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Harris Teeter Customer Survey

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The store is bright, the merchandise fresh and check out is efficient.  A good experience! The store at Hidenwood is always bright, service friendly, produce fresh and check out efficient.  Always enjoyable and I enjoy shopping at the Harris Teeter there. The customer representatives there make my day every time as they are super helpful...

Albertsons Grocery Store Survey

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One thing I like about Albertsons is its guaranteed freshness. The fruit section is well stocked and mostly these perishables actually stay quite fresh. I have never bought a fruit from Albertsons where it does not look fresh. It may not be ripe but never not fresh which is a great thing.Albertsons also provide a great seasonal produce chart that...

Kroger Feedback Customer Survey Winners

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The QFC store is convenient and close to where I live. It has all the stuff I need to buy including flowers, deli, gift cards and others. Whenever I shop, I can also buy my favorite Starbucks dream located inside the store. Once I had to find a can food and had to ask for assistance. The staff there not only told me the aisle number but dropped...
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