pgh has a great ambiance and a well accomodated crew . The smile that they gave change my mood .i dont usually eat in the fastfood but with this kind of experience it change my perception about fast food well guys keep up the good work do your best and serve many people with the smile that money cant buy:) KFC along taft infront the philippine general hospital.
- Marcian

I visited the banning kfc buffet on 7/3/15 at 6:30 pm and it was amazing. My food was incredible and every single employee made the whole store habe such a friensly vibe. Big smiles and excellent quality. Best kfc ive been to in years ill be visiting very soon
- jackie miranda

Great food....only complaint I have every time I order a chicken little...the bread is hard or the little bitty piece of chicken in it the size of the bun...when u first come out with them the roll was big along with the chicken. GO BACK TO OLD WAY....THANKS!!! - j.kendrick

Chicken was good. Great pinic! - Annette Gonzalez

for the last three times I have visited kfc in Athens my order has been wrong when I get it home I like kfc but I don't like paying for something I did not order. I understand mistakes happen but it has happen 3 times now. - david sandlin

g4100130711154848 I visited your store in malden. ticket #4848 the service as great. I moved up here from new Orleans to bloomfield, mo and visited the store in dexter, mo but had the worst service. they made you feel that you were not worthy of service. I quit going there. I happened to drive to malden and saw a kfc and decided to try it. the people there were so helpful and very sweet. they need a thank you from you as wonderful employers. thank you malden for the service you provide. - edith jenkins

I went by KFC to pick up some grilled chicken for dinner, of course KFC NEVER has enough grilled pieces ready. I had wanted 4 grilled thighs and 4 grilled wings, I had to get 4 grilled thighs, 2 grilled wings and 2 grilled legs. I was at the drive thru, no one ever mentioned to me that about a time, if I wanted to wait for my original order, they just told me what they had in grilled pieces at that time. So while I am telling them I will that those pieces, someone comes over the intercom and says that those thighs will cost me $2.00 and something a piece and the wings will be $1.00 something a piece. I asked what would my total be, she said I don't know till I total it up. I JUST TOLD HER TO GO AHEAD GIVE ME THE CHICKEN AND A LEMONADE AND A GO CUP WITH HOT WINGS. My total was $20.59 - Terri Powell

The chicken was dried out. Order was wrong. When I asked
forr the item I didn't recieve the reply was rude. Spent a total of
11.90 & the p&g cold the chicken cold.
Won't be coming back to this location. - pat morrison



The crew of kfc is very helpful their counters they greet the customers 100% good. - mary jane galono

I have been here a dozen times and it always takes over 30+ minutes to get Taco Bell! This restaurant acts like it has no supervision on anyone and no one seems to know how to do their job. It is Thursday, July 16, 2015, at 6:30 pm and they are not even busy and it takes this long??
This place needs help!!!!!! Quick !!!!! - Jason austin

I am in love with that popcorn chicken - judy aulds


I was at the harmerville kfc and lillian was a very nice greeter she helped me with my order and she was very plesent to talk too all around great place it was clean and the food was great - melissa cook

For two weeks the air-condition system has not been working in the KFC Salisbury, NC. It's hot inside. They say its being worked on. But you see no one there working on it. I feel that I'm being told the truth by management. If this is the way you run your KFC restaurants I want be back. If you allow your KFC owners run their restaurants like this. I hope you do something about this. - Roger

We went to KFC in Winchester VA. After a test, (where I could not eat since 8pm the night before) and we love your chicken, that is all I thought about while at the hospital.... VERY GOOD - Robert Hendershot

If you go to the KFC on Midlothian Turnpike #G135142 be prepared if it's to to to check you bags before you leave. Check your order first, then make sure you have condiments, silverware and napkins. I would also advise you to to check your change 1st!! Very poor service at this location..... - Millie

