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The best foot long sub I have from Subway is the Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt. My top 3 subs are the ranch melt in first place follow by Steak and Cheese in second place and the Subway melt in 3rd. I rotate among them just to get a fresh choice since I frequent subway 4 times a week almost. So, I like that they have the cookie deal though I got to tell you that after filling in the survey time and time again for a cookie, it started to get a little lame. So, I recorded down the survey code and I think there is a pattern to it. I havent yet try but the code seems to be a combination of store number, month, year and time. I havent try it on my new receipt but then again could be embarassing if the code is wrong.


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I tell you that Subway is one of the best sub place if you dont want to get tired. Its large variety of sub (more than 20) gives me a choice of what I want to eat. However, your free cookie for a customer survey seems a little cheap. How about a buy 1 get 1 free deal or some free item that is a little higher price since taking 5-10 minutes for a survey to get a cookie is not exactly rewarding. Just saying... - Molly M.

I went to website this morning to try to earn my free survey cookie. I did finish the survey and put in my email address. I then try to look for the email with the cookie code but I cannot find it. How long does it take to send the email with the code. Yes, I tried looking in the junk mail and I cannot see any email on the survey. Please, I dont want to spend the time filling in the survey again. Sucks. - Vernon

I looked through the receipt sample on your website at But I am not sure which receipt I have. I paid by cash and so does that mean I have a cash receipt? Anyway, I love your subs- it is the best and I buy a sub once a week for my office lunch. - Peter L.

I really enjoy eating at subway aa lot different menus and you get to decide what you want on your sub we
- maria mata

The best in the west for subway my favorite is black forest ham turkey jalapeno cheese,#2 filly steak n cheese melt,I would like to try the chicken & bacon ranch melt
I could have one for breakfast right now there so good , with everything one them ,everything. - Tony Valenzuela

I went to the store 33034 inside Wal-Mart to get a sandwich and I ended up buying more thing I guess because the employee wad friendly and encourage me to buy meal he was a nice person - anthony

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