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Tell Popeyes Chicken Survey

149 surveys
I just would like to praise the Popeyes store number# 2574 616 E. 103rd Chicago IL. On a stormy night, it was a tremendous experience to be welcomed by such warmth and hospitality. The courteous nature extended by Ms.Venus should be celebrated. She and the crew demonstrated superior customer service. Especially during these economic times everyone...

Talk To Wendys Survey

11 surveys
Well, now.  I have been trying to get to a survey site for the past 30 minutes but keep getting the survey/web site shuffle .I have been unable to complete any survey for Wendys at as I seem to be having problems with entering the 8 digit code. I followed the instructions to enter the code found on the left hand side of...

Arbys Guest Satisfaction Visit Survey

109 surveys
I stopped by the Geneva, New York Arby's April 1st Sunday, at 11:42 A.M.  Anne, the young lady who waited on me, did an EXCELLENT job.  Your store is immaculate and the service was swift.  The free refills on coffee really rock.  Anne, the young lady who took my order, was cool enough to bring lunch out to me in the dining area....

Tell Subway Customer Survey

6 surveys
The best foot long sub I have from Subway is the Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt. My top 3 subs are the ranch melt in first place follow by Steak and Cheese in second place and the Subway melt in 3rd. I rotate among them just to get a fresh choice since I frequent subway 4 times a week almost. So, I like that they have the cookie deal though I got...

Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC Experience

128 surveys
I remember the days when KFC was a dining affair where our family would dine at KFC just like you would dine in any other restaurant. The original Colonel recipe still tastes great though the dining part not so much. Now, it is more of a fast food concept just like any other fast food restaurants. Plastic seats and tables and an environment for a...

Tell Pizza Hut Customer Survey

5 surveys
I always depend on Pizza Hut delivery for my pizza and actually seldom visit the restaurant location itself until yesterday. Its been years since I step into a pizza hut and I have to tell you that it really still feel and look the same as years ago. Restaurant inside feels old and not exactly a high end environment for pizza. But then again, most...

Burger King MyBKExperience Customer Survey

19 surveys
What can I say? Your Whopper is still the best burger in town. I like the flame grilled taste of it and it tastes more authentic. The only burger that I would choose over the Whopper is from In and out but that burger joint is miles away and so I still choose the Whopper. Please send more coupons though since I typically buy more when I have...

McDonalds MCDVoice Customer Survey

133 surveys
After closing for a while, I am finally glad the McDonalds near my place reopened and also after extensive renovation. Now, I got a new McDonalds that also sport a funky new look quite unlike other stores that I have seen. It is not your typical plastic rows of chairs. The chairs and tables are arranged in a sort of unorganized layout. It feels...
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