I love KFC!!! - Lindsey

Very enjoyable, enjoyable
Will be planning another visit - Carrie johnson

I picked up dinner for my family at the KFC I go to all the time. The cashier was not very helpful and from what I could see was not trained right I was told I could not get the free lemonade because I was using a coupon ,I was also told very rudely from the manger that they were out of coleslaw at dinner time, plus not plates I was very dissatisfy. - TammyDavidson

well I go to this location often. and well I don't normally take the surveys. but this time I made an exception. and well like I thought. not easy to get too. well here is my experience on this trip. I ordered the 4pc meal with double potatoe wedges. and well when I make it back to my office the food is good. but the biscuit is very hard an could not enjoy it. the last time it was the chicken was to old. very few times is everything good there. - guadalupe a estrada mote

Very disappointing. I went thru the kfc/taco bell drive thru and ordered taco bell products, I ordered 2 soft tacos and 4 hard tacos, regular size. I brought them home to my family and felt very ripped off, there was less than a tablespoon of meat, cheese and lettuce-not even filling 1/4 of a taco shell in 4 tacos. 1 soft and 1 hard taco was perfect. I drove 40 miles from work to that location on my way home for dinner. $7.73 later-rude drive thru window person to top it off, the time was 8:31 pm on 7/28/2015 in Anna, Texas K071002 2 16 2472. Thoroughly amazed. My survey code is K0710020728152472, purchase ticket number 2472 and the store number is - Janet B

I stopped at the KFC in Hayes kansas twice in the last year.
Was disappointed the first time with the food so thought I would try it again,
It was really bad. Had chicken strips, were like a real thin slice of chicken with all breading on it and very small. The restuarant was not very clean at all. I'm through with KFC. - CLAUDIA

went to the Roanoke, va location as I have been doing for a number of years but lately it has gone downhill. I went thru the drive-thru last week and orderwd the 2pc square deal with 2 extra crispy thighs(the ONLY part of chicken I will eat)..and I repeated the order again to make sure. When I got home, I opened the box and there was an extra crispy breast and a leg!!! I gave my lunch to my grandson. this was at approximately 3pm in the afternoon and I noticed the buffet bar was empty..asked about it and the server told me they stop the buffet at 2pm!!!!! Why bother to have one ....many ppl don't want to cook and going to KFC buffet is a great idea..not at this location. - alice copen


Had a very emjoyable eating time. Meal was ready almost instantly and the $5. meal was A$4.75 with my senior discount. Food was hot and tasty. - cccarol lenius

I just love your original chicken. I the taste and the value you get for four wings two sides for $6. Cant beat it - Kenzil Creswell

Kaitlin was fantastic took our order and made it without any mistakes.
Very friendly. Perfect.
- Linda

The last three visits I have gone to KFC have been BAD .You place your order repeat back to clerk taking order when you get it it's not what you ordered or it's not complete as to what you ordered You don't know that until you get home to set it out on the table to serve. You ask for orginal they give crispy ask for the Roasted dark meat and you get mostly white twice now the sides are not what I ordered, this lastvisit I ordered 8 pc meal with 2 sides got home there were no biscuits that was to be with that. The clerk didn't even ask about if we wanted order a drink. I refused to have to go back 2nd visit everytime I order from KFC. I want coupons sent to me in compensation for stupidty of cashier that can't fill your order correctly. Foods not free and neither is Gas these days to have to keep going back for veg, or salad or 4 biscuits bad enoughchicken $18.00 for 8 pcs you can buy whole ch for $4.99 to $6.00 depending where you go. Now I find out they stopped Bake Beans you don't have much as it is for sideorders. It's a fortune to try to feed a family of 4 people. - marlene martin

You didn't post my experience at KFC/LJS at 6104University Ave. In cedar Falls Ia. The kitchen was dirty!!!!! Look at the stainless steel equipment
They are all dirty!!!! Look at the ceiling The tile is dirty too!!!
Dirt is coming out of the pop machine on the south side, it looks like
crap. I'll never go back there again. The fry's were oil soaked, and small
bits and they tasted bad. The hush puppy's were oil soaked and bad too. I don't think the changed the oil or the oil vat was dirty too. What a bad meal, I got sick last night. I'm so mad I'm going to get someone to check this out!!! Hope you do something about this mess. Jack Tynan (70 years old.) I think the USDA should check it out.

