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The Work Number Employer and Employee Login
It was easy to get my W2 which I needed to file my taxes. You need to have your employer code before you can use your login and PIN. Once you are login, it is easy to get your W2 online. If you need to find your employer code, you need to click on the link for finding the employer code. Make sure you unblock the pop up needed. I wasted a lot of time trying to figure out how to get the employer code until I notice that I need to unblock the popup coming up. Wish it was easier.

Talk To Wendys Survey
Well, now.  I have been trying to get to a survey site for the past 30 minutes but keep getting the survey/web site shuffle .I have been unable to complete any survey for Wendys at as I seem to be having problems with entering the 8 digit code. I followed the instructions to enter the code found on the left hand side of the receipt, but yet it still does not work.

Walgreens Pharmacy WagCares Customer Survey
My primary pharmacy is Walgreens. I always feel like the customer associates are super friendly and helpful from the person who stock the shelves to the pharmacy technician. Every time I have a problem, they are able to help me solve it. Once I was looking for a cosmetic product that was really hard to find. I took 15 minutes looking through the shelf before giving up and asking for help. The Walgreens person did not know what it was but helped me search for the product and was able to find it within minutes. Another associate helped me find an over the counter drug quite promptly as well. Keep up the excellent customer server and thank for showing you care for your customers.

Tell Dunkin Donuts Survey
There is  a Dunkin Donuts store near to my office and I always pick up a donut and some coffee. But Dunkin Donuts is really more than just a donut place though it is probably most well known for it. I like that I can also pick up sandwiches and I especially like the Big N Toasted Sandwiches. I also always pick up a Dunkin coffee and I really prefer it over Starbucks. Its also less pricier and simple.

Jack In the Box Listens Survey
I like Jack in the Box. I frequent there often but I am not trying to fill in a survey but just have a couple of different comments. One is that the food is delicious and the service is prompt and friendly. However, there is a problem with your cash register. When I get the receipt, I can hardly read what I ordered because the printing on the receipt is really faint. I am a senior and dont have very good eyes and the faded printing makes it even harder to know what I ordered and what the order total is. Surely, your staff can change the cash register ink catridge to have a darker printout?

Tell Pizza Hut Survey
I had a very good experience at Pizza Hut at Cherrydale in Greenville, SC.  My order was prepared wrongly.  The manager asked that another half pizza be prepared (without cheese) as I requested.  He gave me the half pizza free plus the pizza I'd ordered and paid for.  Because it was raining at the time I picked it up, Dustin, an employee, carried the pizzas to the car for me.  I will definitely go back for the great customer service again The manager at Cherrydale Pizza Hut made my day and I tell my friends all about it.

My Florida Access Florida Survey
I had apply for assistance at a while back now. I finally got a  letter stating that I would be recieving $113 for the month of September and $200 for October but haven't got a card. Am I not suppose to receive a card for the funds and be able to use it. What if the card went missing in the mail, how do I check that? Can you tell me when I will be recieving my card. I thank you in advance for your help

Geek Squad Cares Survey
I had an appt. w/Matthew M. today. He called to confirm his appt w/ me and was there promptly. Matthew came into my House and immediately slipped on his shoe covers...I was surprised he did that but didn't say a word. Took him into my Office he started looking at all my equipment, asking questions, making observations; I just felt very comfortable of his knowledge on everything and he was very informative w/me w/all that he was doing. He didn't leave anything out. I would definitely recommend and request him to my Friends and if I need him for any of my other equipment that I purchase from Best Buy, I would hope that he's the one to come out and assist me and my friends. Thank you Geeksquad Techs

GoodWill Listens Survey
I had a couple of drop offs for some old clothes and Goodwill was able to help process my stuff fairly quickly. Don't forget to get the receipt for tax reporting from GoodWill as well. I saw on the poster to leave a survey at and also a chance to get an iPad or a $500 gift card. Anyway, I thought I'll just shop in the GoodWill store while dropping my items.

PetSmart Grooming Survey
I take both my dogs to the grooming salon at the Golden Gate Plaza location in Mayfield Hts. "jordan" my Cairn Terrior, and "Rascal" my Chin/Cocker Spaniel mixed. They do good work, especially Logan and Cindy. Last week Rascal was cut really low for the first time by Cindy who did a great job! We hardly recognized him when we picked him up. - Audrey& Shawn Smith

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