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PayChekPlus PayCheck Plus Cardholder Services Login

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I tried activating my card on portal website, but was unable to register and activate my card. It keeps asking me to please try again. Is there a PayCheckPlus customer service phone number I can call so I can try activating over the phone? Perhaps, activating over the phone system would work better. Other than that it says my...

My Genesis Credit Card Login & Payment Review

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I visited to register my card online. I am pretty sure I entered in my card account number and ssn associated with the card correctly but yet I am unable to register. Is there a customer service phone number I can call to resolve this as I cannot find the number on the website. I like to make a payment to my account but can...

Mutual of Omaha Get Retirement Right Review

3 surveys
I find the retirement calculator on website really helpful. I was able to enter my monthly expense required and then also my savings balance and assumed investment return. Then the calculator is able to show an amortized schedule of how long it takes before my savings get depleted. It would actually be great if I can just...

NetSpend Account Login Activation and Reload Review

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NetSpend is a great card to use. I have been using it for the last few years without any problems. The fees and service are quite good compared to other cards out there. My credit history is not great and having the ability to use and reoload a prepaid credit card helps. The activation process at is also really easy when...

MyGiftCardSite Balance Review

10 surveys
I just tried to activate a card and because I had it over a year it used up my $100.00 that the gift card was for. Even though it shows it is valid until 07-2020…Is there a monthly charge on the card irregardless of whether it is being used and that is how my $100 is being depleted. IF so, the terms and conditions for the gift card should...
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