- Jack Tynan

I love kfc my favorite place to get food on the go - Teddy

In drive thru at lunch time. 12:16 by receipt. Restaurant # E791037. Ordered 2 $5 fil up meals - Pot Pie. I was told they only have 1. 20 minute until any more are made. Really, lunch time rush with food not prepared. Then I ordered a 5 piece hot wing. The man taking my order said he'd give me the 5 piece for the cost of the 3 piece. Great, thanks for thinking of the inconvenience. I only got a 3 piece. This is the 3rd time this particular restaurant has had no chicken or equivalent meals at either lunch or the dinner hour. A real problem with management. You may contact me at if you'd like. I hoe this is corrected. - Michael Friedman

I like the crispy chicken. Butt there needs to be better deals. The new look The KFC brings for dining in is better than the late 90s. I love chicken and chicken loves me. The deal for filling out the survey is awesome. I am a trucker and KFC is one of my choices for eating on the run thank you for giving me this opportunity to get something free in my life for once - Patrick

KFC has come along way. The chicken wings are not as big as they use to be. What a shame. I still love your crispy chicken. - janis deahl

Stopped in and ordered, 10 cars went thru 3 people who came in ordered, they got their food and I was still waiting. Their reasoning was, waiting for the biscuts to get down. The problem really was they forgot my order. In that 20 min I waited I saw they give alot of biscuts with the other orders, won't be back anytime some. Don't forget the people ordering at the counter, not just the window. - J Goodwin

I eat at KFC pretty often and have always been treated very good. I almost always got the 1 piece breast meal/extra crispy, it's always good. - Ruth

Dear Sirs I wish to make you aware that the KFC fast food restauraunt which is located just off of Old Alexander Ferry Road in Prince George's County Maryland has not been providing good customer service. Specifically when ever you go in it takes the employees a long time to fill a simple Order. They frequently get the Orders wrong forcing the customer to come back in the store to receive their correct Order. The store appears to be understaffed and those who are their seem to have a cavalier attitude toward their customers. - Michael Brown

The first memory I have of KFC is Dad and Mom went and got two buckets of chicken and the sides. Then they took us to the park on a picnic. We all eat and had a wonderful time. Today August 27, 2015, the KFC was very clean. The cashier took my order in a timely and professional fashion. She was very polite.
- Francis Keene

Very good pot pies.Bring back the hot wings they're the best. - Ronnie Warren

my kfc - devin drye

Will not be back to that store...almost choked to death on a piece of plastic in the macaroni and cheese - Arlene Schroeder

I do not like to see the employees out side smoking while driving up to the drive up and then waiting for my food when there is no one else in line. The person at the window is normally very nice. However when you go inside they are very fast. store 021246 - Alan N

We are a low income elderly couple and do not get to enjoy eating out very often and use coupons when possible so I was very upset when looking at my receipt and seeing the young lady did not take off one of my coupons now a day late Im out my money and why is the floor always soaking wet behind the counter it looks very dangerous for your emplyees - Denise LaMay

I recently visited the KFC in Keokuk Iowa. Kim the cashier who was also a assistant manager was very apologetic and did her best to take care of me and my wife. The issue I have is that the time of day was 2:08 pm and the place was filthy. We searched and found only one sitting table and zero booths that the tables were clean. There were several staff members that were doing nothing but throwing food in the kitchen area and yelling loudly at each other laughing. The actual mgr or first assistant not sure which was in the office doing nothing, there were at least one other staff member sitting with her. There were at least 4 other staff members in the kitchen area. Only two other tables of booth with customers eating. The people before us had there entire order messed up.I mean they gave them so much extra to make up for it. That is lost inventory. If the order would have not been messed up in the first place it would made a better impression than having to give away to correct a LAZY mistake. Even my order was messed up. We also got extra items to compensate for the mistakes. The floor was so sticky that we picked up gravel from the parking lot when we left the restaurant. The cost is high at KFC but willing to take that into consideration for the fact that it is good chicken. But when the place is a total mess and this is all the time I have been in the store in the last year. Never see anyone cleaning tables and I have been in there once 2 times in the same day and the same food that was there on the floor and on the table was there hours later. The Restrooms were filthy as well. It seems to me like that this store is a last thought of your company. There was also a staff member that was cursing loudly in the kitchen area. I have owned my own business and it was a restaurant and I would never ever allow this to happen in my restaurant with out someone getting fired. Like said this store is always a mess when I go in. I usually go in well after the lunch hoping for it to be quiet and clean and it never is. I also frequent the KFC in Quincy Illinois. It has a buffet in it and when ever I am in Quincy with all the choices in that town for eating I choose KFC. I have never been in that store at any time of day and see it dirty or tables not clean and it is busy every time I go in. There is always someone on the floor sweeping and wiping tables and cleaning the drink area as well. I am very disatisfied with the entire experience. Now to the food as the fries were cold, the chicken was overcooked and the drink area was unclean. The condiment area was not stocked with utensils or with condiments. Now the final issue. It was so smokey in the store that the smoke stuck to us and we had to go home and change our cloths. This is not how I want my money spent on a dining experience. I think I sent you a message the last time I was in the store in Keokuk Iowa. I live there and will from now on most likely get my chicken at either Hy-Vee or Walmart and take it home. It makes me wonder if the interior of store is that bad every time I go in, why should I believe the food is ok. I am sorry for this poor review but in my opinion someone has dropped the ball in this store. I believe you need to start at the top of your management and take care of this. Thank you for listening.. - Kenneth Massey - Kenneth

I'm in Martinsville in this is by far the dirty kfc I've ever been in.the food in the buffet is old dried out the biscuits are hard I ask for sweet and low they had one pack in the whole place.and they actually charge people money . - rhonda powell

I really enjoy the chicken pot pies and the chicken tenders too. The price and amount you get with your meal fits nicely within our budget. My elderely roommate loves your cole slaw - Terry Harrell is the official website to fill in your survey -so you know. - mary ann

Love KFC Pot Pies. Big chunks of chicken, flakey crust. Always good. - Suzan Cooper

The buffett at KFC was the worst food my family from KFC in Pulaski Tn.
The food was dry and the chicken was hard and dry. My family and I willn't ever eat there again. It was a waste of money - Brandy

need to make chicken less oily and use healthier process of making chicken maybe use olive oil instead. the healthier the chicken the more customers you will get. - Brian

The young lady Tarnatta was very helpful and kind. She got my order correct the first time. I did not have to take it back for correction. She was pleasant and I appreciate her professional attitude. All of this with a smile on her face!!! I say " Job well done"!!!! - Arlene

Had a great drive through visit today, food hot and fresh. Thank you for always serving up great chicken. - Dawn

Love mykfc - Jenell

I visited the KFC on Lone Tree Way. Unfortunately it seemed most of their staff called in sick. One girl (Rachel-not sure of spelling) was taking and filling orders, and feeling the anger of customers for the wait. The line was
long. I want to commend her for her patience with those customers - she kept her cool and took care of everyone- with a smile and "thank you"- the best she could. Good employees are hard to find - this girl deserves a raise! - Lynn Spieker

I was at the KFC on 19th & Broadway in Lou.Ky waited in line almost 30 mins.Finally placed my order which was a 5.00 fill-up orig.breast and leg mashed potatoes.The second order was a 4 piece wing dinner orig. with slaw and mashed potatoes.Total for this order was 15.14 Another 10 to 15 min. wait after order was placed.Get to window they have no orig wings or legs.So on the fill-up they offered 2 orig breast.On the wings I said that I would take the extra crispy legs.I had just told my mother to make sure she checked her box to see if she got what she ask for but I did not check mine and what I had in my box were 2 breast orig slaw and mashed potatoes and this order was still 15.14.The thing about this is the last 2 times that I have been at this KFC the same damn thing has happened.So is this another new scam even though it's been going on forever.I won't be going back - lea

free to go cup - Linda Jackson

I just had a very terrible experience this past week at the KFC in Redford, MI., 27026 Grand River. I had ordered a $5 Fill Up Box, 3pc chicken tenders with an extra mash & gravy and was in a huge hurry. The bill totaled $7.41. I gave the cashier $20.45, she opened the cash drawer and handed me 4 cents back, handed me the cup for the drink, all the while keeping her hands in the drawer, I waited for her to give me the $13 back when suddenly the other girl says here's your order mamm. I took the bag and went over to fill the drink forgetting about the $13, rushing to get out. But that is not the worst of it; when I got home and later thought about what happened,(I do not live close by, and they were already closed) I took the receipt out of my purse to call the next morning and noticed she rang it up as exact cash: $7.41, change: $0.00. To top it off, next to Cashier: she rang it under the name of Gary! Beware of this girl: white, average height, light brown hair and missing her front teeth. She obviously put my $20 in the drawer, took the $13 out and shoved it in her pocket. Makes you wonder how many other people she has ripped off especially seniors! - Susan

It's my favorite. More peas in the pot pie. You need to make a skinsless option. I take the skin off and there goes all the flavor. - Rose j. Morroni

We stopped at a KFC in Bloomington IL on 7/17/16 at 2:15 pm. We ordered the buffet without actually looking at it first. There was only 5 or 6 pieces of chicken, no potatoes and the biscuits looked like hockey pucks. Potatoes were brought when we asked for them but no additional chicken even though more customers came in after us. There was only one clean table in the facility. Although the food was ok we were very disappointed in the experience. It was store #D33017. The time was 2:15 pm on 7/7/16. We will not be visiting this KFC again. - Mary Strader

Like the 5 dollar fillup - josephine

food was hot tasty. biscuit was somewhat hard.....had grilled breast...drove out of my way because kfc09 miles from me has bad service, not friendly and no grilled chicken for over a month. They claim the equipment is broken and although reported to mgr nothing has been done.

Service today friendly courteous, as always. again food hot and tasty. was given knife and fork and napkins and offered choice of sauce. worth the extra couple of miles to drive to this location. - yvonne lopez

I arrived at the KFC restaurant #E720091 at6:45PM. I was the third customer in line. I heard and saw that there WAS NOT much chicken in any of the ovens.Each customer that ordered was told they could wait 20 or more minutes for more chicken to be cooked or possibly substitute various types or pieces that were available, instead of their order request. I was oered a free drink while I waited, but I had to wait for the Monday meal special for 35 minutes. Efficient and effective store management and cleanliness was very much lacking! - Cynthia Cooper

I visited KFC in my hometown of Del Rio on 7-25-16 and ordered 3 meals at 1:38 pm. The most impressive thing was the customer service from the young man behind the counter. Extremely helpful and courteous. The disappointment was the food. The chicken had a color as if it had been put in fryer a few times or left under the warming lamps too long. It was dry. The fries were hard. For the most part my mom, my wife, and I were disappointed that we stopped to eat there. The original recipe seemed a bit crispy. I just want to say that i never experienced this at KFC of San Antonio or Houston. I hope this survey helps your company make some adjustments to avoid the loss of customers. Also the lobby was a tad warm. Perhaps there was an issue with the rooftop unit and freon or the thermostat. Best of luck. - lee

I really enjoy your chicken and the service is excellent. We get chicken at least once a week. It's always fresh and hot. - joseph seip

I don't have a survey because KFC didn't have what I wanted. This past weekend, August 5th and 7th, 2016, I went to 2 different KFCs once with my daughter, and once with my son. When I was with my daughter, I asked at the drive through if they had hot wings ready, I was told yes. I asked if they had 10, again I was told yes. When I got to the window, I was told there would be a 10 minute wait for the wings. We were on our way to work and didn't have time to wait. No apology for the miscommunication. Two days later with my son at a different KFC, asked at the drive through if they had hot wings. A short, sharp NO was my answer. My son placed his order and we waited 15 minutes as they were very backed up. When we finally got to the window and waited another 7 - 8 minutes, the clerk finally appeared at the window with my son's food. I asked why they kept advertising hot wings when they clearly don't have any. He said they had them but they were only cooked to order. I asked why he didn't say that when I asked about hot wings, and he said sorry, he was busy "multi-tasking". That didn't help as I was still hungry and my wings could have been cooked in the time we sat in line. - Carole Owens

I spent 43.19 dollars on food I couldn't eat because of it being burnt and I have to drive 30 miles to get burnt chicken what has happened to KFC I want my money back - Vivian Tate

I placed my order @12:48 PM I waited 10 minutes then I had to remind them of my order , they had forgot about it , customer came in while I was waiting and placed his order when he received it , it wasn't what he had ordered the young girl that filled the order and was rude to the customer , he wasn't rude to her she walked out and left .
Nearly every time that I go to this store there is just about always a different crew .the store #Y300036 - Henry Lee

I will not be back. I can understand if the chicken is a little on the dry side but to have the white meat feel like sawdust when chewing is not good. The potatoes were cold. Do you keep them in the refrigerator? But worst of all, the mac and cheese was runny soup! How can your people even serve it like this? They got to know mac and cheese is not soup! And all these problems were in 1 takeout order. I was happy that the biscuits were yummy except instead of 4, I only got 2.

I will not be back! - Dede

I think JaRon should train all the employees of KFC. He is friendly, efficient and has the greatest smile. Bravo again - Dolores Edwards

I ate at KFC #C191002. It was very clean. Alissa great me right away. I had a special request which she accommodated right away. My food was served immediately. It was delicious! Alissa great service and friendly smile made my meal a great experience. She is definately an asset to KFC. I could see that her co-workers, Maria and Kevin, were also busy helping other customers and in the kitchen preparing food. - Margaret F.

After reading all the comments, it would seem to be that the KFC chain has a real problem with their restaurants. Many complaints about everything. My experience was not a good one and we decided that we could find some place better to eat than KFC. Don't know what happened to KFC,but they have definitely gone down hill. - Done with KFC


i love kfc chicken and i have to drive a good distance to buy it,but it is worth it - wayne smith

On 12/09/2016 I had the opportunity to visit your store in Concord ,North Carolina. I placed an order for 2 breasts and requested Large pototoe wedges. I informed the clerk I needed the fat part of the pototoe because it is diffuclt to eat the thinner ones because they are too crispy and harder to digest. When I arrived at home she had gave me the thinner ones which I could not eat. Disappointed - Dan B

this place has really went down hill in quality of food for the last year. I have sent in surveys with the codes after purchasing food in the past and stopped going because nothing was changing. My husband who loves his 5.00 potpie fill-up will sometimes still goes there for lunch. Well yesterday 1/10/2017 he purchased his potpie fill-up and noticed it tasted bad. But then he went back anyway on 1/11/2017 and now said it still tasted bad and almost tasted like rubber. But since he don't complain he let it go again. Well he said he immediately started to feel ill. He has the symptoms of food poisoning, (vomiting, nausea, diarrhea,) for two days now. This not willing to change is going to cost someone dearly. - Aileen

01-17-2017 We ate there at about 2:00 today and had the buffet, it was really picked through and the patatoes were dried to pan and looked bad. The food was very good as it always is. They really need to fix the the counter in front of buffet it slants really bad and my soda almost fell in floor the first half not so bad the 2nd part is really bad! Im not a complainer but it has been that way for quiet awhile. We go there at least twice a month. I never fill these surverys out but the lady said fill it out and let us know how we did. People there were very polite and the place was clean and I love eating there my hubby not so much or we would eat there more often!! Verna - Verna Bagby

it was all good but way to much salt as like me can not have salt but in all it was good - Sarah Paine

we love kfc but this store has long john silvers too so we get the best of both fish and chicken mashed biscuits and fries - l parfinski

I ordered a fill up box. Eric Fey was the manager at the store near Polaris Mall north of Columbus, Ohio. Eric filled my order and was very cordial. I very much enjoyed the chicken and side dishes. I'll recommend that KFC to anyone. Outstanding Job Eric. :) - - Bart

The Tomah,WI, KFC is consistently rated as the best,or one of the best in a tri-state area. The food is always hot and delicious,the service fast and friendly,and the restaurant is top-notch clean ! If rarely a problem does occur with an order,the manager will more than compensate for your inconvenience. I'm surprised to read here about some of the negative KFC experiences in other areas,and thankful that our Tomah KFC exemplifies the excellent standards the management sets,and we customers deserve ! - Janet Wilson

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